… And now This

Imagine being a hitman and then one day, with clarity of mind, you decide to stay at the crime scene a little longer just to watch your victim’s essence exit into the cosmos.

While they breathe their last breath they stare into your eyes jealous of the life left in you. You suddenly see life through their eyes, you see what they are seeing, you notice the reality of life and all in it, you see the past and the future, of not only theirs but yours too, and all the natural things that are in existence, money, relationships, fights, wars. You see the knock-on effect on his family and friends and the mere pointlessness of it all, from birth, through play, school, work, love and now this. Very suddenly it all makes sense that you will pay in supernatural ways beyond man’s petty 3d comprehension; that moment of clarity changes you forever.

Now imagine five years into the future, being the same character. Do you see yourself still being an assassin, continuing to take lives with full awareness of that reality and the pointless detriment of it all? You may have done another hit after, that probably devastated you, but the truth of it would continue to penetrate your thoughts and eventually burst your illusion and surely after many sleepless nights of one on one God-time, you would have to make a drastic change just so that you could live with yourself and eliminate the inevitable karma in this rotation, rather than another landing.

This situation is what each person should go through if, like me, they were granted an absolute detrimental view into the reality of the offspring of lies, they would kill any chance of them manifesting for the truth to live. It takes somebody totally divorced from their inner-self to justify fabrication, after fabrication each day especially for superficial things that appear to be rewarding absent of the karma of the eternal soul. When it (lies) finally feels like normality, you can guarantee the person is no longer capable of having any form of attachment to organ or source.


In the same way that the cowardly act of taking a life with a bullet creates separation from the victim, writing a lie also creates separation from the victim. Today the journalist doesn’t see the victim, nor can the victim look into the eyes of their assailant, they can barely check the facts or the details of what should be their oath since they rarely sign the fabricated information that they provide.

Today the news reporter simply writes PA or AP at the top of the article, while spreading crucial dis-information and since the public is used to living lies authenticated by anagramical acronyms that they know nothing of their esoteric intention, that seems enough for them; being satisfied with the loose source of information that they now trust, away goes the establishment’s liability–or so it thinks.


Meanwhile, they are instructed to call out ‘fake news’ and expect the public to identify the source as independent researchers and put them in a box called “conspiracy theorists.” Yet some of these, placed in this psychological prison, are some of the most sincere and committed of characters–this justice in reverse is utterly heartbreaking.

Using the word ‘assailant’, in reference to anonymous, unethical breaking news reports, may seem like a strong word but remember: abuse can be mental, verbal or physical, according to law, as the  Press Association would agree, especially when questioning somebody’s disagreement with experimental gender confusion arguments which they manufactured as an experiment– such is the influence of the media. One needs to ask, when dealing with “Breaking News”, where are they taking me and what is the overall plan?

But it’s much more than that.

Many years ago the responsibility of recording events in the form of hieroglyphs (written or animated) was awarded to those sincere in heart.  One that comes to mind is really is the one and only, Tehuti. Yet, you may not know that name since even he has come to be known by other names such as Hermes, Thoth and Mercury.

The frequency of these other names indicates how far back this deception goes (probably around the Ptolemaic era). But the real majik can be seen if you reverse engineer from today right back to then. What you will see is that our modern society is merely the macrocosmic cost of the first microcosmic lie. The previous generations knew better–the elected authorities had to be steeped in truth, it was simply a given. We have to understand that today these, atrocious expressions of human life, are the consequences. This world culture and every single negative event in it is the indirect result of that first official lie. In actual fact, it was really the ignorance of thinking that one could lie without consequences that ignited this slow decline of order. Or was it not ignorance and a conscious rebellion to nature?

So here we are depending on BBC, CNN, FOX, NBC, CNBC, ITN, AOL and all of the connected major corporations to give us ‘TRUTH’, something that doesn’t even exist in their vocabulary. Instead, convenient lies and exaggeration are the fabric of its being. Since the death of truth at the end of the last true Egyptian dynasty (KMT) the path of lies was born and the official end of organic life.

It may seem grim and pointless but when you are now depending on information when your life may, or may not depend on it you soon recognise the shape of the world that you have participated in building and will eventually and hopefully rebuke it. Thanks to the Covert ID 19  there’s nowhere else to go from here but up. Unless you are afraid of heights and want to regress further into this Ptolomeic world of uncertainty that rests on the foundation of pure fabrication.

With all that said, please pay particular attention to the site below as there will now be a growing wave of people who recognise the importance of truth and honour and wish to re-establish it in our existence. They too know that the fundamental vibration must be sound to create a secure building and that what we are witnessing is the last debris that was born out of the first lie that was told. When the first lie is placed into any situation, everything thereon will come to support that objective, sacrificing purity and leading to a world of toxic half-truths, distrust, murder, broken agreements, occupied countries, theft, controlled diseases and no knowledge of what actually is.

The solution is fast and simple and I pray that you recognise the importance of truth and that we are afforded enough time to come together in its name before the great liar has us all in chains but it will challenge all that we thought we knew–I’m ready.

Let Qor be the means to the end of this lie and the beginning of love for truth, justice, peace and freedom.

Vintage paper ink hand drawn sketch style vector

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