The Right not to Vote

Gerry Mander


In the 1940s, at least in the US, the common election time argument amongst African Americans was “Our forefathers died so that you could vote . . . Rosa Parks . . . yada, yada”. This invoked guilt and hopefully invited shame on the free-minds that dared to make their choices of action or non-action an individual one.

Around the same time, in the UK women honoured Suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst’s efforts and strolled proudly to the ballot box knowing that she gave her life for their inclusion in the role of electing scapegoats.


Today, my nephew of nineteen tells me of his confusion with the whole voting thing.

As an uncle, it would be cruel of me not to help him understand this complicated British fup, but even more lethal would the consequences be if I did not introduce him to my political confidante: uncle SAM – Smoke and mirrors.

I’m informed of the stress he feels not being sure whether or not to vote and if he does vote, for whom. On one hand, he believes privitisation (of the NHS) is a no-no and Boris Johnson is covertly planning such confusion. Then there’s the Jeremy Corbyn, anti-semitic thing and his leave or stay Brexit ambiguity. Sheeez! I’m talking politics–Yuk!


This phantom anti-semitism card often sinks the well-intended as well as thwarts the prejudiced wannabe despot. I attempted to clear up the truth of this, informing him that words such as peace, democracy, freedom, aid, terrorist and insurgent, once had solemn roots but today they are mere verbal weapons. It’s all a game of pin the words on the donkey and watch him sink, just for wanting to make a change, as it is with all politics.

It’s hard to be brutally honest (do brutally and honest marry?) with the youth but the last thing they need are beliefs. But then society has more than prepared them for this poor excuse for living on this perfect plane.  Culture has blessed them with a premature introduction to murderous computer games with pimping, raping, killing and warped gender-bending sexual knowledge. As well as peer-gratifying direction and the false benefits of drugs, their innocence has been stolen way too early so their precious minds may never understand.

We have pushed our children into an egotarian existence of non-important soul substitutes with no care for their nature and this is the same for all creatures that have adopted speech. The pressure we feel to ‘fit in’ can only be viewed as adult peer-pressure, including my own. For example: the group that sees value in expression only by comparing styles, without communicating a word, are saying: join or leave. I find relief contradicting all standards; for me there’s a freedom writing in a style that’s neither AP, Chicago or MLA, just maybe all three combined. Unlike the youth, I have no care to join these thought clubs–I am duly rewarded with a somewhat unique ‘expression’ poor as it may be.

Well, dear Aren, I cannot tell you to vote or not to vote, who for or who against but I can tell you to be sure it is from your own heart. That means not knowing or believing anything but just observing and not with your eyes; even eyes (today) are merely objects to translate the countless illusions that you have been bombarded with.


Then there’s a public education. If you are actually reading this after being publicly educated you will have a few choices of who to parrot in this election and although you have been led to believe that you have a vast amount of choices, you will tick one of generally a handful of boxes.

Well, are you Labour or Conservative? Once you can answer this with truth you might want to ask: are Labour labour or are Conservative conservative, are Democrates, democratic, do Republicans know what a republic is? And don’t forget, young Aren, if indeed you really wish to join the clan that you were invited into, that is no different than a football club, know that this is merely an invitation to say ‘we’ when refering to a team of people that support an individual that you’re not special enough to ever meet, let alone know.

Be sure not to listen to either individual party leader, as a party but to their heart because they damn sure ain’t listening to yours. Alternatively, you could listen equally to both parties’ words and enjoy the comedy of errors as it’s much wiser and also fruitful to look without commitment and attachment.

It wasn’t that long ago that people who agreed to be attached to the fiction ‘black’ gathered united with other non-classified humans to usher in the new hope of a President – Barak Obama. It didn’t matter if he was 3,000 miles away or 3,000,000 away all they knew was that they felt connected to the plight and the possibility of the dawning of a new civil, colourless society. They felt it a distance worth trekking to support the ‘first black president’. Well that went well.


What they didn’t realise was that he was mentally 33,000,000 miles away and his somewhat esoteric actions, you know: drone policies, signing this, changing that and ratifying here and there, with a smile of course, were in the interest of his beloved investors= USA the Corporation and not the people. These cunning and calculated actions will be felt deeply by the ensuing generation for a long, long time as they will see, all sailing swiftly in on an emotional ship called black.


Even while America publicly expressed thier need for a better healthcare system with Obama Care, Muammar Gaddafi’s country–who the US assisted in making disappear, under commander in chief Obama, had their healthcare issue trumped (pardon pun), evidenced by his heavenly green book.

The Libyan system could and should have been the white paper and a shining example to any government that is truly searching for healthcare management for their citizens. But that, like Cancer, is yet another of the several business ventures under the guise of government services.

You might call this slight of words, ‘Maggie syndrome’ as it’s the aftershock and the small print that voters will never truly understand. Similarly, I’m sure most victims of gun abuse, authorised or otherwise, aren’t aware of the deadly bullet burning through their soft tissue when a silencer is attached–in this case: the media. It’s only when that warm tummy-ache morphs into hot burning lead and the victim’s brain recognises the unlikely possibility that they ‘May‘ have been shot that it becomes clear.


While you’re currently tumbling down from Margaret Thatcher’s privatisation bullet of the ’90s, you should notice that you will always be the last to know. The pattern is a sudden collective cognition well after they’ve made a clean… dirty escape into the cosmos. Maybe she’s already transmigrated in the Serengeti as a mute piece of lion-meat already but it’s always way after you can do anything about it–The Saville effect. Whatever the case, these politicians, their policies and the results thereof are designed for tomorrow’s chaos not today, so bear this delayed effect in mind, if and when you vote.
You see, these policy people have a 50-100-year forecast, meanwhile you only see what’s in front of your nose as you day-to-day it. You’re merely in the audience believing the stage show that you see; while they prepare the next scene you’re responding to the actors and props while slight changes in the script are being planned behind the curtain.
If you do decide to vote, at the very least, know what you are voting for and if anyone, besides the youth, still have courage enough to search independently outside of recommended programming, they may also find some shocking but accurate information from independent bodies and not “the news” who are known to leak contrary information merely to appear neutral for their investors.

Case in point, another word to add to the bag of pimped words is ‘National’ and ‘British’ as in ‘British Rail’ which I imagine was rebranded by the Rail Delivery Group as National Rail. Maybe because the word British was recognised (by devilishly cunning minds) to be contradictory and open to challenge by British citizens. It stands to reason why it would cost a passenger north of £80 to change a £25 return ticket, from Leicester to London, just to travel during peak hours. They call this ‘Foreign (we don’t know or give a shit about you) Policy’ or maybe the much friendlier word: Privitisation.


The Go-Ahead Group and French company Keolis owns 70% of the company Govia. Govia runs Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern, and Gatwick Express=French. Arriva is in control of Chiltern, CrossCountry, Grand Central, London Overground and Northern. These are in control of about a quarter of the British train operators and its majority shares are held by– German–Deutsche Bahn. Abellio is totally owned by the Dutch company Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

But all this is convoluted in a nice confusing mix-up of sub-corporations, mergers, appropriate name changes and clever semantics just to advance the British public’s confusion, hopefully leading to dementia. The fact is it is perfectly legal within your elected government so, go ahead and vote if you choose; but vote for what, more of this?

As a scribe, it may seem a burden of conflicting interest to speak on a thing that one holds a strong opinion about but I see no big deal. Far more offensive to the idea of democratic justice is to be in a group-thought merely because our parents were in that clan without ever questioning the current validity of their primary message. You can easily accept that we naturally evolve but it seems more challenging to accept that a party, a religion or a word’s original meaning can also completely flip–on a slow and macrocosmic level, changing the entire meaning, this is what abusive relationships are made of.

If you were to take a page from Buddhism’s ‘nekkhamma,’ before its politics also transformed, you would endeavour to become a part of nothing but at the same time connected to everything. Within this state of neutrality is the ability to judge without patriotism, peer pressure or clanism.

So what is a Party but on the voters’ side a disillusioned attempt to suspend an old thought that died long ago. And on the party’s side, an attempt to sell the corpse of that old dead thought back to the ignorant, flaunting it’s remnants as proof of life. This yearly display is merely to gain the illusion of power and a seat in history. In conclusion, with private ties to foreign money that cares nothing for your community or your health, what in God’s name does it matter?

Truth is, I’d be more concerned whether the intelligence of this plane views the animals that we’ve become, as still fit to continue on the terrain, at least on this level.  Every word is twisted every promise has an agenda and every system conceals. But I rest my confidence in the fact that there is a difference between a Sam Cook ‘change’ and an Obama one and it will come, you’ll just have to decide on which one you prepare for.


Angel Lewis


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