The Qor for All viruses


Now that you’re here, ask yourself, are we looking for a Corona cure or are we trying to avoid prison? I’m not talking about your everyday prison (the lockdown) but the old style prison that was once formed for career criminals. 

As odd as it sounds, there are agencies that search for regular people, like you, to suspend, arrest and incarcerate just for mentioning anything to do with cure outside of the government’s monopoly on health and pathology (you’d have thought they’d want to hug them).  But this hindering of relief is indeed all about business, especially as the word ‘cure’ translates as: loss of consumers.

With that in mind, you could consider this merely clickbait. Maybe this is just another expression of the immoral internet-culture that we’ve allowed. It could be that you’re now being groomed into buying something else that you don’t really need. But qor is really a matter of ‘personal health.’

But before we stray from this topic of deception, think about the reality of the term “clickbait”. It refers to grooming an individual online into plagiarising their establishment by way of deception. It’s coercion and mischief and should be considered immoral and illegal. The only way to fight this disgusting trend is to take note of the organisation responsible each time you are misled and to follow up by acting upon it.

It’s not that we want this practice regulated by government (we know their game), we just need to create an unattractive stain on the record that follows them like discredit; in much the same way that Equifax do with credit scores. You should recognise that this type of abominable deception is the fabric of news headlines today–they do this legally.

This corrupt philosophy is demonstrated within the Associated Press media circles, where it is said ‘If it bleeds it leads,’ highlighting the deliberate deception and manipulation of the people’s emotions to get a response.


We the Sheople


It was just over a decade ago that God dropped Bitcoin on the people as a means of fair trade, conducted equitably on the land rather than dishonestly on the sea of commerce in a Maritime dictator-ship. Unfortunately, the public has strayed so far away from the idea of interacting together, without an overseer, that it seemed alien to most. That fear of change was exacerbated by the media with some exaggerated and unlikely outcomes. This caused the public to relinquish their interest, placing them back onto the treadmill and into the hands of totalitarianism. They don’t really want freedom they don’t even remember what it means, we can blame the internet for that. So here we are, served yet another dose of fear called Corona Cov(ert)ID 19.  

Now either God is laughing at us or the devil is hiding somewhere in the detail; but either way someone knows something that we don’t. I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter because devious, grand intentions have no care for time, just the eventual delivery of the carefully schemed blow even if it is somewhat a generational obligation.


Are you Physically Fit


But then there’s the irony of it all. For as long a period as your grandfather’s, grandfather’s, grandfather’s life, until now, it’s been a particularly protruding member of our society that was made the butt of suspicion. Keeping them absent from normal society, only allowing annual celebratory memories of a history involving slavery, persecution and crime; when in actual fact, hygiene, irrigation systems, gold, exotic plant life, architecture and clean sewage systems in Europe (the UK  and Spain in particular) were all introduced by the said people of Moorish heritage.

Today, due to Covid 19, in just a matter of weeks, the new stares of distrust and prejudice have been shifted and placed upon the Asian community. This prejudice has been dished out by the very same minds that, with little understanding of politics, have found their new somebody to blame for their failing economy being plagued by a refractory bacteria.

You could say they have currently taken the heat off of the (terrorist) Muslims and the other tall tales from the news side.

A quick joke: What do terrorists do when the world news isn’t recording them?

They ask the director “what now”?

I’ve witnessed scenes on public transport where the public refuse to tolerate a mild cough without panic and fear, least of all from somebody that looks even slightly foreign. This kind of prejudice (subject) behaviour puts us all at the liberty of the press’ appeal to the smallest of minds, as we will most probably come to see.

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 21.24.13


What is It?

Well, it’s much more than a beer. We know that for sure.

The Coronavirus is currently believed by the general public to be too complex for them to understand but certain enough to know that people need to be occasionally caged. But more puzzling is how common-sense evades all as the pandemic currently grabs around eight people per day in the UK, as of this writing.

Outside of the lab, there are thousands of healers, shamans, and seers that have their hands tied up in corporate legal handcuffs, sitting redundant with all their skills and information, ready to assist but locked safely away in a prison called western certification. So with first a little common sense, let’s try to break this down to see if it’s possible to give the virus a short-stay visa rather than a ten-year passport.

If you are awake, you may look at the news and wonder whether this is the world trade bombing pandemic all over again. It seems to have all the makings of the fear surrounding it. If the terrorist thing didn’t keep us contained enough, this certain will, taking the fear of traveling to a whole other level.

To date, nobody under 35 years of age has died from the virus. This tells us that its best host is a compromised immune system, as with elderly people as opposed to children. A compromised immune system can be compromised for many reasons but many are found in our poorly-nourished society today. To start with, there is a huge division in direction between the state and the wishes of the public, it’s clear that they rarely want the same thing. They’re like an old couple that just won’t divorce–every time he beats her she threatens to leave and back he comes with a bunch of flowers.

Common sense would conclude: anything absent of what the people want is a dictatorship. But such is its grasp on the common mind that finds this a satisfactory condition to live under.

With such enmity between the most obvious “allies”= people and country, it would make sense to rescind trust in each other. My definition of cognitive dissonance makes me want to use it here as denial is much easier than acting upon the horrid reality of the situation–our country is against us.

We are, in actuality, a macrocosmic system and that system is no longer immune to foreign invaders–Margaret Thatcher saw to that back in the eighties, she opened the body up to multiple other malignant foreign bodies. Today, the UK harbours all manner of foreign bacteria incorporated and hidden in our macrocosmic and totally compromised bodies, turning it from a system to a controlled machine.

How we didn’t notice this further baffles me but it then becomes quite obvious that when you consciously decide to watch less Downtown Abbey you immediately stop Dancing with the Stars, you then see the world as connected rather, instead of embracing the prejudices that the media stirs in its pot daily–they are the ‘how’ that you seek, telling you how to hate, who to blame, when to blame and what to fear.


To truly heal, one needs personal and societal reflection, this takes a strong memory. Since many of the things that our system calls food contain memory blockers, it may be difficult to remember important things. If you cannot reflect and compare, due to a short memory, it may be best to get into the habit of taking a historical note of what you previously ate, gustatorily and mentally (Incidentally Judd Law was also in the movie Gattaca to string along the long-game theme).

Surely you must remember eating the poisonous privatisation pie. It allowed foreign businesses into the UK that care nothing about the nation. You also consumed the 911 play without investigating the clear ingredients and piecing together the inside job despite hundreds of independent movies made on the topic. The only reason you did not see the truth in these independent documentaries is simply the absence of a few words that you trust: ‘Hollywood’, Pixar CNN and a few other acronyms.  

You also ate the brutal public death of an innocent man, Muammar Gaddafi. That is if the standard is orbiting British politicians and their commitment to the common citizen. He actually had built, in Libya, the exact utopian society that the world claims to be seeking to create (yet move ever further away from each year). The world saw no wrong in televising the man’s brutal demise. In reality, today Libya is simply the cesarean delivered motherless child of the US and will never thrive again under the new regime, ignorant of its local, mega-historical culture. Like you, the new Libyan will forget it’s history beyond McDonalds’, basketball and Walmart.  

Microcosmically, poisoned politics has consequences. It’s exactly like bad gut flora/bacteria, it creates foggy-brain, arthritic pains, poor digestion, anger, sleeplessness, heart problems, poor skin, and eyesight.

Our entire diet is the main instigator for bad gut flora overseen by another government approved acronym called FSA. Its been goading intestinal bacteria overgrowth for decades. The particular bacteria loves mainly sugar, gluten, milk, cookies and cheese. All of which cause fogginess, memory loss and lethargy and they just so happen to have become our everyday food.

Common sense tells me that, if I know this, the Food Standards Agencies must know this too. I’m sure they have much more laboratory evidence and data on this than I could possibly provide and can (and should) cross-reference with the NHS, it’s their job. But it starts to look as though there are financial benefits in increasing foreign ingredients in the food chain especially those that pacify our common sense, let alone our immunity to foreign invaders.

The average person’s immune system is largely compromised due to eating cattle, fish and chicken. According to the Codex Alimentarius, the World Health Organisation and the Food and Agriculture Organization (European Union): all farmed livestock sold in Europe should be treated with a course of antibiotics before they can be placed on the supermarket shelves.

Ever heard of, ‘you are what you eat’? Our bodies absorb all that goes inside it, keeping what is beneficial and expelling what isn’t needed where possible. Our bodies tend to build immunity to antibiotics when they are over-ingested. If one does choose to eat meat regularly, their immune system will undoubtedly become suppressed by the continued barrage of antibiotics taken inside of the tissue of the meat–lethal yet legal.

This goes for eggs too, the standard eggs are also subject to this oral transmission of drugs. By the way, you can tell which chickens aren’t eating natural food by their pale yellow coloured yolk, although it is not uncommon to use dyes for these products of mass-deception.


But there are several other reasons why this Coronavirus may want you as a host such as your blood sugar content. In a mischievous society such as ours, everything, from curry to tobacco, is sweetened with various forms of saccharide. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and further poisons the blood–if we know this, so do the food regulators. That same blood was most likely already poisoned by mercury fillings placed in the subject’s gums from childhood–if we know this, so do the food regulators. Mercury causes issues with cognition and further dampens the central nervous system–again, if we know this, so do the food regulators. Mercury is also abundant in most if not all fish today; we accept this as our reality and buy line caught and so on but we never seem to be able to ask our food standards agency ‘how this all came about and why in God’s name it continues.’

white yolks

We also eat fruit and veg laced with wax and carcinogenic chemicals placed in the pesticides used in growing the veg. I could go on but this is not supposed to be a dark suicide note but a goddamned kick in the ass to show you why ‘YOUR’ blind acceptance and fear of the necessary short-term displacement of change you may suffer is causing you to let our society become a prison planet. So let’s jump in the elevator of solutions.

Look at your diet and eat completely differently. Your microcosmic (personal) diet will not come about without a very real and sobering look at our (macrocosmic) society’s diet. It’s part of the balance of life. One must ask their government: why poisons, known to cause the build up of harmful bacteria, exist in the food supply and also why foreign companies (harmful bacteria) are allowed to feed, clothe and medicate you.



Doctor of Doctors


A herbal medicine wizard named Alfredo Bowman once said, “alkalise your body and ‘NO’ disease can live there.” I’m inclined to agree. When you realise that it’s not a theory that food heals, but an ancient fact, you’ll see all viruses for what they are, unwelcome foreign visitors that will never speak your bodies language but seek to alter it. I hope your getting the point.

However, convincing them to leave is the correct way to divorce because at the end of the day, you did invite them in, the place was well furnished for their liking. In fact, on viewing the property, they signed a contract immediately without care for a break clause.

Moringa Oliefera gives you all nine of the vital amino acids that your body cannot naturally produce, out of the full twenty. Make a tea every morning for a stronger chance of powering your defences.

Probiotics, natural unsweetened yogurt, Kefir, sauerkraut, Kimchi (all good fermented foods), will boost your good bacteria to help your body fight any foreign invaders.

Stop smoking, do you know that your lungs are the engine inside your car. You can still go on with minor scratches on the paintwork but if the engine fails it’s all over. Until you cannot grasp your breath (just like if you were drowning) you will never understand the importance of breathing, never. If you can imagine this, even being around smoke will look like manslaughter. Keep your lungs clean by whatever means, drink Mullein as a tea, its great for clearing the lungs. Also, jog to expand them. The logic follows that the healthier your organs are the less taxing it will be when it fights. It may, one day, be a fight that you win without knowing you were in it or the defeat that retires you for good.

In the UK the law allows the water supply to carry chemicals, of which I’m sure some are hormones but of course this is to keep your teeth fresh and bright. No matter what you’re told, fluoridated water is not natural or biology friendly, period. This flu further suppresses the immune system, compromises the memory and makes the body much more acidic.

Drink bottled water from a (non-bpa) glass bottle. We are 66%-70% water, we have to honour that. By doing these things you can see if Alfredo Bowman was right. Raising your oxygen level is like taking the furniture out of your house, switching off the heat and opening the doors and windows in a blizzard. It’s no longer a comfy home for the squatters and it’s going to make those bad bacteria and it’s virus friends consider leaving or at least feel unwelcome. They may find a corner to stay warm in for a while (they call this the die off period) but very soon after they will look for a better host or face death.

Bottom line, if you look at it with clear eyes you will see that there is really no Britain. Like America, it’s whoever can afford to pay for pole-position and your antiquated emotional attachment to, the word, ‘patriotism’ keeps this deadly illusion of welfare ongoing. Rather than welfare, it’s more precise to call it a ‘farewell’ system.

So with that grand piece of information take care of yourselves because the so-called government, will not and if you’re over forty years of age and have any knowledge of what the world used to be like with all its analogue, organic morals and principles, you’re simply in the way of production. In this case, such a virus is more of a convenience and a new utility for the over-populationists. Remember it’s all about the empty minded and inexperienced young accepting the program. And if this is what you would call ‘conspiracy theory’, enjoy the next leg of your caging.

Thank you for reading


Siwel Legna

Side note

Before now I had no understanding of the statement: ‘An injustice against one person is an injustice against every person’. This actually means we are all oppressed and karmically interwoven. I naively thought the blind world had no effect on the sighted and thanked God for consciousness but indeed we are connected and by allowing a corrupt machine to have wheels, means, after it destroys the sleeping nonchalant, it will continue towards the awake, albeit lastly. So wake up, it’s now affecting me.  

By the way, if you’re in ‘my location’, according to Google, you are not allowed to view the details of my search on, which simply asked ‘Is allyl bad for your liver’? This, also interconnected farewell system deems me outside of those permitted to gain health information on allyl. It’s not like I’m in a prison of some sort trying to get access to contraband material to aid my escape-or am I? Simply looking for health information, in the free world (?) today plunges me into global politics, you have to ask whats next?  

Starting on December Solstice, for those who wish to use good old common-sense and take health matters into their own hands please visit for independent helPHers with solutions, health hacks and healthy living tips to send viruses packing, whether human or microbial.

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