Science Race and other Religions

It’s odd explaining such things in this way, mainly because the common mind is no longer accepting of thoughts that identify with an entity within – at least not without using psychopathological terms to describe the character as mentally ill. But I assure you, the voices in my head are under my control and tend to emerge only to assist in making a point.

You would find it difficult to source a doctor that would not be humiliated by the pure wise chatter of the asomatous soul, it is beyond judgment. In fact, doctors that graduate to higher degrees of understanding often sit on the fence in regard to matters of the spirit. Sometimes, setting their pride aside, they might even shout Alleluiah! But most of the time, in an attempt to save face, they would prefer to sneak into the opposite position of science without being noticed; at the same time, using the science of quantum physics to unctuously explain God.

This foolish pride is similar to modern efforts to ‘save the planet’ without acknowledging the indigenous cultures years of pleading and begging the west to recognise the earths spirit. Instead, we swiped their practice selling it back as our own. But at least you’re finally getting the idea–kind of.

But can we really call it an idea? Recycling, to the underprivileged, is merely a way of life, hand-me-downs it was called. Unless they’re trying to replicate the affluent, you’ll rarely find wasteful people in the hood. I suddenly remember slipping and sliding on the streets wearing my brother’s old plastic football boots for shoes in my early years. But that wasn’t just the financial challenges that caused this it was our innate conscious way of being. It may even go back to the old Native American traditions of gratitude and consciousness of those unseen forces.  The shamen would regularly make a request to the spirit of the crop before touching its seed with full awareness of its will – oh Monsanto.

On the other hand, there are many doctors that have invested heavily in material and pride who will ignore all morals and integrity to make a career out of peddling bite-sized weapons. This is all legally done and steer open-minds to a more acceptable demonic possession –  we call it aripiprazole, fluoxetine or ziprasidone.

All in all, it’s a whole system of hypocrisy, especially when the legal drug dealers frown upon the unlicensed drugs that switch the brain channel from NBC to ET.

Other unrecognised practitioners, shamen, healers, spiritualists are not here for recognition and letters after their names, they are ready to boldly take the truth where no man has gone before. Buckle up.

There are two things that irk me, both of which I probably stand alone on. That is the automatic excuses that arise to justify using the word ‘God,’ regarding unexplainable phenomena. It’s as though today the word is offensive to most ‘reasonable people’, unless declared in a moment of shock. But even then, the word takes second place to ‘f*** and s***  almost naturally giving credence to the possibility of an abominable ‘devil’.

I mention religion because it’s all religion. Only, the comedy begins when one thinks that their ‘non-religious’ stance is the escape from the clutches of the religious, not recognising that atheism in itself is another religion. This is the biggest illusion that humans have steered themselves into – if you have accepted an ‘ist’ as a personal attribute of yours, you’re in a dedicated group. Simply put, every belief that is held with extreme non-budging devotion is a religious one. Maybe devoted is a mashup of devil and voted, I dunno. But if an atheist could think about the religious extremist with no backing down because of their devotion, that is merely you, born in a different place. Same attitude, different skin, still blocked of reason.But we hide behind what we call right, based on group thought, not love for the truth. The only non-religious individual is those alien to beliefs and open to the subtle whispers of truth found everywhere.

Take, for example, a political debate between two parties. In the history of debate, never have we seen a person who has stood for one belief, publically agree, on any point,  with the opposing party. But that is the person you should follow. Someone committed to the understanding of the bi-location of truth – the various places it can be found, including on the lips of what you see as your opponent. But the ego rarely permits one to change their mind once they’ve publically committed to a certain belief. Depending on how deeply they’ve invested, the road back is a long modest treck.

Suddenly I feel a temporary surge of support towards a particular religion and it’s champion: Joshua. Whether metaphorical or biological, the guy had no affiliation to anything but truth and if you care to read, or ‘Iqra’ as the Quran commanded Muhummad, you will notice that the fictional character Jesus was relentlessly coaxed, by the press association of the time, to commit to a belief, practice or religion so they could nail him (interesting how similar the story is today when you release your prejudices).

To each question asked, he remained sovereign to his own thoughts. This afforded him his superhuman power of truth. The sensation he became just from speaking his mind and nobody elses… well you can read his story in the best seller of all time.

The big issue is those that he (or she) tried to convince of their ability to do as he did. Rather than succeed in curing their weak mental state, they attributed it all to him. It shouldn’t be hard now for you to imagine poor old Je suis slapping herself on the head in frustration. She realised that the media made all her efforts in vain by making her the focus. People missed the whole point of sovereignty, deifying her/him whatever sent them back into the weakness and servitude she just released them from.


Life Begins at Forty


When we speak of servitude and exercising other people’s thoughts we are really talking about society today, the press association (oh those cunning devils) and them deliberately, promoting the children as the future with them controlling a few idols which they use to steer the fans. They would have a better source of reference if they hadn’t strategically emptied their heads and socially killed off their wise elders.

This was employed in a similar way to Edward Bernays’ Torches of Freedom campaign. He aimed at relating women to smoking and the burning of bras, simply to remove the authority from the home. In this case, it was to take the power away from the old and now wise Grandparents by dictating an expiration date. to influence the future through the young that you have to agree have no reins. Interestingly, if you add a ‘g’ to the word rein you have sovereign power, no coincidence – lose God get reins.

You can only imagine how much a mature individual could share about life with an adolescent. This traditional icon has been replaced with a incontinent figure with dementia, brought about by the suggestions of pill peddling doctors.  When you refrain from saying God and devil, an incredibly lowly, evil force doesn’t seem such a wild idea anymore when you piece it all together from the outside and that’s without even mentioning the “coincidental attack on all elements besides the single one – fire.

It doesn’t seem possible to pollute the air, the earth and the water by chance but have a scientist tell it… well I guess they know best. If there is no design there, then the ones in the driving seat (temporarily) seem to have trouble dancing with nature. Maybe their chances ran out with that huge ‘accident’, don’t you think?


Tuff Love


I should apologise for what I’m about to say, as though I just said God, but I won’t. Not that the truth needs apology but today the youth are sensitive and some may be offended in their matrix built understanding.

Their sensitivity is due to the influence of the stars and them gifting us with fresh, new, never before experienced, empathetic cells–the Starseed influence. They are/were supposed to be the hosts of the age of Aquarius. It stands to reason why they would be the target of political nonsense. They are destined to become the getaway driver for the corporations as they make off with the earth’s gold, health, and blood, if they have it their way – tech over soul.

Grandpa Says

It should be known that you cannot ever successfully change your sex. If you were born a male, a male you will remain until you die, even if occupying a female looking body. You can never really be a woman and visa vis. Yes, science will give you facts and the media will twist them to reflect what they desire but you’re being hoodwinked. You have to step out of the illusion off of the iPhone and begin to think for yourselves. I cannot blame the youth for this skewed thinking because the media drugged Grandpa but he too would tell you the exact same thing. The only reason I’m able to say it is because I’ve always found it hard to think as a group. If you look at it, the insecurity and lack of self-belief that modern humans contain creates that desire to be accepted so even the wildest nonsense is entertained in a state of need.


I warn that you may not vote in the next election. The state of mind I’m talking about is the state of mind that asks and answers questions of and by itself with the goal of listening to what comes back and not excusing of watering the sweet truth. like why do I need to be part of this clan even though none of it makes sense.

In America (social peer pressures makes it sound odd not saying ‘the US’) I became familiar with a term called tough love.  This term means the truth you don’t want to hear that actually hails from love. This is so perfect to describe the essence of this writing and perfectly sets up what needs to be said.



Black people only become black people when they accepted it as a title. Humans just so happen to come in various hues as do animals. The main difference is animals are smart enough to actually look past it. Ever looked at a cats litter? Everything from black to ginger, to white, they’re siblings regardless. I don’t think it is natural for humans to seperate each other into colours and fine specimens I might add–strong, passionate, durable, intelligent, beautiful and loyal. The predicament started when, after the many atrocities you faced, you started to seek equality as a whole purpose and mission in life.  Of course, there are numerous injustices done because of the colour of your skin but momentary detachment and some empathy would show you that it sucks away loving a full life. It becomes the criteria for everything, love friendship, jobs, food, music, sport and basically the whole existence. What if we just lived like we had no colour at all, what eould we eat, listen to, who would we date?

It does exist and should never have happened but if you look from outside of yourself Now prejudice against black people in particular is almost innevitable. A person with the same colour skin, no matter how foreign they are, can walk amongst numerous amount of individuals without anybody batting an eyelid. The Polish guy blends in the Turkish guy, the Russian and the Danish man, until he opens his mouth. That’s a lot further than when you appear with your colour, so as much as it is a prejudice, it’s obvious.

For example: you’re watching a television show, everybody has the same coloured skin. After two episodes of this, a person with a different coloured skin comes in, do you really think you won’t notice? You will be so conscious of them that you may flip from right brain entertaining thoughts to the left questioning thoughts taking you right back into political awareness. This is the world we’ve built and if you can expect that thought from yourself, you damn sure must expect it from another, we’re all under the same spell of prejudice, everyone is. If empathy could talk it would probably ask, is it possible that you could have done the same thing once to white people, maybe since they are a minority.



White people, your sense of separation from God and man is unique and also foolish. Here is a culture that decided to remix the world as though hundreds of thousands of years of safe healthy breathing of the natural organic air has no relevance. And here we are as the result of ignoring indigenous practices of the Godly spirits of Earth, air, water and fire. Even as we move towards global awareness, echo consciousness and fossil fuel reduction, all we’re saying, without saying it is the indigenous family were right and look what we did. It’s actually time to say sorry I efd up but instead, we’re in Africa, Mexico and Peru trying to teach what they already knew in the first place. But their want to be you is the reason they listen, more fool them. But the biggest Elephant in the room and the mother of fixes for this race shite is your Mother. Eventually,, we’ll see and come to admit that as different as we all look we all came from the same black vagina, all of us. It’s really a domestic issue and I would bet that Mum showed an unfair bias towards one child over the other.


My other peeve comes in here. This God apology thing. How did it become so that a mention of anything outside of self as a power makes one appear out of touch and religious? I don’t feel I have to state my disconnect from religion but as a journalist, you gotta admit, there’s something spookily eerie about the way we are marching towards prophecy as though we are living what was written. The Quran says that the dark evil one has pride doesn’t all that I mentioned seem like pride. The Bible says everything comes back to God. Doesn’t it feel as though we experientially lived a divorce from order only to be marched straight back to respecting something other than man at our own detriment?  After competing with each other for power and deceiving each other in power we certainly now know that we need something in common, why not God?  It’s all in the limitation on the tiny mind that cannot comprehend the judgment of self on this inescapable prison called earth. It’s like, we’re not leaving so get together or perish apart.


In reality, white people want what black people have and black people want that which white people have not realising that there are actually  no black or white people just humans capable of the same things will grant you the experiences of each other as you already have it, as we come from the same mother.  It seems simple and obvious that separation is the desire of some lower form as there are too many groups to actually believe this constant separation is a coincidence.

Here’s a big hug, get over it come home we love you.



At times I will speak from experience, as in past-tense anticus mentis and other times in the present hornum mentis, you will notice the difference. There will be moments when my mind is flooded with the essence of my eternal self and other times when my mind expresses the temporal experiences of the mortal me.



Once upon a time there were a set of inhabitants born onto a particular planet, plotted in a particular place in a particular solar system; it was ideal since it perfectly supported animated, biological life.

The nirvana sat right between extreme heat and extreme cold, providing the perfect environment for warm-blooded animals. So that the inhabitants remained comfortable their particular cycle had four extremes in order that those in the eastern and western hemisphere could experience each other’s condition at opposite times for better understanding. Those in the North and South had no such experience but they were given the ability to relocate if they chose, as the planet no longer provided them with the conditions to support the ability to bilocate, although some could. The residents on the planet always watched the stars and forever showed gratitude for being given residency on Hortulus, the most nascent, promising and rich orb in that particular part of the galaxy. The beloved little goldilocks zone was ideal for endless procreation. They felt much like a refillable pen on the largest and finest paper.

Once, amongst the stars, there appeared a foreign object. The seers observed in the distance some strange-looking, red formation heading their way. The elders recorded this with words so that they could prepare all on earth for it and to also decide whether or not to welcome or reject the new energy. They observed and noted that, although it looked dense, the object was also moving at an unusually slow pace. It did not enter the exosphere until much much later.

Many decades later, as the energy grew closer it appeared to be gaseous, it penetrated the protective barriers and entered the pure mind of a single earth cell. At maturity, that male had decided to leave the community for what should have been a short period of time but he was gone for a very long time, long enough to forget which direction he had come from–that was the point where he found them.

When he finally returned, his thoughts were different, he had specific instructions and thoughts that were absent of his nature and you could see that an ego was emerging. He no longer felt the love energy around him, he just disregarded all that opposed him and felt he knew better. What he was beginning to know was separation. These were the impure thoughts from the collected experiences of the foreign energy that had invaded him. He was losing a part of himself and becoming the embodiment of their foreign intelligence.

This heavy matter was not fuelled by their local solar system but from an artificial source called Ceres. They could only survive by eating physical food from the soil or mental food by hijacking minds against their will. To be able to do such, they had to detach themselves from the life energy of the things which they consumed so they could pierce the morale and take its life-force. This allowed the person eating to become possessed and open to cannibalistic thoughts, ultimately causing the first known separation and the death of empathy.

From that point onwards those that had also been convinced to consume life began to automatically see the differences in one and other rather than the similarities: they were becoming divided beings.

So that single-cell soon became many. Of course, he appeared to be attractive and novel and found some curious followers. In time, the planet totally became possessed with championing the ego so eventually what was in the mind of one became in the collective mind of the many, a destructive sense of detachment and self-importance. They were so busy looking at themselves that they thought that life outside of their physical empire, from where I write this, did not exist–how wrong.

At the point where the planet had come close to destruction a neighbouring orb, a little closer to the Sun, appeared in their midst to counteract the damage of this manic energy.

Although we, from the outside, see both aspects of the issue. Adversely, we look from outside of ourselves and very occasionally from our egos, rather than from the ego first and secondarily within. Even with that being the case, we failed to have any impact on their separation perspective. We reminded them, with undisputable wisdom, that nothing is new under the sun but they took it merely as the words of a cognoscenti, forever crediting the source: the individual that said it. This undoubtedly raises the principle’s ego to make him the point and the message lost forever.

We also warned the inhabitants that prejudice was an unforgiving mistake that should be afforded no more energy as we could see far into the future. Once, this was commonly understood but as the suffering continued they became emotionally-led, wanting to avenge their oppressors, regardless. We even told them that they all came from the very same source but they continued to believe, because of their emotions, that they were different and better than the other.

It’s strange because the countless times that we explained to them the manner in which Karma worked, specifically on earth, it made no difference to them at all. They were so filled with fear and the illusion of separation that they wanted to take control of all-natural matter and phenomena to see that it best served their path, which is impossible. They lost the understanding that whatever they placed as a false belief on another would eventually be put upon them. They also forgot the true meaning of the statement an eye for an eye. This was the one situation in which karmic judgment was overridden but it was only as a reaction, a reflex and a matter of survival and not a premeditated strategy, proving that even something beautiful such as poetry in the ugly mind that looks from without will be transformed into a weapon.

But the reason for all of this lack of concern and suppression of karma-saving empathy was because, at a point in time, the earthlings were divorced from all higher senses beyond the known five. Their now common belief led them to ignore the other etherial phenomena that were happening around them. This was strategically done at the first encounter of the gas. It made what was traditional and sensible appear outdated and old-fashioned. The spell upon them was so deep that they even forgot that they had all come from the same single cell — a woman.
Even though the history of their kind walking the planet went way beyond a million years they trusted in a modern five-hundred-year-old baby of a culture knowing it had almost caused them to become extinct.

As I narrate this story, there seems a negative tone when reflecting on the greenest planet of the sun’s progeny but it did come a time where a significant amount of the inhabitants woke up. They woke up to wonder what life would be like without prejudice and if it’s possible to return to the quality of life that none of them were born into but could only imagine.

They hold visions of picking fruit fresh from a tree anywhere on the planet and their body giving thanks for every nutrient. They saw the day when the regulators of trade provide food based on their natural desire to see their fellow inhabitants healthy and thriving. And because her brain is nourished, she would only think things into action that are beneficial for their species and all the creatures that surround them including the tree’s rivers, skies and of course the earth.

This tiny group of beings were the ones who didn’t just say they wanted change, they truly meant it. They were ready to use their limited authority to eradicate the old mind patterns. They knew that the formation of the heavens was changing into a new age and they knew it would be foolish not to join the new wave of democracy that was coming.

But, just as nothing under the sun was new, they were not the first. The first group of them were scandalized, restrained, incarcerated and even slain just because they told the truth. But even as they were pulled down they felt a sense of relief that they had liberated themselves from living a lie, which was more than worth it to watch the burden of deceit lift away from them, they joined nature.

We have already explained our position on the outside the condition of the earth, the condition of a few inhabitants on the outer part of the inside but then there were those on the inside and those on the inner part of the inside. Those on the outside had no life on the inside they couldn’t connect with the Soul — our system. They preferred, rather than to depend on the energy coming from the higher source, to use their brains to create an artificial source of energy, In fact, everything they created was artificial and destroyed something else in some, at first, undisclosed way. They had moved so far away from the source that they didn’t even believe that it could be of use to them, they were so untrusting of, even each other that they created a culture that cared for the individual alone. All that they built, every single thing, had to have some personal physical benefit for them.

After they had learned to survive amongst each other without killing each other, they began to celebrate their greatness. They began calling each other by names such as Lord, Majesty, Honour and Highness — this was premature, they knew nothing of honour.

To explain this we have to return back to my planet Renni where we live in harmony also with the animals similar to some of the species on earth. Only, we do not use them as pets even though they come to stay with us temporarily on occasion. At such times we will take the opportunity to feed them so that they understand that we are not enemies but friends that respect their way of living, never would we attempt to change their way of life by trying to breed them to become passive to us. We’ve never needed to appease an infatuation with ruling.

On the planet earth, they make light of this and call it domesticating, one way or another it is destructive to their nature. Unfortunately the people on earth, in their egotistic awareness of freedom and social expression, forgot that they had not truly abolished slavery but only placed it upon another animal to keep on experimenting with control.

Such was their insecurity that they couldn’t even grow a plant without being assured that it would reap a good yield. They continue to alter the natural as though it has a specific duty towards them. Only a self-centred creature lacking empathy could thing such a thing.

Outside of all of that, there’s us: the non-black, non-white.

The most shocking thing, deliberately left until last, as an alien I assure you that this is and always has been the meaning of alien abduction.

While you were using your senses to see the physical descent of extraterrestrial beings (whether Jesus or the greys) they had already descended in the only place they could: the brain.

We appeared with the gift of languish (vibrations) that merely invite you to act. Once the minds of the media directors were taken over, these became common suggestions through deception. This daily advertising makes it difficult to see the criminal, only his slave: you, the committed racist, the committed separatist, the journalist, the actor, the gender confuser, the loyal divider that is charged to spread the poor mental reasoning that fuels anti-life creations.

The proverbial chessboard contains, on either side of the board, two alien groups: the life group and the anti-life group. If your mind could cease reading all the data for a moment and see what is before your eyes, without opinion you will know immediately who is who and who is posing as who.


Neither of us, life or death, join in the game as it’s for lower conscious beings to be played as merely banausic objects. The object is for us to save the Sol that you don’t know you have and for them to hide it and then steal to guarantee your returning back onto the chessboard as a slave to their 3d design.

Without the aid of the digital world, you would know this and awake to your true power, they would have to leave. Of course, they are in the minds and traditions of those who hold commercial power and of course, they are looking for life on other planets as they’ve almost finished destroying yours. Wake up.

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