Ya who Dunnit?

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Before I start, I should first explain that truth is the reward of retracting ALL prejudices. Obviously, the extraterrestrial mind has not one side but several, in a spectrum. My mind is wired for alien thoughts, they molest, possess and permeate my head – often at contrary GMT). For this reason, when we are told to look east, my mind becomes much like a satellite and ascends just high enough to span the entire globe including both the east and the west. Such is the case with the 54 weeks of legal disinformation that the world has allowed, without class action.

Let us regress.

In 1935 the community of Germany didn’t hesitate to call out the German government’s subjects of propaganda, pointing to their dwellings and exposing the wretched Jewish blood as they demonised the minority group of the time. Soon after, many were brutally stripped, robbed and beaten then put to death for simply falling on the wrong side of their media.

In 1940 Goebbels, Hitler’s right-hand man, released the movie The Eternal Jew, and of course, the people were even more influenced… or rather inflamed into Jew bashing, as a rule posing as law.

After 1945 and the defeat of Hitler, the press gave the Nazi gangster a libellous beating beyond recovery, claimed compensation for the mass loss of life (driving him underground) and left the German community feeling dirty for partaking in the disgraceful atrocities–all’s well that ends well; only it didn’t end, really.

My mind travelled further north and instantly conjured the footage that I had seen. A particular image stuck in my mind. I recall a scene from Nazi Germany probably late 1930s to early 40s where a skilled worker was operating a tractor, a backhoe to be precise; but in the bucket that was made for rubble were dead naked corpses being re-positioning on the field to end up in a ditch. As dead naked bodies fell from the bucket he just scraped them along into the hellish cavity with the bucket’s teeth. Arms, legs, heads and all manner of floppy, lifeless limbs moved like waves into position, disturbing the other corpses below. As well as shocking, it was sobering to see that a human being, with a conscience, could do such a thing; until then I thought there were human limits. Horrified, I closed the browser window and shut off the computer unfortunately taking the image away, in the mobile suitcase beneath my hat, forever. I felt like a child walking in on a violent rape. As an empath, how could I ever be the same again.

From that moment onward, for me, it was no longer about Hitler, Göring, Goebbels or snowballs, I now knew that the “civilised” community did this, a community no different than yours and mine.

I finally understood that, to instigate and influence such a f****d up move, it really is the power of suggestion that you have to watch as it attempts to extract the most basic thing from a community–God.

I know, this means little to most people today, really just some word to repel like a curse word due to the pressure of peers as God was then (primative) and this is now–robotic, digital, futuristic, look there’s Mars… yada yada, I get it. But even though Dwayne Johnson and possibly every Hollywood action hero have no announced pledge to that divine entity (by scripted design) for their as they perform superhuman feats (just because), it’s a very good basis for this story; here’s why.

As my eternal air miles continued to kick me chronologically back and forth, I realised that the difference between you and I may be merely this supernatural ability. You simply do not re-member. And although it’s a type of dementia of a digital kind, it isn’t just that because I too exploit way too much digital crutches in my typical day; yet I seem to still remember and compare events, rather than fragmenting and dismissing them as another seperate time and space.

But I also remember my mother repeating to me, ‘nothing is new under the sun‘. But I still think the feeling is largely emotional. To participate in modern western society, the unspoken law is to leave mama and all aspects of ancestral wisdom at the door before you enter, but unfortunately that includes ‘common sense’.

Due to the media’s witness protection program, the culprits can change their names repetitively leaving only hints of their blood connection through names and symbols, with vowelless pre and suffixes. As the public is in fact the whole point of their reinstated presence, over 2000 years of tragic, catastrophic reporting seem to blank the mind.

So, on I travel to the east. I’m in Galilee, not in 2020 but 20 BC. A free-man, on the land, moves against the corporation (btw a corpse is a dead system with no heart), he’s using what we call contraband utilities and the authorities want to know, firstly why and at the back of their minds, why so boldly? He acknowledges and answers not a word for he, like them, is a word magician. He then dazzles them with a simple parlance that leaves them baffled as to how to answer his non-answery questionie sort of thing. At the time so few people had the confidence to question, rather than answer, the authorities that they didn’t even bother to bring any justification for their enforcement; such was/is the depth of sleep (hopefully this sounds familiar).

What the insurgent knew was the mystical “power of words”and that they have always been a bond that is all attracting, repelling, damning and condemning too but only the weapon had been turned onto the ignorant as they were taught to swear on themselves.

Very eventually, after crushing the greatest law scholars’ debates, the insurgent was, of course, falsely accused. The real crime was that he displayed confidence beyond most of the subjects, with little fear. This was because he realised, maybe selfishly so, that he could move obstacles and all matter, creeping or sleeping, to his will. Whether cosmic or subatomic, if he did just one thing, every bent situation would be corrected–simply tell the truth.

He told the truth of each matter, that’s it. Of course, there were others who realised this too but they couldn’t do full truth so they went for influence*. For him the truth thing became addictive. In the court which he was forced into against his will, he was accused by the people, (his own people) and they were gullible enough to agree to put him to death. I remember that time as though it were yesterday, especially since the parallel events of last week.

I had walked into a local charity shop looking for some gloves. I didn’t hear clearly but her face, gestures and violent school teacher look told me the shop assistant’s covered face was asking for my covered face (I, being an alien had none, since I get only alien diseases, least not of the mind). I apologetically told her that I didn’t have one when she left the shop suddenly. I thought nothing of it and continued to browse at their suicidally empty hangers on display and shortly made for the exit. I thanked them and left. While exiting, I peeped back and saw the woman re-entering. Let’s cut the story short: after going back to ask her if I was the cause of her quick departure, she went on to insult me, accusing me and turning me into a leper on the spot for wearing my face without a mask. She was supported by the other shop assistant in the Red Cross shop on 164 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London, w11 2EB. But this wasn’t the first instance.

As a serial time traveler, I’ve seen this before; many times actually but never in such a dismantling way. With Hitler he used influence on the locals–spreading propaganda far and wide–and force on those he couldn’t influence. Since Caesar had used the exact same tactic you’d think the people would have learned–but they never do (it’s that fragmented, that was then this is now, mindstate). The same system of divide and conquer is simply old and improved with technology. The computer is the beast* it cares for nobody’s situation, just to perform for the owner as they wish it to. It’s the easiest place where hearts can be abandoned because … well the machine says so. Some even quote the machine without a human thought for whether it is right wrong or moral (you’ve spoken to banks and disputed the errors of the payment terminals at the supermarket only to find the assistant swear by a machine). The point is ethics and morals, which a machine doesn’t care for.

Beast according to itself:


  1. an animal, especially a large or dangerous four-footed one.”a wild beast”
    • a domestic animal, especially a bovine farm animal.”mucking out and feeding the beasts is a big job” Similar: animalcreaturebrutecritter
    • ARCHAIC•HUMOROUS an animal as opposed to a human.” the gift of reason differentiates humanity from the beasts

Adverse to common belief, the archaic is normally what one should pay attention to because it’s often BC (before control). As stated, the gift of reasoning is the gift of the heart and its ability to restrain the brain from its egotistical thoughts of, what I call, over-survival. The heart is underworked and underpaid but with enough support, it can grow to replace the ego so the brain is demoted like a bored agent with no more power to shut the heart out only to find fair ways to exercise her wish.The internet has no pause, no limit and no heart, it will never think morally and decide on stopping that snuff movie from being downloaded by children, if it creates a larger return then it’s profitable and profit is its derrault setting: its only point.

The internet is the largest influencer of people worldwide and with the amalgamating of various money individuals who can buy their huge presence, they can steer 95% of the people on the planet to the click of a button. These statistics give a landslide victory to any billionaire and this you can prove to yourself.

Bill Gates is clearly an anti-life, child-vaccinating, anti-birth, heartless billionaire who has been shown to have an interest in reducing the number of lives on the planet by fewer births or more death. Yet he is allowed to present an untested vaccine to the vulnerable world as a matter of obligation. I’m sure his father’s ego rather than grows, shrinks that he has surpassed his efforts of depopulation by a margin. But what if you are researching a health condition? Firstly you will be contracted to allow over 200 advertisers to grip onto your sick butt before returning results sponsored by a pharmaceutical company desperately trying to exacerbate your fear and turn it into a sale. This is true of the first few pages of Google.

Call it Gaei, Allah, Mother Earth, divine spirit or whatever you like, Hitler’s Germany had no understanding of it. Had he access to the internet the planet would have been hunting Jews and persecuting non-blonde individuals eons ago. All he and all of these dictatorships have in common is that they’re non-common. They, like the internet, have no connection to the heart, the source, whatsoever; only possibly a technical collection of the data that tries to describe it. Just like the Mafia, they can donate money, kiss a crucifix or kiss as many cheeks as many times as needed just to give the illusion of togetherness. Of course, God is an attractive name, everybody seeks it but often stop halfway because of the hypocrisy they find within and their continued failure to sacrifice their position for the truth–this is by design.

So this force of truth is thrown out with the crucifix and the holy water in the same way that the baby rolls down each town’s gutter with the bathwater. I, on the other hand, follow the baby, never touching the water but just observing where she ends up, for that pure soul is the thing that we have lost and need to find once again to switch off this madness.

At this grand moment in cosmic time where you judgers and stoners have reincarnated, once again, in Britain, remember it was you in Stallingrat, you in Mississipi and you in Jersusalem that engaged in the most ungodly acts against each other. And no matter how hard you try to forget your absence from the heart, where God is common, that is what keeps you from understanding that you are here to play your part in another round of a game called “Where’s God”, I sincerely hope you find her this time around as this time you won’t be able to blame Caesar, Hitler, Biden, Boris a badge or a uniform, for your disgraceful prejudices against your fellow humans.


*influenza (n.):

type of infectious disease, now known to be caused by a virus, usually occurring as an epidemic, with symptoms similar to a severe cold along with high fever and rapid prostration, 1743, borrowed (during an outbreak of the disease in Europe), from Italian influenza “influenza, epidemic,” originally “visitation, influence (of the stars),” from Medieval Latin influentia in the astrological sense (see influence).

AN Article from Rome informs us that a Sort of Plague has broke out there, which destroys Abundance of their People, and they call it the Influenza. [The Gentleman’s Magazine, April 1743]

Used in Italian for diseases at least since 1504 (as in influenza di febbre scarlattina “scarlet fever”) on notion of astral, occult, or atmospheric influence. The 1743 outbreak began in Italy. Often applied since mid-19c. to severe colds.

influence/ˈɪnflʊəns/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. 1.the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.” the influence of television violence”Similar: effect impact control sway hold power authority ascendancy mastery domination supremacy leadership guidance direction pressure
  2. ARCHAIC•PHYSICS electrical or magnetic induction.


  1. have an influence on.”government regulations can influence behaviour, but often without changing underlying values and motivations”

Angel Lewis and Huwa Yudoon

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