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 Jimmy Savile & Afrika Bambaataa The Remits.

T.I.M. (Truth In Media).

There are two records cued up that wish to be played. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t believe anybody has done this mix before because they might not mix and a fail may be embarrassing but we try regardless.  No offence intended.

Firstly, call this a caveat if you wish, There exists official information and unofficial information. Official information is conveyed through your trusted and accredited giant corporations such as The BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, CBNC, CNN, ITV, NBC and others. Today, thanks to the sincere and often martyrised efforts of independent media journalists, official news information has been exposed to be largely fabricated, leaving unofficial information now equally commodious.  But that’s only if you have the wits, common sense, impartiality, time and experience in search methodology to pursue the truth. This is the true journalist’s burden; T.I.M. Out of place, out of time, out of tradition and just.

 Most unofficial information is pretty accessible and can be searched for quite easily with the colourful omnipresent online tool that begins with a ‘G’. As underrated as this method may be, it’s handy to recognise that when one attacks online methods of gathering information they could be subconsciously saying that they themselves are too afraid or not bothered enough to discern whether or not the information cross verifies with the existing information and are quite happy to trust the commercial medium to do it all for them. 

Me, I use common sense rather than stamps of approval and a combination of official data and unofficial data to satisfy the integrity of the article for our beloved boss T.I.M. the truth in media.(who loves to be naked:-)

Besides, had Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano not challenged the mainstream you would probably still be convinced that the earth was flat. Speaking of which


 The Jimmy Savile Afrika Bambaataa Remits.


Turntable One

Soon after his death on the 29th of October 2011, two BBC News Night reporters (Meirion Jones and Liz MacKean) started investigating claims that Jimmy Savile had molested various young girls. In his long career as a well-known radio and television celebrity DJ, Jimmy Savile had access to the many fans of his playlisted musical guests. He was also the face and MC for the most successful, long-running music television show in Britain, Top Of The Pops. This contribution to pop music spanned from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.34.11.png

Anterior to the investigation, Louis Theroux, on his show ‘When Louis met…’, asked Savile about rumours of paedophilia. Although he denied them in an unconvincing way, this can of worms eventually filled far more than a bowl with his many closet monsters.


Turntable Two

In February 2015 in a different part of the globe, in a different culture, involving another famous celebrity DJ, a similar controversial allegation was made. Ron Savage, an electee of the New York State Democratic Committee, revealed that he was subjected to sexual abuse as a barely teenage child at the hands of a famous DJ and MC from New York City.
Ronald Savage’s book ‘Impulse, Urges And Fantasies’, explicitly described his encounters as a fifteen-year-old boy with, then twenty-one-year-old Kevin Donovan aka Afrika Bambaataa. The details of his abuse involved sexual suggestions and homosexual acts upon him as a young vulnerable boy.

Afrika Bambaataa is not only a celebrity in the field of Hip Hop but he is considered one of the pioneering fathers of the whole worldwide Hip Hop movement. His achievements and influence regarding the culture are as broad and extensive as one can imagine, from setting up the Universal Zulu Nation to being the noted worldwide father of Hip Hop, recognised from New York to Tokyo. This was big.

If you have no idea of what Afrika Bambaataa means to the formation of the deformed version of Hip Hop we listen to today, listen below to how radio personality Sway introduced Bambaataa in 2014. His interview, the tone of his questions and the high esteem leaves no mistake about how he is viewed in the global Hip Hop community. In Bambaataa’s answer to Sway’s question on Knowledge, there may be a divine pre-answer to how we deal with the forthcoming accusations. You decide.



Incidentally, like with Jimmy Savile, rumours had already been circulating in the broader Hip Hop community about Bambaataa’s homosexual tendencies but none were ever taken seriously. Also like Savile, the claims also encouraged now middle-aged adults to come out of hiding with their similar accusations of abuse. One such victim from the UK went by the fictitious name of Michael and claimed that (not for the squeamish) Kevin Donavon bit his penis, permanently damaging and scarring his member. And by bit, we are not referring to the Hip Hop sense: To copy or pirate.



Two things:

Unlike Hip Hop music, Pop music is a mixture of any musical genre that has excelled in listenership and sales, so it is not an actual genre but a combination of every genre, a mixed bag of popular trending songs. For this reason, the damage is not personal or genre specific. Jimmy Savile shamed himself and those people and establishments that invested in him and trusted him with their children. Still, the music of Pop remained intact despite the nastiness he had done.

Unfortunately for Hip Hop, the culture had officially nominated Afrika Bambaataa as the voice and authority of it all. And every activity connected such as dance, graffiti, DJ’ing, MC‘ing, and B-Boying. You kind of have to ask what does B-Boying really mean in light of all of this? (The jury is out) What I’m highlighting here is, the impact of this on the genre and the culture, the selfish lack of empathy for Hip Hop enthusiasts around the world and the genuine damage and hurt that the music itself is feeling within, due to Bambaataa’s alleged actions. The pride has been stripped away from the form, so much so that because some don’t want to believe that it happened, in their cognitive dissonance, they simply refuse to deal with it. I, on the other hand, fell that Bambaataa being a former member of The Black Spades this is, even more, reason to call a spade a spade and discuss it in detail. I apologise but patriotism doesn’t live here.

I admit I now feel like a hypocrite playing some of Bambaataa’s music (although I still do). I feel the message now means very little to me. I have an active mind and find myself retranslating the words to ‘Planet C***’ and wondering if there was anything prophetic that Bambaataa should have heeded in his single ‘Play At Your Own Risk’, quite possibly a warning. Maybe he travelled into the future (as he often claimed) and warned himself to Play play at his own risk then forgot it was meant for him and not us. Then there’s that freaky song  Do The Wrong Thing, Ewww! I feel we’re in a collective denial that we need to face, and possibly, a well-deserved change is necessary.


On the 7th October 2012, we were informed, through The Telegraph newspaper, that The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust and Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Charitable Trust were considering changing their names. Well, why not, remix?  When the original song is played out sometimes it needs that fresh energy to sustain its life.  Maybe they  needed a total divorce, abandoning the name. If you could imagine discovering a spouse’s unscrupulous sexual manner and wanting to change your name to anything but Savile to exorcise that deceitful predator and that misuse of sexual energy and all the associated memories. At the very least to show your lack of support for his moral metre and rid yourself of that negative anchor. But no. Imprudently, The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust continued to use the name (stain and all) for the next few years and…well below are the accounts for those years. You will notice after 2012 the steady decline in income and increase in expenditure to extinction.


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 14.43.52
The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, figures


Jimmy Savile, like Kevin Donavon, was a DJ/MC Pioneer. Some say he was one of the first to use two turntables. This excerpt is taken from an antiquated forum from 2004. This is also backed by various other online sources and appears credible.

‘In 1943 the teenage James Savile injured his back working in the local coal mines and was unable to return to work. Unemployed and armed only with his pension and an impressive collection of 78’s he hit upon the then revolutionary idea of hiring a function room in his home town of Otley, West Yorkshire and playing these records live using a PA system hastily constructed by his mate Dave. By the end of that first night, the young Jimmy had made a tidy profit of £2.10 convincing him he was on the way to superstardom. Word soon spread of Jimmy’s live DJ experience and he was offered his first proper gig by Mecca ballrooms who then sent him on a tour of the UK beginning in Ilford. In 1946 Jimmy had his next revolutionary idea, which was to cut down on the gaps between the records by using 2 turntables.’sic.

The one’s and two’s


The blonde girl in the centre of the picture below is a girl named Claire Mc Alpine who took her own life within just weeks of this photo being taken.  Evidence from her diary supports that she had been upset from being used by various radio DJ’s and show business personalities. Savile claimed he’d never seen her. Jimmy is on the right (but in the wrong).


Jimmy Savile was almost beyond a shadow of a doubt worthy of the paedophile title as more and more and more and more, now middle-aged, women came forward with their past accounts of abuse. Even this Youtube footage below clearly shows a very surprised young girl springing up into the air for what we, as kids at the time, thought was nothing. In light of these claims, it’s obvious that someone was touching her in an inappropriate way, I’d bet money it was Jimmy.



Ronald Savage was open enough to bare his soul in his book and talk to several people about the intimate and embarrassing details of his abuse by Afrika Bambaataa. Let us not forget that the community in which he shared this with is the Hip Hop community who’s entertainment is leaned heavily towards mocking, dissing and shaming. This is by no means the most nurturing community yet ironically if you would have asked, previous to this, what group would you trust to reveal such a controversial and embarrassing piece of information to, Afrikaa Bambaataa’s group: The Zulu Nation, would probably be your best bet as the single most organised Hip Hop support structure for that type of well-needed embrace. Yet… most of The Zulu Nation and many other celebrities rejected Savages claims and supported Afrika Bambaataa like it would eventually just go away. That it did not. I apologise on behalf of the ignorant for not doing the right thing and hold the utmost respect for Mr Savage.

This does not look like acting. This is the face of a man distraught with emotions.


It’s hard to believe that this came as a shock to The Zulu Nation being closer to Bambaataa than us (the distant community) because in London too, many years ago, there were rumours circulating that a London Hip Hop artist was violated by the said Bambaataa and found himself, to say the least, running from his company. The said individual, later on, sunk into a depression and ended up sadly taking his own life. I cannot say whether or not the suicide is related and I don’t believe anybody has officially played these two tunes together but I will say they do mix well and as you know,  there is no smoke without fire.


SUMMARY Let the record reflect

Jimmy Savile’s actions were atrocious and because of his lack of restraint, his weird sexual appetite may have warped the sexual experiences of many young girls. Sexual tension, emotional insecurity self-hatred are common experiences of tampered young impressionable girls.

In Kevin Donavon’s case, it was boys who he allegedly sought and tainted. These boys, also being tampered with at an impressionable age, would more than likely now go on to manhood secretly questioning their sexuality with guilt and shame. They would probably find it very unlikely to enter into loving intimacy through the regular channel’s of boy meets girl, falls in love, procreate and so on.

As a DJ emerging out of a diverse culture, I find it impossible to be limited in my selection. I’m not built to discriminate between music genres. I hear a song emotionally first and it qualifies for my playlist. This is why Hip Hop revived such a mixed bag of artists like AC DC, Parliament, Tye Eagles, ESG, Kraftwerk and Cerrone to keep the list short. As random as the music is, the craft is in finding some common theme in the sound regardless of the genre. This is Hip Hop and I can tell you, the best mixes are the ones that work together effortlessly. Even better when they are actually made at a similar tempo.

  When there is such similarity in two records, the place of the actual recording means nothing at all. They will compliment each other regardless of location with very little energy needed. The turntables do most of the work. This may beg the question why the two have never before been mixed.  I just cued the two records,  left the fader in the middle and stepped away. But it looks to me like they’re playing in sync and I take no credit that they reflect, so be it. I’m just the DJ. I did not create the records, they produced themselves all by themselves so let them play themselves.  


Jimmy Savile is dead and buried and has his karmic atonement to do in spirit. As for Bam, get help. I truly pray that you never went as far as to sell these sexual advances as part of your Peace, Unity, Love and Having too much fun Hip Hop philosophy, in any other lands beside America and you have truly learned a great lesson from this.

Now, any ideas about a new name for this once great thing called Hip Hop?

The unique thing about the truth is that all that needs to happen is it be stated at any time in history and the significant data will naturally surface. This is the case in most circumstances unless there is a deliberate buffer created to hide the information, but even then it is really just a matter of time. AL

For: Claire Mc Alpine, Sipho Josanna, Ronald Savage and all victims of sexual abuse.





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