After Life


It really was quite difficult to accept, but it became obvious when the first sign appeared.

Health wise, I was going through the worst time of my life. Everything hurt and I couldn’t manage a sentence without coughing. But being me I tried and let the ill cat out of the bag, scaring the flu-watching member of the earth community–a weird species.

I looked at my phone ringing. As much as I wanted to talk to my sweets, I had to just watch it. It was painful for her to hear my voice change pitch every few minutes as I tried to hold the cough in.

I started to ask ‘why so long’; eight days in bed and only slight signs of relief. I shivered just from turning over in bed, I guess because my rotation exposed a covered bit of my bare skin into the atmosphere or a colder part of the sheets. My head hurt and eventually the hypochondriac took the lead in my confused mind. I cried several times thinking about all the things that weed had managed to deflect. It was harsh and challenging to my psyche to know that the world had changed forever, high or not. I couldn’t laugh about anything. Even the actors were just acting and the joyful distractions felt like smiley faces painted on the steps descending into a gas chamber.

Nothing was funny. Even when the phone rang I thought of the hidden sadness in the person on the other end; I didn’t want to pretend that I didn’t know. I knew that the saying ignorance is bliss had some truth that I envied but I knew we were now living in ignorance is death. I watched the humans march to buy square devices of multiple sizes to receive their programming. I quit figuring why; most would explain why they had a square dictator in their living room like it was a tattoo. They all had their reasons, just as many could explain away why the vaccinated their children with poor foresight and full need to be part of a flock. But what do you do with them, they’re misalignment with the organic weigh almost justifies the need for the rebels to keep poisoning them. If I could play their attorney for a moment, I’d say I understand: here’s a people that cannot think without an aid. They can clearly see the danger but until it’s widely announced they will keep getting instruction from the news.

The most idiotic thing a person could do is pick up a newspaper and absorbing the daily program into the heavenly mind.

They paid silly prices that confirmed to the Draconians that they had come to the right planet.

Slowly I realised that the darkness I was feeling was the truth about the state of the earth but I didn’t belong here, not in the darkness, not in the land of the dead.

I felt dizzy and thoughts–I’d forgotten–about home, came flooding in. I come from a place where people weren’t called people but per-suns (suns for short) as a constantly reminder of our origin–the Sol. We filled each other up with joy, just by meeting auras like a wireless charger. Nobody wanted anything because we had it all. We knew what life was and how to grow other organisms with respect of the measure. We had watched planets before, implode by losing the measure. Although at rare times we dissected the measure, we did it with consciousness, connection with wisdom of the law as it was the weigh.

The measure was a simple manner in which all things grew to capacity without disruption. As such, the pleasure enjoyed by one fruit on our planet, grown by the measure, eclipsed a whole fruit basket on earth. The food was all made with the measure. Nobody grew anything without placing an intention on it of bounty and eternal perpetuation of life-force for the receiver. We knew this as seedlings way before maturity. It would sound boring to those on earth who were grown surrounded with an awareness of crime but there really was no crime back home-it was so pointless. All that we wanted, we thought it into existence.

Every sun knew that the preservation of life was not a thing bound by restriction but truth, and the truth talked to all on our planet, from within. It said loudly ‘that which is created in fear creates with it death’. We didn’t know death, each thing created was an expression of love dedicated to giving the end user an increased experience of bliss and continuity. So we continued on. There was more to our story of eternal life but it became clear to me that knowledge of that was the gift, a gift for those who sought the measure with love.

We saw that the measure, without discipline, led to the end of the Greeks and now the Europeans. It’s strange how their lack of consciousness of the measure played out for so long as intelligence. Even the scientists tried to start at the beginning to destroy your knowledge of infinity using the Big Bang as a ‘forget me’ tool. They merely witness an outward breath. We didn’t deny there was an inward breath and so we lived on. But they convinced the world that there was a start and as a result they acted as though they knew, dissolving all matters of karma from the mind, even though the horror in their final breath told that they now knew. Even their animals looked upon them as silly from their personal contract with the multiverse. They had done the same and lost a feature or two. They longed to be man and regretted their errors. But pride got them there along with prejudice–the recipe for death.

How beautiful the sky looks tonight. It’s good to see that the rebels, fallen from the constellation Europa, haven’t blocked the firmament in advance to cover the morning sky. It’s also interesting to see that my Andromedan passport has been returned to me, clearly I’d done my karma on earth and now I can do my dutiful repayment to the measure, with joy. Although I don’t have to, I’d rather serve light, being a slave of the source it’s what I do. I am set to be the empath on earth, the angel of light undoing his brothers dark work.

I’d like to tell you more but if you’ve been ‘educated’ it may not aid your sanity. I nearly lost my mind when I remembered myself and that my whole life was a lie and that the nature of reality wasn’t such. It takes a chunk out of you.

Imagine ‘do you believe in God’ was a common question on earth. In like manner, we ask the baby do you have a mother? Even more sad is it that humans don’t know that all violations of the measure are deliberate and alien at the same time. It seems bizarre to believe that all of the earth’s elements have become polluted by coincidence, never concluding that there is an anti-life force here that needs it but hates it at the same time. The vast unawareness of this, makes the earths way a religion called science with no connections just pure coincidence, this is not the weigh of the cosmic mind.

I will tell you how I was woken from my sleep, abducted if you will, although abducted is a strong term especially as it was a desire and I smiled throughout the whole process.

I lay down that night as a broken man, scarred by karma, not knowing the gravity of lying to my instinct and retarding capsules of earth–life from bringing the awaiting souls–birth is the grace of God so my brother whispers the suggestion to evict life as a choice. And we listen, detached from the way; and so we cry.

I had nothing to live for, popular culture didn’t want me nor did God it appeared as I had suffered. Watching the life go out of my beloved mother and the priest that buried my father fondling my ear ring after the funeral pushed me to ask why am I here? It was a question to source if she was true. What is this all about?

Almost immediately the astral plane sent me in to the dark tunnel speeding viciously forward as though I was on a fairground ride. It was dark and as proverbially stated I saw light at the other end.

As I approached I could feel a smile appear on my face because I wasn’t dreaming and this light, that I’d heard about, was actually true. I didn’t feel dead but more alive because the light was the goal and I was covered in darkness. It came closer but it was really me approaching the greatest understanding of my life. I burst through the lateral tunnel end like a train exiting, when it turned suddenly longitudinal. I realised by perspective there is no direction in the cosmos. I wasn’t dead, I was sent out into the dark cosmos like a lone man lost at sea. I must stop to tell you that I gave my head to truth many years ago. Each lie I told to myself felt like a job I had to redo without pay. So I was given an invitation to enter into the eternal cosmic mind, the mind that Einstein craved, only he missed something very important to access it fully–you must switch off the brain.

The heart is the centre of the biological mind and it is housed by the intestine. The central nervous system runs throughout the body like a network of roots beneath the soil. There’s a major nerve at the side off the neck that sends over 85% of the nerve’s information to the brain and not the other way around. This means that the stomach, with it’s heart that is several times more magnetic than the brain, is the receptor of God. The brain is prejudiced.

I saw the stars far away then wondered what is distance but a perceived separation that atoms cannot conceive of. The connection was no longer held back and they danced for me. They showed me that pixels were an inferior copy of the atom that had vast limitations, they showed off. The quarks that we called stars showed me how they played with distance in the minds of the disjointed. I was connected so they showed me more and more. They showed me that stars were the thoughts of the earth inhabitants and the cosmos were the screen from which events on earth were played out on. They knew my vision still played the lead so they made me observe them swapping positions. How clear were the faces of past players on earth in the heavens, so sharp were the images of Hitler that pixels took the backseat when I realised atoms were of such micro-nificence. They showed me colour and sound and the spiralling Dna. There was no limit to the images that they could achieve if only we would look, it was merely a matter of distance. Equal to science’s delusions of separation, the stars decided to leave them guessing. But me they danced for, relieving my misconceptions and delivering certainty without having to lift a single brain cell.

The body is the listening chamber for the vibrations of God and the brain is the pixel as in relation to the atom–it’s an inferior but useful copy. Granted some form of knowledge by the one who suggests, the service is incomplete for lack of using every cell to attract every cell returns half truths. Because all is related it’s language is metaphor and we the autists deliver this to the anger of the system.

But it’s not the human’s fault it’s my brother’s, I’m told. Long ago he was pure light and a slave to the measure and his incredible mind wondered, as it should. But he chose to reverse the measure which we all knew would kill him–not God, it was suicide. We called it Ka Ra Ma: Body, light and mother. She Births and rebirths according to the measure of spirit and light. He chose distorted light and so he sealed his next cycle without any chance of return, it is merely a matter of time until the end of his earth cycle. If you were schooled on earth you will not know that words, once formed in light, play games of anagrams as well as conundrums without need for the brain, the measure is mind and it is the measure beyond measure. If we challenge it we destroy our own selves like cutting ones vein while the body loses its life liquid. On Andromeda, the state of the human mind is likened to a man running across the tracks rather than along, unnecessarily so. You are all viewing my brothers funeral only he has inserted himself and all his destructive mind within the human receptor.

In his defiance I watched him sentenced to losing his Sol–source of light. We were surprised to see by the mercy of the loving design, he was given a chance, a secondary source of light until. He would now use technology to live and manipulate the inspiration of the humans for he was uninspired by Sol.

If man knew that they too lost their pilot when they listened to his science talk. Now cut off from the memory of God, greedy for technology, earth contacted Draco by the suggestion of my brother. They listened and responded. Their way was vile. Separated from the source, they lived as vampires collecting secondary sources of light to exist. Blood-thirsty they planned to round-up the earth people and make them slaves to manage their energy like a succubus. NASA awoke a being that has been moving from planet to planet seeking those creatures detached from the measure but blessed with light. Each Sol that they moved from the knowledge of the source would give up their light without objection and when they were done, their planet would die–look at Mars. They mock you with their Mars mysteries, they know that it was they who caused it to die and they are here on earth by special invitation.

Since the measure is perfect it enforces the one law that keeps the weigh–no being can take from another without contract. It’s called free will, yet the earth’s people do not know this law that protects and reflects God’s wrath upon the enforcers’, Karma.

You will notice that Knowledge of this fact is dominant in the cosmos and violated by only those unaware of her wrath–young earth minds. If one truly sees that the contract rules on earth they will first become afraid to know that this whole affair is extra terrestrial and not of this earth.

So Draco answered and granted gifts of the brain, gene manipulation, conditioning bacterias and the Blockchain to tie one human to a chip for ease of control. Since they have no soul, they are seasoned in survival and use their cold calculations, absent of the heart, to stay alive. As they were granted access to manifest in human bodies they calculated the sojourners as they fell into familiar wombs. They developed a taste for blood as a secondary source of light. If you doubt their influence, imagine a cow chewing the grass that ate the sunlight and then imagine the human eating the cow for its nutrition. If you have intuition you will see that this is a triangulated source of light. From needing only direct solar exposure to arable intake is a fall from energy for my kind, we ate the sun. Although acceptable, the flesh is unnecessary.

I struggled to keep what I knew to myself but each time I tried to reveal it they wiped the memory of it. My planet today has not fallen as far as earth but as all things are connected we have suffered a minor absence of God. We have some that work with technology who have provided ways to promote secondary sources of light as a rule. There are many Draconians here that have gotten control of the people through data, law and finance. They set up foundations that turn organic life to modified secondary sources and are seeking to turn man into trans-human.

The light

Though this scheme has been planned throughout time, it will not succeed. In fact it’s already declining, it is only that many will make poor choices and die within the process. As freewill rules on earth, one must be aware that it is a simple refusal that turns them away. They will not violate the rules of the cosmos because each violation affects their life.

I am not pro mask or anti-mask although I do enjoy seeing human faces, I do respect their choices albeit poor ones. But for me I choose to wear my face as it is in the way that I was designed and that, good or bad, is the way I decided to be, until my departure, no matter what. Then there are those who disagree. While saying “trust the science”, they know nothing of the science. Maybe they mean trust the government’s media and its distribution as it becomes public opinion. If they had checked the science and not the fact checkers on the first page of Google (Snopes and the news) they would learn that not only does the mask do nothing but it does more harm than good, recycling poisonous carbon dioxide into the respiratory system. Yet it is a matter of who you believe, those who dispute the information circulated with not a penny to gain and most likely getting bumped off (RIP president John Magufuli) or the doctors paid to tell a story and their investors.

But then they aren’t aware of the moment that information became so dependent on the internet that corporations were offered the first few pages of search result at a cost. Look up an apple; you will find that the dominance of money controls the flow of information and since Apple wish to be seen first in your search results, a fraction of their 2.6 trillion dollars, God’s fruit will have to take the second page. Data has been bought, sold corrupted, dispersed, hidden shared and reversed, nothing is dependable now and unless you previously learned the art of search, you are largely swimming in a see of data, which is co-dependent on brain activity rather than inner-tuition. Sadly, after living a life solely on external wants, desires for external conformation of value the ego is baffled by todays abundance of Big Data. So to know anything today one must go within, unfortunately the schooling of intuition comes as a package deal–with God.

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