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After speaking with my brother, who I hadn’t seen for over 3 weeks, I suddenly became aware that our conversation was no different than anybody else’s, they all seem to orbit around the big C.

After our talk, ending with ‘stay safe,’ we ‘tacitly agreed to share the responsibility of checking up on our vulnerable family members that live alone.

At this particular moment in the world’s history, it seems that most parting conversations end with ‘stay safe as though it is a local mantra. I, being at times a cautious individual, was compelled to search online for the term to locate its origin and found the following.


Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 09.12.53


On the 25th March the BBC’s headline story was “Coronavirus: Stay at home to stay safe, 1.5 million advised.” This was accompanied by an image of Boris Johnson.

Age Uk’s website, also made mention of staying safe and well at home to the readers on their website and quite possibly, on their various campaigns around the city.

On the 31st of March, the government’s website posted hashtag: #StayAtHome and stay safe – GOV.UK, as they announced your new emergency police powers in place.

Virgin Media also posted a video “Stay home, stay safe, stay connected”, on Youtube on the 31st March showing families (a typical snapshot of society) having fun and often mimicking life outside from the comfort of their living rooms, somewhat making it appear fun.





There are many more references to this growing, socially shared, combination of words that, I have to admit, do have a lovely feel-good community factor engrained but with its timing and what it could mean to just roll over and take it, this almost makes it feel engineered.

Even as I write, I am fully aware of the manifestations of the contaminated modern human mind, especially my own. I am not just using this statement as I build-up to a point. I spent a fair bit of time in personal reflection (often professionally) and questioning why I would think of myself as “conscious,” while not realising that the choice of continuously inflating suspicious, affairs (that have always existed) is not at all consciousness but the opposite.

Since the basic nature of quantum mechanics provides that we create and then see, in our outer-world, what we already believed in our minds, I could just be spewing my own dark mistrusting thoughts into my reality.

Saying that, as far as I am aware it was not my internal mind but the external physical realm that presented me with movies like Fortress, Dark City, The Matrix, I am Legend, Worlds End, Contagion, After Earth, Zombie Land, Children ofMen and the list goes on. All of which introduced serious world pestilence – whether physical or psychological.

Or was it from exposure to the old testament? That damning book seems to make mention of end day phenomenon as though it’s a goal. So this may be an ongoing mental madness like the chicken or the egg issue but still, I have to ask, could our collective, movie-obsessed, consciousness have manifested this nightmare? If this lethargic acceptance of blockbuster movies, within our collective subconscious led to this, then I am merely a small part of the whole, as we may all be guilty of pervertedly enjoying the idea of watching our earth obliterated as entertainment.  So no blame there whatsoever. But we may need to take a certain level of responsibility for walking too close to the edge and watching blindly as it becomes a reality in our tangible world.

Anyway, immediately after my brother and I ended the phone conversation I called our dear elderly friend to see if there was anything she needed, especially since she was dear to the family’s heart. She was an ex-nurse, like my mother, and was there for mum during the final months of her grand exit towards the stars.

We spoke for a few minutes about the family and she responded to my offer to help in whatever way, since her family were geographically further away than me, living just around the corner. Her large balcony was her sanctuary and assisted her in dealing with the fact that she couldn’t go outside. She had a dozen or more plants that she looked after to entertain herself. She asked if I could rearrange the pots for her, if I had time, since they were very heavy. To cut a long story short, I thought ‘there’s no time like the present’ and since I was not busy I told her I’d be there in 10 minutes, so I could just get it done.

I rearranged her plants, placed them on bricks, shifted the heavy earth from place to place, moved two panes of glass from her pathway into the corner to thwart the possibility of her having an accident and then I simply left.

It was only the following week when I spoke with her son and I told him that I had visited her, that his question and surprise, asking, “…did she let you in”?, sobered me into seeing the risk we had taken in light of the Corona pandemic. I don’t know if I was being selfish not considering the reality and the safety of entering her house as I have my own thoughts regarding the politics around the big issue. I just wasn’t thinking but I did prepare, wearing two masks, sterilised hands (twice, going in and out) and staying well away from her; at no point were we within four feet of each other or even in the same room for more than a few seconds.

That questioning was the point where it became very real for me. In the same way that our reality is determined by our inner thoughts, this Corona virus is well named since it means both crown and sun. It seems to be a hybrid of menti and corporis. It appears that all but none on this planet have been infected with the Corona virus, that’s why it is so hard to detect. It expresses itself in many different personalised, forms depending on each individual’s mind-state. If it isn’t in your physiology it definitely is in your mind and even to dismiss it, all it takes is a simple cough by you or around and you will almost instantly journey back into fear searching for the spreader that may have given you that ghost of an illness.

It’s hard to imagine that everyone in the western matrix called earth is experiencing the same doubt, suspicion, fear, separation and avoidance at the same time everywhere! This mind-state is taking apart the world as we know it.

It is a great coming together and at the same time a divide between families, beliefs, trust, understanding, spirit, God, church, and the state. It makes you question everything as though you are on a cliff edge plagued with thoughts and questions about what type of form your saviour will arrive in, largely – spirit or machine?

I for one, came to the most shocking realisation: everyone believes in God it’s just what name they call their relief – Boris, the NHS, Donald, Science, Jesus, Muhammed, atheism, lesbianism self or the police but it’s what fuels our beliefs. One thing is for certain, we are all vulnerable and scared and we recognise the value of truth now that it is no longer with us as a convenience but detrimental guide to staying alive.

Welcome, Aquarius and all the self-reflection that she brings.


The combining of words

If we can accept that we may have made a boo-boo by becoming obsessed with the earth’s apocalyptic potential we will be in a great position to remedy the result of our foolish obsession. Our only hope then is to stop placing those who have realised that it could be a reality into a box called “conspiracy theorist” but rather ask them to kindly focus on remedy. For some reason the more you run from it the more they will chase and obsess about revealing the gory details, I have no idea why but that just seems to be the nature of our human family.

Words are the true essence of life. Of course, I would say this as a writer but you will find that by combining words you create concepts. Whereas ‘conspiracy’ relates to a suspicious act, ‘theory’: an idea not yet accepted as a fact. Separately neither have any particular power but combining the two words and placing them on a persons thoughts, creates a damned individual, condemned to being viewed as having ongoing suspicious thought patterns – not good. As well as it is basically calling somebody insane, without the penalty of libel, it also acts like a type of sunblock, stopping the light of truth ever surfacing. Our reckless use of the term has stopped many truths from airing and allowed a deceitful world to form around us – words are indeed magik.

The same term has made many appearances to hush up facts and if you have any respect for the truth you might try to refrain from ever using the deadly combination.

It is merely man’s inability to understand the magik reality of words that makes him underestimate them and hold him tied up in very tangible spells.

Fact and Remedy

So we made an error by obsessing on terror. If this is our quantum and collective karma then we have, over the last fifty years or so, been allowing, enabling and even hoping that the villainous characters in our expressed reality into slowly taking up positions of power to make this horror movie all possible; all subconsciously of course.

It seems we all have various levels of cognitive dissonance yet deep within, beyond reason and conscious thought, lies in all of our hearts: the truth. All of us know that the characters we continuously vote for are not ideal or even fair for that matter. They are merely the best of the worst in a terrible dictatorship that we call civilisation. Let’s face it, we call fair having to decipher and filter harmful toxins that are legally placed in food so that we can stay alive beyond the governments set expiry date. This is the fabric of our “civilised” society,

We’ve watched unanimous and collective decisions made by the people doctored and changed to favour corporations. This as regular life on earth. We were told that we’re better off than them over there and that seemed reason enough to endure this mess that could be remedied with love and honesty. So we watched governments kill thousands of women and children overseas for their wealth, they blamed terrorism and we knew that it wasn’t but again we did nothing since it didn’t directly affect us. We saw Boris Johnson, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and other liars encourage war crimes that were brutal, immoral and criminal and did nothing at all. Well, we have now foolishly placed ourselves in a position to depend on these characters that ‘we’ chose to give up vital information regarding our own personal health as well as freedom. We know historically that their loyalty is primarily towards corporations, foreign trade and private clubs that our media continue to shield and they too have gained the position of giving us life or death information.

All of a sudden it all becomes real. In the same way, we have the choice to either deny the situation that we created or to sober up and understand exactly what we’ve been afraid to see before us and change the whole thing since it really cannot continue to sustain itself. This is evident but also a test for every individual on the planet. It’s the great shift.

Whether we are brave enough to face this together or not is another matter. I, for one, have run from reality on many days but life has a way of chasing you. Some good open conversations at my most vulnerable allowed me to accept that there are many things that we don’t address because we merely can’t handle it (at that time). This is okay, in a strange way, just knowing and accepting that we have this issue that we are afraid to address is our personal choice not to deal with it and is actually addressing our weakness. This acceptance can stop the truth from further punishing us and forcing uncomfortable situations upon us. Instead, it will then leave us alone and find another target to wake up.

But as mentioned, not dealing with the elephant in the room is still a strong position since the world needs as many idealists to focus on the end of the movie especially since all movies are programmed with a happy ending, that’s if this is really our own creation. This approach needs all of us to dream this into our reality in the same way that we allowed this nightmare to manifest and to see the hero characters, within, that will appear without fear of their actual presence being confirmation of the situation we are in denial of.

As for those who are ready to face reality head-on, big thumbs up as they have already painfully accepted that the mainstream media is indeed just the agent of the fear and now read today’s news for what it actually is – a utility.

Key Roles

Following, are the current news stories as they are presented on a daily basis. The only difference is the narrative will guide you through the plot. I will try not to instil any unnecessary fear but in truth this is the point.

Don’t feel bad

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 01.51.52


The above headline was from the Metro April 12th 2020. It appears that they are informing you but in reality they are raising the level of fear. Since we are in the age of enlightenment, unfortunately for us, the dark has rises to such media power that they can temper the vibration and reduce the frequency to a low vibration causing panic, violence and illness.

Keywords: SUFFERING, BODY, SHORTAGE, BODY BAG, URGENT, RISK. all in one headline. How do you feel?

On the very same page

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 01.51.22

The above headline tells us that if you go to hospital, you’re likely to die if you have the Coronavirus, ultimately without having to say it, you need to stay at home.


Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 01.51.00

More from the same issue even though the deaths are a gumbo of various terminal illnesses all packaged and labeled Covid 19 regardless, indicating that the danger is growing rapidly and soon coming to you if you don’t stay inside.

Key words: KILLED, DEATH, HIGHEST NUMBER, VICTIMS. How do you feel now?

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 01.50.47

All in a days work. This was the next story on the same page. This is to introduce into your mind, the police and the military,  ready to force you into a complete “lockdown”. Although this is a very good indication of what bastardised law is being applied because lawfully no person on this planet has the natural right to lock another in their home.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 01.49.27

More fear. If you thought that your children were safe here’s something more to fear so that you’re first in line for lockdown and vaccination.

Key words: 917 DEAD, UK, DEATH TOLL, YOUNGEST, VICTIMS, OUTBREAK. Notice, two references to death, an accident all in a land that we should label the seat of psychology. Let’s put it like this: Britain didn’t become the power it is through its mass. It’s an Island and the rest: smoke and mirrors.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 01.50.18

We are being groomed to trust the NHS as it is this body that will offer the trusted vaccine. It’s doubtful whether Mr. Johnson really had any type of flu but it certainly drives it home as real if you accept that he was sick. You may question the speed of his recovery.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 01.50.35

Ahh! the point at last, smiles all around

The whole point is finally revealed. If those who choose not to have the vaccine are prejudiced against, called names and made outcasts and denied the comforts in life then you will know that vaccine was the whole point.


This whole affair coincides with the introduction of fifth generation mobile communication but this is too extensive to go into here. Rather, ask yourself a simple question: If this is really about protecting your health the dangerous 5g should never have been even entertained in your culture, yet as the virus spreads so does the great immune system compromiser 5g. And if health is the government’s primary concern would the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation really be the ones seeking a vaccine to preserve life that they clearly believe that there are too many of on the planet? This is like trusting a vegan to bring you  a hamburger. 


I used to ask you to wake up I’m now I’m begging you.


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