Cov Id Key, the Missing Soul you Shun

According to a study made by Bill Gates’ Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds; in the year 2000 it was twelve seconds, that’s clearly a decline of four seconds per vicennial. I thank God for two things – I’m not a human being and I have never aspired to becoming average. Therefore my trimming, deflating, slashing and abridging these golden droplets from above, that continue their reign upon my heart, are justified (it seems pointless to continue writing beefy articles that require the commitment of attention).Any tech advocate would collect such data by means of data applications in a much more fluid and instant way than the manual labour that we were familiar with in the old analogous world of statistical data collation, RIP.

The analogue-digital transgression can be compared to buying instant noodles vs. grandma’s delicious soup on a low, slow-burning fire. If it’s all the same to the machine, it would prefer to take the express option (always). As it has no taste or a heart, it needs to keep consuming as it’s mission is ‘more’ and will never become full, much like a pig. Therefore, instant would be the lucrative choice as speed is the goal. Man has to fast understand the difference between the heart, which is a divine pulse and the brain which is a programmable machine.

Historically, in the world’s best selling book, this cold, callous brain-thing has been likened to a beast since drawing such sensitive data with such efficacy carelessly diminishes quality and (without senses–taste) sets the platform for wicked mischief.

With society’s decline in cognition, it searches again for the most potent way to gain ground and within record time it decides on (without ethics) the most proven strategy for hiding information – in plain site. With this common slumber and the people’s lack of due diligence, we are left at the hands of a beast. Although I mention this in much more detail later, it may be wise to mention it now in case you do not make it to the end of this reasonably short writing.  Although I was informed not to place ‘their’ jewels within a disrespectful environment, equity drives me to supply a final guided tour of this horrible mess as the divine is the pure love of truth. But in truth, the hardhead is all so exhausting.

The result of this is below; some short simple details that should answer all of the questions that today the patriotic mind seems unable to descry. Maybe it’s for fear of swallowing the unfamiliar truth and the moral responsibility that comes with knowing it. After reading this, I hope that common sense should lead one to conclude that this world dilemma is no different than the terrorist season (2001 to 2020) and the rights that were eroded in its name, never to be returned. Welcome to the Corona virus season where you will hear nothing but data to scare you out of your rights until you are in a box (over the ground or under). 

I emphasise: there is no other point worth observing than the following…


How To Read the NEWS in _ Seconds (never ever wake their slumber)

• After the installation of the Covid program, anybody that dies under the NHS, due to any form of influenza or respiratory condition, must have (the NHS agent) mark the death certificate Covid-19. Supply the statistics to the Associated Press and let them do their work exaggerating the danger. Keep news, media information, articles, claims and reports made by the media without signatures (unsigned) to avoid liability. Rather than the reporter’s name, use fictitious titles such as AP, PA, Staff writer and Reuters to spread hearsay as news without redress or recompense. Their trust and short attention span will not allow them to demand proof or question the crime of contorting the sacred word for benefit. Even though some realise, it will not matter because they remain the minority the masses will not accept the information and assume that they have been misinformed. They will trust that honour and integrity remains within the widespread supply of data merely because of the size and reach of the organisation.

• Use the media to create a blind love for the NHS while changing its business structure in secret. Use the masses’ emotional attachment to nurses and doctors, with applauding every Thursday in July at 8pm. Since everybody has been dependant on the care of NHS staff, at a point in their lives, they will not resist showing their support. They will not realise the NHS Trust’s AGM meetings are held soon after, nor that a show of hands is viewed as consent in the eyes of the law and even God.

• Use a prison term to describe a national quarantine so that the masses subconsciously accept their own imprisonment. They will not recognise the hypocrisy in using such a harsh and deliberate word used in prisons alone. It is commonly known that historically the United Kingdom is recognised for keeping up its appearance so is most sensitive to the use of psychology in language, words and definitions. Seasoned in satire and the damning effects of words, the free-thinker (poet) will recognise the hypocrisy but the trusting servant will not even consider it as they are constantly app-occupied. 

• Suggest a track and trace program then place it on all phones without the peoples consent – via Google and Apple. This will eventually place all tested applicants on a database and exclude/isolate the untested (that foresaw the plan) as rebels. Once they accept and promote the track and trace program, blame for the spread can be apportioned to those who do not have the appropriate credentials by refusing the vaccine. Treat them as insurgents although never use the word. This will create separation and keep them occupied blaming one and another while a totalitarian world with travel, socialising and all movement totally restricted, emerges.

Keep up the panic each day with signs everywhere and expose more and more inflamed PCR Covid-19 test results. Fear will keep them reading and dependent on the governments bogus information. Naturally, as rumours and questions spread, regarding inaccurate and flawed results, be sure that all online queries (making up over 80% of the queries of the world population) are quickly explained on the first six pages of Google of which the network of registered, related, cookie gathering platforms must maintain full control. The remaining 20% of truth sites will sink to the later pages where they cannot be found but they must still be met with resistance in the form of two words – conspiracy theory/ist. 

• Be sure to block all efforts to wake them by banning free-speech with the clever use of the people’s emotions. Use social media associates: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and all forms of amalgamated press (AOL, Yahoo, Google, Huffington Post, ABC News, BBC, NBC) to shame anybody that doubts the mainstream statistics, information and decisions, Staff writer, PA, AP and Reuters for example.


If the growth in consciousness escalates:

• Since the Trump series has run its course, distract them with emotional and also pointless but shocking breaking stories such as Kanye West’s personal life. Use black atrocities and race conflicts to fuse and confuse emotions. Squeeze the last out of Donald Trump’s cantankerous actions or use ‘actors’ who develop Covid-19 to inflate the fear and prove the disease’s existence. Separate results by race so they further divide, blaming each other. Keep the masses fearful and separated while passing bills and rules while distracted; make them appear as though they are law even though they are not lawful, human or moral. Be sure that they blame each other and separate further into more groups.

• Create misnomers like anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers and lockdown-dodgers, when in fact the abiding majority are the offenders= maskers, vaxxers and slavery advocates. They will do this because they have no faith in anything but their government with only fear and a lack of a central government within: God.

• Keep constant control of the first 10 pages of Google with sponsored corporate associated health, news, technology and financial opinions that support the scheme. This will keep independent news from ever surfacing or forming in the minds of the masses who by now, with their dependency on tech, have an attention span of only a few paragraphs.

• Do not allow the masses to see the neighbouring nations fighting to the death to save their democracy. Portray the violent demonstations that are synonymously going on around the world at the same time as conspiracy theorists if they ever surface. Do not let it seem as though people are waking up to the truth of their corrupt controllers declining and uniting to seize all senses of freedom.

With these measures, the fear, uncertainty, conflicting data, contradictions and confusion, the compliance of all associated agents worldwide will hopefully bring about a world of total control. As people agree to distance themselves from gathering – resistance is impossible, from tangible money – self-sufficiency is unobtainable and trusting their own sources – thinking becomes obsolete with just a directive from a machine manned by the few who will make the world’s health the puppet of a corporation, eliminating those who resist without exposure.

2021 was officially the opening of the age of Aquarius and (organically) is about truth by any means. The measures put in place to divert the energy that is flooding in were, to say the least, astrological and timely. This is evidenced by the announcement of another quarantine period on the day of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. Your country (wherever you are on the planet), has strategically become a corporation in debt committed to satisfying its creditors by any means. It’s not about the citizen as there are none, only debtors, working off their debt as indentured servants in a business called lieth. It’s about the banker’s end goal: slaving its debtors and them using every magical resource on you to maintain that goal.

I would apologise but I’m sure you know that the truth needs no apology, especially when one resists it so vehemently that it has come to this. I would also suggest that you become aware of Cognitive Dissonance, its many faces and its effect on reality as opposed to disillusion, that is the only infection that you have worth observing. If you cannot see through this then maybe all that follows in the coming years is the natural and rightful result of your karma and that inability to act, for the love of God.

And the others who know and act on love, truth, peace, freedom and justice, I urge you to continue creating our own micro-government of honest souls with loving intent, you alone are my soul family and we will create the utopia. This aligning of the hearts is certainly not this blanket of lies called civilisation, more close is man to the lowest of animals for he would create any fabrication to continue spreading fear and killing in the name of disease, terrorism and overpopulation.


MADUSA – Don’t Stare into its Eyes.

In conclusion, I ask you to acknowledge that the time I spent researching and engaging in this horrible but necessary data was a temporary sacrifice of my own soul and not something that I care to continue doing. Since Aquarius is the return of an enhanced magnetic attraction, all things return with consequences, such is the beauty of karma. The longer time spent concentrating on the dark, whether for good or bad, the more it is attracted to you and will place you in it’s respective dimension. This is not my habit or intended future and a grave mistake to continue in this time of extreme magnetism.

Love is a much more fruitful topic. The sun will return as it began making it’s return on the 26th of December 2020 (at this crucial cosmological time) assisted by Jupiter while Saturn slept. If on that day your mind was engaged in fear you owe it to your/our future to meditate on love as the sun is listening. This is to balance the equation. Meanwhile they (Boris and them) will be dishing out more and more fear for you to embrace and share. Do not anticipate the measures and the lives they would sacrifice to get their job done. When they and their manipulation of your magnetism becomes obvious to you, they will become that silly child in the playground that you ignore as summer is converging fast and faith in the most high returns.

The only thing that can cause this darkness to recline is to train yourself to ignore it and create visions in your mind of the love that you wish to see and help those around you build it together. Unfortunately wearing masks, watching the news and staying away from your loved ones means you are still waiting and depending on the directive of a machine that simply wants you dead or out of the way. It dies when you ignore it and build your own immunity through an antonymous reality, ask Max Plank, Einstein and Tesla. The media just kept the one thing that you need to know away from you – you are Atums creating all of this by giving away your greatest tools, fore mostly your heart and its aid: your mind.

If the number of new births cannot be reduced, the number of deaths each year must increase until the net growth of the world’s population is cut down to a more manageable number… the business of death is not, of course, attractive. The recipe – which include thermonuclear war, global famine, plague and a newly discovered horror called “ecocatastrophe” are all unpalatable.“

Life Without Birth, Stanley Johnson, 1970 (your Prime Minister’s father).


You may not find this anywhere online.


Angel Lewis 

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