Angel – Qr-tist


Hi and welcome.



You may well ask:  What’s Qr-tistry?

It’s the soulful manipulation of 2d code or bending the rule.



But it’s a much deeper metaphor, it’s a rage against the machine.

Do you know that every scan of a 2D code bypasses the Google empire?


It’s ironic that in 1994 Denso Wave, part of the Japan Robot Association, created the QR concept merely to track factory automobiles in a conveyor like manner. And here we are, years later, placing a heart within the machine’s DNA, forcing it to life.

It feels pretty conciliating to give colourful fruit to a soulless machine, turning a cold 2dimensional code into a warm multidimensional path of human expression.



As far as it’s known, it is only us who create soul from circuits in this particular way. Of course, there are some machines that program other machines, attempting to personalise the code with a logo slapped in the middle but the machine will always be a dry program, somewhat lacking soul, artistry and true bipedal individuality.

At a time of eggshell expression – dare I make the prejudice statement the computer lacks humanness?

Put another way, we got ‘Soul Power’.*


hip hop(b)


It has taken much time studying the pattern to comprehend the way of the code.

It was some years ago that our efforts to protect the idea of manipulating the mainframe turned sour and a strategic decision was made:

To continue to express our craft publically and tease the talentless exploiters, at the same time we’ll be investigating other means to protect the art.


The only manner in which this could be achieved was to be peerless in what we do. This meant hours and hours of twisting the code.



But the grand advantage and the proverbial trick up the sleeve is being eminent and having a five-year start ahead of the plagiarists.

On another level, Qr-tistry is an underground concept much like the way it was at the dawn of skating, djing, and graffiti.  It’s a migration from the cold, mundane, flat, lifeless code, into the colourful heart of the warm-blooded animal kingdom, creating a world of esoteric optimists.


Enjoy and scan everything at every chance! 

Wav3 cracked




Bird 2020





Please contact Angel Lewis here if you would like to involve yourself with this experience.


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