OD’d on Sci-fi

The endeavour to become a robotic nation is born out of a simple emotion–fear.

The concept of tomorrow’s future being that of a cyborg (hybrid human) comes from a long over-exposure to Hollywood and its fixation with a robotic future. As odd as it seems to the organic mind, strangely, some feel they would be more comfortable with a part synthetic biological make up rather than a fully human one. This idea, from an unnatural Hollywood synapse, is made up out of two things that don’t seem to be a priority in the natural soul’s design–fear and the ego.

Why else would somebody seek to outsource functions, that they are perfectly capable of doing themselves, but out of fear and misdirection. But don’t be fooled, fear comes in many forms and has been widely expressed through the long life of Hollywood, Pinewood and all other mediums, that predate my physical memories. These are aimed at every soul living on this condemned rock called Terra. The term ‘medium’ is used with impetus since medium is often synonymous with paranormal phenomena, which are actually part and parcel–the middle entity. Even the name Terra has been transformed in grammar to terror, meaning imposing an uncomfortable emotion upon another by suppression of their own will. The natural result is fear. Of course, that’s my own version of the word but Merriam describes, the word’s lovechild ‘terror’ as:

1: a state of intense or overwhelming fear overcome by terror people fleeing the scene in terror. He lived in terror of being caught.

2: violence or the threat of violence used as a weapon of intimidation or coercion a regime that rules by terror especially violent or destructive acts (such as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands an act of terror the war on terror—sometimes used before another noun a terror attack.

3: a very frightening or terrifying aspect.

The other emotion is its antithesis ‘faith’ which is also, in my own words, the inner knowing that all will be perfect as it is designed to be due to the natural beauty within the design. This angle of vision, I believe, comes from an extended spiritual experience regressing back beyond many manifestations, that just seems to know that the original design needs no alteration. It is only demonism that attempts to improve that which is perfect. It appears that the word is used in religious reference but is is science that determines its definition: de-man.

In the western world there seems to be an ongoing conflict between the word ‘alteration‘ and the word ‘improvement’. The mind of the ancients, which I claim to possess, has no doubt that: interfering with a perfect design can only result in an abstract form of self-destruction. I fully agree and in fact, fail to see a difference between interfere and in-to-fire. This way of thinking makes it impossible for me to entertain the egotistical idea that little ‘I’ can improve on what is already proven to be right and exact, since it has served us for eons as an aid to our ongoing existence. But ‘improving’ is yet still a matter of mental positioning. I may well think that improving on a motorcycle that I bought is choosing a different set of tyres, all made with the same earth-wheel-motion principles, that may simply offer me a variation in colour, durability or speed to my own liking. But the western idea of improving is somewhat cantankerous and mostly disregards the actual principles of the organic force called God. In a way, you could say that the west is committed to giving a perfectly efficient vehicle square wheels for some reason. This way of thinking lacks trust and faith in the design–for God’s sake. This is far worse than the naivety of atheism, it exists under the assumption that God doesn’t work, which is not an actual denial of God but a disagreement with a system of perfect symbiotic harmony. What else can an enemy of flow do but use every means to destabilise equity and show a poor failing world that most see no need to exist in and blame the author for it, while offering a faux substitute.

Supporters from different right-wing movements attend a march in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, 20 May 2016.

But the word improve cannot be said without noting where the ‘I’ is placed in font of the following ‘prove’. I’m prove’ seems indicative of an ego and segues into the need to appear a certain way for peer approval. I’m sure the mind that created the first fire-powered weapon had the same ugly disregard for equality and order with no empathy or thoughts of tomorrow when he let such a cowardly idea ride upon his fearful emotions. Or was it his ego alone that created a need in him to show just how much cleverer he was than the creator of the primary element= fire, hoo nose?

Either way, this selfish model has been the cause of countless, gutless slayings worldwide for many centuries. But rather than blame him, in a detached way, it aids us to recognise that blaming the individual person doesn’t solve the issue. It’s identifying the prompt for this twisted state of mind that makes everything crystal clear; after all, extensive concentration on Hitler only served as a tool for deflection and did nothing to eradicate the twisted mind that simply went underground, until its reappearance as it resurfaces at this defining moment in time.

If I were to count how many novel but irresponsible ideas I’ve allowed disappear from my mind into nothing praying that nobody would ever find them, I could be counting forever. For me, as much as original ideas can bring fortune and notoriety, my conscience fails to ignore the damage that would almost certainly echo throughout the planet as people abuse such utilities. But this says more about the level of personal development and the role I choose to play in this existence. It is only ignorance that can cause one to ignore the fact that there are many with the means to create the whispers of ego and fear and place them into our environment for merely wealth and a name. While saying this, it would be wisdom on the part of the reader to recognise that there are characters that exist today, such as William Henry Gates III, who have clear ambitions to go down in history as the figureS who reduced the population. As scary as it seems, I see this as an example of lack of faith in the organic way, an astronomical ego and a perfect vessel for poltergeist type whispers from the depths of hell. This is reflected on society as our fear of billionaires in the absence of faith, that quite naturally leads to suppressing the truth. These men own the media and every cowardly worker that is paid to lie for them.

One should ask whether or not they see themselves as a part of the populace or separate from the people that are seen as the problem since its that group that will be sacrificed as they succeed, yet fail, to translate the full truth and implications of the scenario they present. But of course, you’re stupid and they’re educated, so they think. I would write this all off as a conspiracy theorist’s paranoia if the population hadn’t vastly waned since 2020 (AC). ‘Their’ statistics, showing a virus being the cause, are questionable while the deadly vaccine ‘solution’ came with a ‘get jabbed’ campaign that destroyed millions, if not billions of biological lives.

Without the need for repeating the script, from the solo block that I am standing on, it looks as though the lack of common sense on the planet is vastly due to misleading the masses through the television, the media, through editorial news and now the colonised internet with their affiliated truth blocking on all large influential social media trends such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

But even as I see the wrong in it, it’s the same group of people under attack (you) who’s non-actions almost (in light of these discoveries) almost justify their demoniac attitudes and actions towards humans, who tend to sway to every suggestion of the media without a thought as to who’s interests they have at heart, the people or their investors. Absurd campaigns to vaccinate the entire planet of differing, cultures, or maybe the foolish notions saying that we are not born simply: a male and a female are seen as too complex for today’s common mind to swallow without heavy advertising of this garbage. And to allow the machine to use emotions to create further fictitious groups of nonsensical gender fictions sort of confirms how unworthy of a place on earth these warped human minds are–both the aggressor/assailant and victim.

Every personal insecurity that has caused a grown, adult person to need to appear as though they are ‘with it’ (the current political streamline view) to placate their feelings of lack, actually places them in much deeper shit. On a quantum level, a community blindly parroting new terms like Terrorist, Brexit, BAME, Covid 19 and now Monkey Pox with no understanding of it or the power of mantras, creates a buzz and eventually manifestation of the thing. Even by paying for an item with a mobile phone, with convenience or trends in mind bears no thought to what a moneyless society looks like or its dire impact on the future of freedom; it is another damning nail in their own coffin. Each upload of their health and statistical data sent to an unknown entity to analyse their state of health, to tell the state when and where they can safely relocate their bodies to, is reason enough to bring the dystopian movie off the big screen out into the real world. Most of these actions are no more than of adults drowning in ego, asking their peers to look at how advanced they are by depending on technology to placate their every need–you can call this the iPhone standard.

The mindless participation in this type of ego-gas, in the mind of the tech patriot, certainly brings the horror movie much closer to home. The only difference is that the ending they have seen dozens of times is not anything like the reality of the situation–through utter stupidity we destroy ourselves.

This brings me back to an artisan bread shop in east London. It was in 2019 and it had just opened, the tattoo patriots were young–the bohemian extinction rebellion type. On entering the smiling assistant asked if she could help though she really couldn’t without changing her mentality. As I went to pay for the gluten-free bread, she explained that cash wasn’t accepted. Of course I asked why, to her reply: “It’s the way it’s been set up … it’s more convenient for us”. I dropped the bread, tucked my note back in my wallet and walked out; not because I couldn’t but because I wouldn’t. They were not a supermarket chain, they were an independent business yet, without thinking, they were supporting the erosion of an aged organic culture, I did my bit by not supporting them. But how many rights are being given over to a machine for convenience, replacing our innate expression with an artificial design that hurts us all in the end? This lack of foresight is selfish, damaging and predictable in people who find it more important to fit in than to support the public’s sovereignty. Of course there will be tax breaks, grants, loans and plenty of support for those who comply with their own end but they will live to regret ever buying into the idea of a cashless society. It’s like sharing food vouchers to starving people laid out on the path to the gas chamber.

But it would be nice to think that the shopkeeper was happy with the burden of service because of their passion to convenience the customer–we pay you for it, it’s called work. But as long as a government can show you how much easier things can be and sloth (a word needy of return) is in the minds of the ones who want convenience over community, we shall never overcome.

Why is it that a particular complicit demographic wants to pay for everything with their phones, have they been sold a future run by technology alone, do they want robots in their homes because it looks Star Treckish and cool? It seems that the average, ‘I work for Google’ person, wants everything done in this way. But the natural digression of an animal that wants assistance in every facet of their existence, seems obvious, it is the eventual loss of what we call organic life, this means atrophic organs as an eventuality. Just sweeping our own dust off of the floor has been portrayed as a burdensome task, not a symbol of cleansing as well as exercising the body, cooking is seen as a bothersome thing rather than a ritual and appreciation of fresh herbs and their dance with vegetation and meeting a person ‘in person’ today is an inconvenience, sacrificing the ability to share auras to know if you can mutually hold a progressive vibration. But most of all, the trend towards building a future that really cannot live in the same house as God and all the wonders of nature, will–like before–end in self-annihilation.

If there are any sentient brains left on this planet, recognise that we are all victims of a synthetic influence and we are not as unique as we’ve been told. The archaic findings of old have conveniently obscured to give the illusion that our culture are always experiencing ‘firsts’ and are the most advanced when in reality we are not. We are merely the resurgence of the same attempt to colonise this arable land and to, once again, destroy the inhabitants’ perception of organic beauty by framing a desire to achieve excessive artificial technology. This has been strategically done through the spread of the media, misdirection and maintaining a low self-esteem with continued fearful threats (through extinction) coupled with the desire to keep up with the joneses. With this disruption, one loses common sense, self worth, self-identity, nature and God.

We are fortunate to have free-will but it is a very personal thing as there will be nobody but ourselves to blame when we recognise what we individually supported to our own bitter end. This freedom of choice is the love of nature allowing you to treat her however you choose; but we must also remember that karma is real, not taught in school and is certainly not bound by time. With it comes hell which is a self-created personal state of ignorance and an assault on the self, inviting the randomness of karma to straighten the path that has become crooked. The painful part of it is certainly not the reward of those who think as individuals with empathy, love and care for the future and everything that they affect around them.

Watching humans fail at organising robotic chips to replace man’s mind, not only enhances my love for God and her perfect system but humours me observing such a pointless Sisyphean endeavour. It’s entertaining to watch the busy mind refuse to sleep and just enjoy this wonderful experience of life by trying to compete with its creator. Maybe failure will lead them to ultimate understanding, saying much of their lack of faith. It is faith in a feeling that leads to true understanding, not the external proof that a thing does or doesn’t work. But some know this without having to try. Pure things never fail, only fear and all of it’s complicated children fail in the end–always. For me, it’s enough to feel the sensation and the gratitude of having such consciousness. The key to eternal life and all the answers that western humans seek is afforded to the one who feels safe–yet this, most can not do since their minds are constantly busy with fear and the need to compete with God without ever knowing that they offend the organic design that supports them.

Welcome yourself to the thing called government and its reason for holding the illusion of power–the collective fatuity. Being tricked, one becomes familiar with a belief that there is an enemy outside of their own self called ‘them’ and so becomes a co-conspirator in a crime against his extended self only because he was convinced that his brother’s uniform makes his constitution different than his own.

Now he refused to grieve, watching his sister’s children maimed and mutilated just because he allowed his reason to side with the government who changed the name of their land as though the reason, the place and the distance changes the mortality of the situation. Although this is metaphorical, we also have much tears in store when we realise this is a crime against our own selves and our planet’s survival. Martin Luther King once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Like you, I attached little weight to the bareness of the statement but as short as it is, it can be seen as a whole book on empathy. I will admit that when I heard it, my judging mind saw it as a clever comment, then I began to see how the continued atrocities throughout history have only survived because they were ‘over there’ and we are ‘over here’. All the reasons we’ve accepted and our desire not to look couldn’t keep the same situation from coming full circle to find us here at what we call civilised home. No, ignorance, greed, murder and theft have been tolerated at home, all authorised by an unspoken contract that we all agree to–don’t air it on the news and it’s fine. Even though we know it is happening, as long as we do not broadcast it we let it slip into the sublime sub-conscience.

This is highlighted in the manner in which pharmaceutical experimentations were done on women and children overseas (India and Africa) under the guess of aid, has to return (by 6˚ degrees of separation), it’s the cosmic law, which you have not been familiarised with. The collective dive into entertaining ourselves while families were being slaughtered on our own planet gave corporations ample time to perfect their schemes and because there is no loyalty or limitation in such minds, we now must swallow their fabrications to the detriment of our health. It’s time to really wake up and individually play our part, even if it’s not calling the injustice out but merely paying for food with cash and not complying with health requirements, you are appealing to change.

As we see more and more corporate agents (politicians) get away with making decisions, without culpability, that chip away our health, freedom, families, sexual morality and harrowingly our ability to feed ourselves, I still hold faith in the earth species, as we surely know within that its near impossible to eff-up society in such an efficient way. Even with ADHD, one might occasionally break, spill or stain something beautiful but society does this systematically each day as a matter of order (for once, try to actually ‘read the news’ and not the story). This theme of continued fails tells you that: obscuring this wonderful place called earth’s organic potential of harmony and peace, can only be deliberate. Visions of the correct way on this planet is being held hostage by your parliament, your congress and your rule makers. How we allowed them to shift into the position of decision making, without the people is beyond the comprehension of modern (terrestrial) psychology but the sooner the assumption that they know better than you dies, the better for the world.

How many names will the ego convince itself to use, so that you can just describe the exact same things, just reoccurring in a different time and space, in a deliberate attempt to divide the oneness that every one knows within–God by any other name. But we will not swim in the open sea just because they named it water. We’ve been told that it’s a pool that you are seeking and not a lake, ocean or a river. They will obscure the fact that names change while situations revolve and cause more division where there is really none.

But it takes a death or at least suppression of the all-endorsed ego and an acceptance of the brutal truth–you are a slave, always were and will always be until you take your freedom back, not ask for it–the modern name is ‘human resource’. It doesn’t take a prophet to foresee the outcome of this long mental sleep but simply one who hasn’t entirely swallowed the ‘we’re so intelligent’ lie. We are not and are in fact possibly the dumbest of our species to disgrace the earth.

After much extensive research, man finally concluded that we have more than two genders. This nonsense is especially insulting to my intelligence. We observe the ebb and flow of male and female played out in every facet of phenomena that supports ongoing life on earth. From the plug entering the socket to emit a charge, to the water entering into the soil, we participate in a constant exchange of yin and yang and have done throughout time. The pinnacle of this concept and the 3-dimensional Mona Lisa of God is the vagina seeking penis and it’s magnetic attraction. All deviations from such beauty have to be thought of as out of sync and treatable, not the new trending direction for our children.

Knowing this as a fact, the question should arise, how don’t the so-called intelligent also know this? They do, the rest is a series of questions that only the individual must ask about where they’re being led and the natural progression to wondering why. The many times we are given clear answers only to be dismissed as conspiracy just to seek something more complex so that we can forget what we know within. This leads me to leave the ‘obvious’ answer blank. But the point that must be acknowledged is simply that your fuelled excitement and willingness to create a future that you saw in movies growing up, is all that creates the argument for computer brain integration (CBI) and the synthesis of organic and artificial tissue. Although emotional arguments will be presented (as always), to promote why its a step in the right direction and the inevitability of the body eventually ceasing rejecting this corruption of biology seems to be the shape of the future. The young ego is not a thinking man but a coward appeased with tech just like being the first kid on campus with a tattoo. At the very same time, these steps are begging for someone other than the source and provider of your existence to hold your remote control with the moral power to switch you off, like any other anencephalous machine. Best of luck with that.


anjel Lewis

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