Come all Ye Trolls

I guess frustration is the word to use to explain my reason for writing this article, yet more than that, I genuinely hope that after reading this, you will learn to re-engage common sense, it’s essential in making decisions at the dawn of the 2020 shift.

It’s called data theft and it hasn’t quite been made a crime as it has not ‘officially, been called that yet.’ This, I imagine, could be because corporations depend heavily on it and so, once again, we find the source of every single problem on earth today, yesterday and, no doubt, tomorrow. Nevertheless, it is merely an infraction on an individual level, on a massive scale, the fraud in extracting, buying and trading data must be considered a felonious act, especially when the means of extracting it are divisive. Think about all the calls you receive concerning accidents you haven’t been in or money you are not due, these are the result of poor collection of mixed information sold cheaply on the data market. You will never know who collected it, who sold it or for how much.  You never received a notice or a penny and the result is harassment.

We do know that the original source of extraction was online, where website cookie policies are more extensive than many contracts and the expectation that a first-time visitor should view, choose and un-check over one hundred unrelated vendors to opt out of their participation, is not exactly fair play. This is especially true at a time when statisticians admit that the average persons attention span is eight seconds. This, I do not actually believe, it all really depends on the person and the activity they are entertaining; but brains are certainly declining rapidly.

Howbeit, we call all of this, mischief. Suffice it to say, if it were to be investigated in any depth it would expose a legal can of worms that would surely impact the way we view online crime. You see, the person is always considered to be the criminal and not the legal fiction. We’ll then find ourselves asking why is this considered a crime and not that and what’s the basis? Corporations.

This type of violation always begins with our acceptance of some corporate trolling called click-bait, which may be a recognised term if you are one that has been groomed into watching, reading or experiencing something other than what you were searching for.

A very basic example of this would be a title on a YouTube video stating ‘MAN BEATS LION IN FIGHT FOR LIFE.’ You click, with interest, only to find that the man is actually a lion tamer playing with his big cat. You’re disappointed, the user gets an extra click bringing his total closer to 1,000 views and YouTube cuts them a cheque.

Maybe it serves you right for getting thrills out of watching animals attacking humans or maybe it’s part of an important journalistic study, that’s my excuse anyway. But what about when it’s a health issue?

I’ve been to many websites at a point of desperation, as I’m sure many have, and all you really want is a simple point in the right direction. Scenario two may be regarding a health issue. Maybe your doctor doesn’t know how or why but he certainly does know what and how to curb it, possibly creating some other unrelated disorder with his magic pills.

You do not wish to be a pharmaceutical company’s test subject so, alternatively, through search, you find a website that is a direct hit for your search for, natural cure for sweating only over my right eyebrow with swollen leg, itchy neck and thirsty only on Thursdays only, cure. You press the cursor on WebMD, Medical News Today or one of the other corporations that pay to come up several times when these buzz words pop up and boom! First introduction, in your face: an intrusive policy that basically says, ‘we care but not that much. If you really want relief then you will allow our sponsors, of which there are about two hundred odd, to drop trace tags all over your computer or simply leave.’ That’s what cookies are for those who aren’t aware. And it’s fine for most but for me, it questions the integrity of the establishment in a major way. In the street, they call that F you!

It seems the environmentalist Becky Tarbotton was on to such cold, relentless corporate practices a while back. She successfully negotiated the Carbon Principles agreement to establish environmental integrity within the financial sector. She managed to restrict many major world banks.

Although it’s pretty clear, to me, like the changing faces of Mono-sodium glutamate and the Bill Gates‘ philanthropic mask, eventually these corporates will be exposed and only then will the service industries become less intrusive with their data grabbing and prioritise data over relief.

But we should take note of these faces for the future because they will eventually go under the rocks from which they came, temporarily only to change their attire, not because they care, not because they don’t want to turn a needy person away from lifesaving information but because they will have to by law, these are the companies to watch. If you need law to act human then you simply are not one. But then behind even what they are calling the law today, there are investors.


If it isn’t quite clear, below is a typical example of this immoral data extraction.



The hook





The catch





The theft


More theft


A third means of contact


Whether you qualify or not you don’t know who has your info or for how long


Oh! You guys.



Does this look like an optician?

Even though the company promises you various services, *if you qualify, if you do not where does the information go to. It seems very hard to believe that it will not be recycled especially as you don’t have a name for an individual that was responsible for it, you can’t prove it exists and corporations do not have a soul.


How do we combat this?


Well, first my disclaimer: I am not a corporation, nor am I trained in the business of grooming, misleading, manipulating, lying or selling weapons of mass deception, that being the case, I am not suggesting, advising or promoting the use of harming or deceiving any sentient beings, living souls or flesh and blood individuals and blah, blah, the characters have been changed . . . any likeness to the characters or events and so on. This is merely a fiction in the mind of an artist.


What if trolls started to troll information on a mass scale, they signed up as entities that didn’t actually exist? Most information collected through deceptive means would have no useful end, data cleansing would be way too laborious and expensive and maybe the customer would become the real-time customer that would be expected to leave at the end of a session without trackers trying to figure out their emotional needs. Trolls would find a new purpose with the added reward of ending data abuse.

No more frustrating people but making corporations more considerate when offering the noble duty of service.

On one level, this may appear as fraudulent but toxic loans, fictitious investors and double accounting through the machines have always been the way of the limited liable corporations, it’s truly time for the principle, the living being, to protect themselves because today a corporation will only ever see accounts on a circuit board and never the needs of an individual, maybe you should start to view them as the same.

Today these horrible practices are not the common topic of debate, we are becoming used to the lack of integrity behind the machine. But these are poor people operating behind poor business practices. But, even though I risk sounding like MLK, I’ll say that, tomorrow there will be a clear distinction between a person with businesses and a business with a person. The humane characters that dwell amongst us that still have care and empathy will be patronised because of their morale and common sense, not their relationship with Google. It will not be the agency’s grip but this deep human attribute that will stand as credit in the future.

People will start to do the right thing and not excuse themselves by blaming a circuit board. Then we will see these corporations trying to clean up their profile with every trick they have, hiding behind integrity, saving Africa and adopting animals. But at the end of it all, the heart that cannot be placed inside of a motherboard will be the thing that will bring us back to respecting the old ways. But by allowing this we are collectively guilty of destroying the humane.












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