Liars are us



We’ve heard many stories about Hitler and his poor thoughts; some dictated to us early on as part of world history but what if there was another side to his story? It seems that either way, the Germanic people have had to prove worthy of their seat at the table, otherwise live with their heads bowed in shame as a punishment for the wrong that their forefathers did.

I mean, who would agree with that? Burning and gassing humans and becoming the first legal business for experimenting on human minds as well as bodies. It seems a shame that such a thing could happen but when you look at the logic . . . if one crazy tyrant can convince a whole nation of people to assist in terrorism it makes more sense that he only appealed to something that was already within them. Don’t kid yourself you could have been one of them.

A colossal meeting of minds


It’s not just one man that is capable of this. This mentality takes us beyond the borders of Germany and across the sea as far as Australia and up towards Asia and back. Could it be that people believe in anything at times when there is nothing? Well, here we are again.

We are living at a moment in history where there is little to look forward to. There’s a blanket of questions engulfing the planet. Nobody actually knows who to trust, what to trust, where the planet is heading, where it came from or who the heck is driving. While we celebrate each year hoping for a better one, in reality, every year provides more of the same, it’s the worst nightmare you could imagine as nobody knows anything for sure.


Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 11.09.21
Let’s look over there instead


There are doubts about everything, including the authenticity of New Year events and the Jesus thing, that represents it or if they actually were a thing. So what don’t we know? We don’t know if Christmas is valid? The Jewish Torah says it happened but some say it was part of Egyptian history that they borrowed, involving Heru the Sun and his mother Auset, the moon, depicting the Winter Solstice–an allegorical, cosmological story. Some say the word ‘hero’ evolves from Heru the son of the Moon. Some say the moon is a hollow metal orb placed there by the Annunaki. Others say man staged the Moon landing. We don’t know whether we were made by aliens, God, monkeys or evolution. 

Is there a cure for cancer? Of course, cancer can be cured but that’s not the point, neither is finding the answers to any of our questions. It would not help us one bit to know any of these answers because we cannot be trusted with them, it would eclipse the whole point–why we lie so much.

There is not a known culture on earth whos community has a ‘common knowledge’. Everybody’s ideas are so fragmented even within the same home, let alone city, town or country.  But merely coming to terms with that is the easy part. The hardest part and most emotionally draining thing is that, amongst all of the chaos we’ve created, people will never stop lying, and we actually think we have advanced. We can’t even stop to look at our ugly reflection. We just dogmatically truck on and hope for a better New Year. What would our rate of success be if Doctors did the same thing regarding illness? We have to accept that society is ill and without addressing our society’s narcissistic lies 2020 will look back at 2019 with envy.


If the point is technology: yes, we have advanced but only to help us to lie some more. If we are talking about this world, ‘life’ and the quality in/of it, we are truly in the dark ages. People have no idea of the future because they haven’t been given the truth of the past. That slight twist in Tehuti’s beautiful protection of the truth has led to a revolving expanding, snowball of uncontrollable lies that have caused this blanket of questions on earth.





We can fantasize about the earth situation changing for the better but if we’re even half as smart as we think we are, we’ll come to realise that it’s not possible to have a future without any idea of the past. That’s where we shot ourselves in the foot–it ain’t gonna work.




In ancient times one scribe named Tehuti (learn the name) held a position far more superior than a journalist. It seems that his truth was a balancing of the planetary matter and it eventually came to be sabotaged by the first lie, which looks as though it may have started with the Greeks, the Romans or the Hyksos but maybe it was a little before that, I mean who the hell knows.  But one thing is for sure, Tehuti was given the honourable role of translating the heavens onto earth through writing, not because of his corporate connections but merely because he was pure in his heart. 

Instead of writing, maybe we should call his role righting. He was the first known stenographer, appointed the duty through his honour and wisdom of the power of words he solemnly refrained from trying to write the wrongs. Hail he.


The minor difference between Rep & Dem


In 1990, Mark Singer, a journalist for The New Yorker magazine, attempted to access the deeper side of Donald Trump, after interviewing him he concluded that he had “an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.” This is the man who a worrying proportion of society, voted as fit to become their President.

It had to be those who came after, the supreme journalist, Tehuti that set this into motion. They had thoughts of changing the sacred record to their own end, by altering his words and thought nobody would ever notice, how wrong they were. Such a devastating and uninformed decision was this that we find it near impossible to undo. They were either that foolish to start with or it was absolutely deliberate which would, by way of conscious premeditation, validate beliefs of a devil. So maybe they did mean to change the course of the story.

The evidence of this early lie goes back to the name–Tehuti suddenly and mysteriously becoming Thoth and Hermes depicting him as looking like the imago Dei and even giving his wisdom and philosophy to the name Hermetics. This is puzzling as he was never known by any of these names at the time and he never had a desire to be considered God, just an assistant to the cosmos.

Today in 2020  if you look around you, all you can see is the debris of this deceit. These being the preposterous things that you wish could change about our culture. The diseases, murders, poisonous attitudes, foods, soil, water, and air are all the fruit of that first lie.

The very reason why the city of Ashtabula, Ohio isn’t even considered to be Arabic in origin is more proof of lies. It will be dismissed along with Tallahassee and Bagdad, Florida as mere coincidence as it doesn’t quite fit the cowboys and Indians script. Taking credit for everything and hiding the author may well be what screwed everything up–pride. Even the artists of today, unlike yesterday, have no regard for the sacred word. They’ll say whatever to sell songs. For me, if as Notorious BIG said, I was truly ‘Ready to die’ I don’t think I would be hiring body-guards for protection, I dunno Big.

Rapper turned singer – Tekashi 69


We are a culture of say and no do, we’ve have learned to live in this way but for me, it’s as foreign as murder. The spell that possesses man is the tolerance for this unnatural way of living. We are so used to it that we accept that we’ll never know what we should know.


Do you know what an empath is? I would ask you to check your dictionary but it is probably not there. Of course lies have become the way we live so if such a word does not serve the directive, go it must. An empath is a word known around spiritual circles and it basically acknowledges one that feels another person’s wellbeing and situation, sometimes even more than their own. These are the feelers, the artists and the ones who cannot help but want to keep everybody safe, the ones who have to try hard to put themselves first, they are the earth’s peace-keeping forces. Yet they never appear in positions of power but this will all change this year.

UN, peace-keeping

Although there are various ways to describe such Angels, there are many more ways to describe the opposite; there’s a ‘Trump’ another word is a Blair, a Bush a Johnson or the United Nations Peace Keeping Force. You see, these people make decisions to do with your lives using words, which I still consider sacred, as though they’re mere toilet paper. These people have trained to say what they need to without care or consequence so that they can keep their investors in power, that’s it. The fact that you may believe otherwise is the very same reason why this is apparent, lies.

It is not wise to give any power over to anything that is not committed to the truth and receive benefit because even the most breakthrough invention and all of it’s potential will be reversed to benefit a narcissistic agenda and will be essentially used for the creation of destruction.

The Word

A word is actually a byte of organic life itself, as within each one is a gift of breath of which we do eventually exhaust. Recognising this, it shouldn’t take drowning to understand that these breaths are precious and should leave your body and return the fruit of a pleasant truth.


As the cosmos close in on us man’s biggest concern is again himself and his existence. If you want to see a coward then look no further; man’s call for us to cease polluting the planet with our selfish ways is only for the desire to continue life, this in itself is unjust. We have cooked this meal out of lies and deceit, gathered at the table, we’ve suddenly lost our appetite to eat it, it’s all the doing of our own hands. Now that we’re in the cosmic courtroom we beg for mercy without even recognising our own error. Still, we look outside of ourselves depending on technology now, to send a signal out into space hoping that some alien life force will bail us out with yet more tech. We know that those pleas fall on deaf ears because all requests must be addressed from within which is near impossible for those who support the theory that there is no inner communication. What would you do? If we truly had an ounce of empathy we could answer the question looking through the eyes of the planet.  Well since your left with, NASA’s poster boy, Tyson Degrass may get you out of it. I’d say the fat ladies singing for the planet and only those with a respect for the vibration of ether that flows out through their souls may get a get out of jail free card but it damn sure will not be a Virgin space flight. We’re stuck here son until you grow up.



To add insult to injury we are now promoting all manner of indigenous practices: Yoga, African dance, Chinese bowls, alkaline foods, Cannabinoid medications and coconut oils, in order to reverse the plastic world we’ve built but still without giving credit to the source, have we learned nothing? That’s like walking backward out of the courtroom leaving stolen flowers for the judge while waiting on his decision. The ego naturally admits to its wrong and says sorry when it’s facing death row but when you look closer you see the same original pride that efd this all up in the first place. It’s not a genuine sorry it’s a conditional one and you can bet, as soon as we’re in the clear, we’ll do it again because we haven’t learned to value our word.

If we ever recognise the beauty of truth then it is this that we should call for and only then will we ‘save the planet.’ It’s nothing but disillusion and conjecture to believe otherwise. It’s only the whole story that will evoke the universes mercy and that, I’m afraid to say, is not in man’s heart. Even then the years of denying that there is a God and making the name a curse has created a philosophical contradiction offering us randomness reasoned around cosmic intelligence (anything but God). Well, with the state we are in one had better hope there’s intelligence and at the same time hope there is not because the cosmos unlike men, is not fooled by words–she knows you better than your jugular.

Come what may

We know little about the word though Thoth who is really Tehuti knew everything about it. This is why when each scribe produced a record he carefully prepared it with a deep understanding as how it would be read, when and where their belief would take them in the name of righteousness. Now go and read The Times, The Post, The Standard, The Metro or whatever another source of information you may be used to injecting. Events are intended to be expressed by those with pure empathy in their hearts, those of whom you will find scattered around independently outside of the AP and PA groups, these individuals will not bend the truth. When they surface the Associated Press are allowed to, without any resistance from the readers, scandalise them and the public parrots the verbal weapon conspiracy theorist or fake news.

Indeed there is a new breed of journalist and in the true sense of the word they are scribes and not regulated by human sources but cosmic and karmic responsibilities. There will soon come a time when the truth will be a crime and maybe then we will realise what damage has been done to our father’s sacred responsibility. Still we remain and even now, all you have to do to find evoke the spirit of truth is to listen from within.


Angel Lewis

For Julian Assange.

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