War of The Words 2

Be careful of the words that you adopt, as they may be more defining than you think. Maybe you’ve been schooled by an ancient practitioner in esoteric movement through vibration; if not, you have been haphazardly creating and destroying yours and other lives, through misplaced words.

After hearing the term ‘fact check’ over and over again I began to question, who gets the right to ‘fact check’ and under who’s authority. Was it solely the endeavour for truth that awarded the ‘fact checker’ the green light, or the need for notoriety or was it, like most other things, the money that influenced the ‘fact checker?

Just like the law, the source and intention is the greatest determiner of its pure execution but in the modern age, man is corrupt and has been convinced to look away from the source of ‘all law’: God. 

Even while swearing on the Bible there isn’t even a thought as to how this book swearing came to be or why they are fundamentally placed in the courts of ‘justice’–it’s requisite, compulsory, mandatory and binding. And so in the public’s blind state of divorce (from the law’s intrinsic roots) the judge becomes God and the judged … well, the victims of man’s selfish mind, absent of sanctity while pregnant with potential profit.

In the case of fact checking, which is the same as validating evidence-supporting claims, if the crest is money, ego or self gratification then I’m afraid, in this day of corruption, there can be no such thing as a genuine fact checker, only convenient ‘fact chuckers’. Snopes.com comes to mind, the contrived standard armed with the backing of major corporations who need to dispose of facts to spread their poisonous ideas far and wide without question. Although this sounds absurd there are many other chuckers that popped up soon after the Associated Press convinced the internet community (now the entire world) that there was need for new regulatory standards–thoroughly deceptive. 

Cyber bullying: online colonisation

As always, this grab for control of information was emotionally fuelled like the Africa aid fable. Some call this the ‘provide the problem and offer the solution’ trick. This act was swiftly done by providing a collection of stories of poor children being bullied online, with fatalities being the most effective catalyst. I hope to God you remember this point in history as most memories are now short, due to smartphones and the abundance of information that is consumed daily. It’s important to note that this, along with the cookie policies, prime search results on Google and messages such as the one below helped privatise and localise the spread of information, targeted perfectly to the geography of the user to gain control of exposed data. This was strategically mastered in communist China for over a decade before being spread across the planet in the name of Covid misinformation with great effect. 

But the million pound question that we never seem to ask is why we cannot experience the same information as another person in another district within a free world? The answer is the evidence of bondage and should really be the catalyst for, not only demanding a free world of impartially shared information wherever you are in the world, but also closing your ears to their media who suppress the truth as a matter of function.  

Aid to Africa: 1st illegal vaccination trials

The following is a letter that I wrote to one such self-acclaimed ‘fact checker’ that you may find entertaining. The author parroted a word that has been placed into the writersphere without a care for its origin or effect. A word similar to long Covid that offends our intellect and the very nature of truth, yet is abused at every opportunity just to appear adroit in current affairs. This trend of writing without integrity is, believe it or not, exactly why the public are in concealed chains, the war today is not a physical war, the physical war is merely the result of a mental ‘war of words’.  


Dear Adrian Wong, It’s unlikely by your comments that you fully absorbed what I previously wrote.

While trying to make a comment on one of your many articles re: anti-vaccination activists, my comment was diverted to Facebook as the send button failed to perform its function.

Suddenly and, apparently, since 2021, it seems there have been many ‘SADS’ (clever deflection term) and strokes amongst otherwise healthy people under 30 years of age, including children ‘SCDS’. This ‘fact’ is, natural and, most likely for our uncommon sense to link to the continued worldwide vaccination program.

My point/fact:

Until one can prove that this extraordinary rise in myocarditis and related coagulated blood flow restricted issues comes from another sudden medical or widespread uptake of intravenous drugs on the planet, it can safely be stated that corporate investment is keeping the vaccine connection from the news, via AP, PA Reuters, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and all other participating social platforms, as well as all forms of independent public information (one world order). Even the word ‘public’ seems redundant as mostly all small companies have been eaten up by billionaire shareholders and exist solely to exploit the power behind their friendly name. Could you imagine if Innocent, the smoothie drink company was called Coca-Cola or Naked: Pepsi?

Hitler began this exact style takeover thing through his media ‘fact checker’, Hermann Göring and his public relations. Without falling into your ‘conspiracy’ word trap, it would even be safe to consider the likelihood of Hitler’s dream going underground and becoming the governments’ manual.

It was Göring who recognised, “radio” as being the ‘eighth great power’ and predicted that it “will be for the 20th century what the press was to the nineteenth.” He initiated a scheme whereby the German government subsidized the production and sale of cheap radio sets – the Volksempfanger, or ‘people’s receiver’ – limited in range to local German and Austrian stations–this limited range is today’s message of communism.

China’s (and now the world’s) privatised browsing experience, is very reflective of this attitude. At the same time, God was drowned in a sea of hypocrisy while the government took the position of teaching you morals. As much as we see these principles as law, we fool ourselves by trying to instil morals absent of the universal mind. Remember that the most common thing is the single thing that will stop a war, not a man or a small group of men’s opinions held by the acquisition of wealth. God being ‘one’ has been politicized into various political thoughts but it can only express its harmony as the commonality in ‘one earth community’. Why not call it God, that centre that we all receive from, the instinct?

But as you may deny the parallel of these strange objectives, it leaves you in the middle–it really is today: those who know and those who don’t. 

As the ones who know occupy opposite sides of the rope the destructive media clearly holds all channels of influence and have made a business of keeping truth away from the mass. This leaves you swallowing words designed to block and hide, and in the pawn position of accepting and regurgitating these opportunistic terms (weapons) that you do not fully understand. You unwittingly steer the masses towards ignorance, acceptance and the direction of the investors and their deliberate acts to strain freedom. For the lack of wanting to be boxed, I will refrained from also saying ‘extinction’ but in hindsight, it was Stanley Johnson, the UK Prime Minister’s father who mentioned in his book, Life Without Birth, the management of death, regarding population control, not me.

None of this is new. True organic journalism is not about just picking up a buzz word and throwing it at abstract information like a grenade, destroying good points that one is too lazy to fully investigate with due diligence (deeply, without prejudice). This calling is about following the source, as grubby as the content may be, and seeing life through the authors eyes. It is not about making a name for oneself by using shock content for clicks, or using trending words and convenient accepted modern beliefs in a world created to uphold lies by the acquisition of power through global reach. Journalism is not seeing a reader as a ROI with offers of cookies between limited one-time offers hooking uncertain minds like a doctor does a patient, with no intention to cure but on-going financial support, she is a questioning soul worthy of the truth without commerce.

‘Anti-vaxxer’ is a word almost as horrible and deceptive as ‘conspiracy theorist’ and I believe I proved this with my prior message; the question is now about if ‘you’ can place your hand on your heart, look into the mirror and be true in calling yourself either a fact checker or one of the fact chuckers, as we have seen many words colonised and changed by such attitudes disrespectful of the written word which I would sacrifice all I have to uphold. It is my last breath that will announce my verbal contribution to the world and how much of that was done with malice, greed, ego, self-centredness and, the container for all of these emotions–pride.

If you fail to see with your heart that sacred words such as ‘peace keeping, ‘united’, ‘natural’, ‘healthy’ and ‘truth’ have been prostituted by ego-seeking reps with no care for their resonance but contorting the facts, then you’ll never understand that in the absence of inner standing, there will always be one with a price–this is precisely why it is not advances in technology or evolution from primitive thought that makes it impossible for God to live within this modern(a) construct but the maintenance of deceit and the widespread need for dependency on the state. So I ask you, in today’s world, do you know what the word ‘fact’ even means?

If so the scribe offers you to enter a world of slow tempered, journalism that searches for the outcome of the breaking story and corrects all of it’s errors along the way without pride, otherwise you can keep regurgitating terms like long Covid until every doctor is a mere contractor and Hitler’s dream of shutting up truth is realised through people with no substance, calling themselves journalists.

Words of destruction


Angel Lewis