Race Against Time


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At times I will speak from experience, as in pas-tense anticus mentis and other times in the present hornum mentis. You will notice the difference, there will be moments when my mind is flooded with the essence of my eternal self and other times when my mind expresses the temporal experiences of the mortal me.


It’s odd explaining such things because the mind is no longer geared towards thinking of another within without using psychopathological terms describing mental illness. But I assure you, the voices in my head are under my control and only emerge when needed to assist in making a point.

You would find it difficult to source a doctor that would not be humiliated by the pure wisdom of the asomatous soul. In fact, doctors that graduate to higher levels of understanding sit on the fence in regards to matters of spirit and, in an attempt to save face, they either run in the opposite direction using the science of quantum physics to explain God or simply drop all morals to become pedlars of oral utilities that open the mind for controlled possession, drugs.


Once upon a time there were a set of inhabitants born onto a particular planet, plotted in a particularly ideal place in a particular solar system that supported animated, biological life.

It sat right between the extreme heat and extreme cold providing the perfect environment for warm-blooded animals. So that they remained comfortable their particular cycle had four extremes in order that those in the east and western hemisphere could experience each other’s condition at opposite times. Those in the North and South had no such experience but they were given the means to relocate if they chose, as they could no longer bilocate. The residents on the planet always watched the stars and forever showed gratitude for being given residency on Hortulus, the most nascent, promising and rich orb in that particular part of the galaxy. Their beloved little goldilocks zone was ideal for endless procreation. They felt like they were a refillable pen on the largest and finest paper.

Once, amongst the stars, there appeared a foreign object. They observed in the distance some red gaseous formation heading their way. The elders recorded this with words so that they could prepare all on earth for it and to decide whether or not to welcome the new energy.

Many decades later, as the energy grew closer it penetrated the protective barrier and entered the pure mind of a single earth cell. At maturity, that male had decided to leave the community for what should have been a short period of time but he was gone for a very long time, long enough to forget which direction he had come from–that was the point where he found them.

When he finally returned, his thoughts were different, he had specific instructions and thoughts that were absent of nature and you could see that his ego was emerging. He no longer felt the love energy around him, he just disregarded all that opposed him and felt he knew better. What he was beginning to know was the impure thoughts from the collected experiences of the foreign energy that had invaded him. He was losing a part of himself and becoming the embodiment of their foreign intelligence.

This heavy matter was not fuelled by the solar system but from an artificial source called Ceres. They could only survive by eating physical food from the soil or mental food by hijacking minds against their knowledge. To be able to do such, they had to detach themselves from the life energy of the things which they consumed so they could pierce the morale and take its life-force. This allowed the person eating to become possessed and open to cannibalistic thoughts, ultimately causing the first known separation and the death of empathy.

From that point onwards those that the man had also convinced to consume life began to habitually see the differences in one and other rather than similarities: they were becoming divided beings.

Of course, he appeared different and found some curious followers. In time the planet totally became engrossed with championing the ego so eventually what was in the mind of one became in the collective mind of the many, a sense of detachment and self-importance. They were so busy looking at themselves that they thought life outside of their physical empire, from where I write this, did not exist–how wrong.

At the point where the planet had come close to destruction a neighbouring orb, a little closer to the Sun, appeared in their midst to counteract the damage of this manic energy.

Although we, from the outside, see both points of view. Adversely, we look from outside of ourselves and very occasionally from our egos. We failed to have any impact on their separation perspective. We reminded them, with undisputable wisdom, that nothing is new under the sun but they took it merely as the words of a cognoscenti, forever crediting the source: the individual that said it. This undoubtedly raises the principle’s ego to make him the point and the message lost forever.

We also told them that prejudice was an unforgiving mistake that should be afforded no more energy. Once this was commonly understood but as the suffering continued they became emotionally led wanting to avenge their oppressors, regardless. We even told them that they all came from the very same source but they continued to believe, because of their emotions, that they were different and better than the other.

It’s strange because the countless times that we explained to them how Karma on earth worked, it made no difference to them at all. They were so filled with fear and the illusion of separation that they wanted to take control of all natural matters and phenomena to see that it best served their path which is impossible. They lost the understanding that whatever they placed as a false belief on another would eventually be put upon them. They also forgot the true meaning of an eye for an eye. This was the one situation in which karmic judgment was overridden but it was only as a reaction, a reflex and a matter of survival and not a premeditated strategy.

But the reason for all of this lack of concern and suppression of karma-saving empathy was because at a point in time the earthlings were divorced from all senses beyond the standard five senses. Their now mainstream belief led them to ignore the other etherial phenomena that were happening around them. This was strategically done by making what was traditional appear outdated and old-fashioned. The spell upon them was so deep that they even forgot that they had all come from the same single cell – an Ethiopian woman.
Even though the history of their human-kind walking the earth went way beyond a million years they trusted in a modern five-hundred-year-old baby of a culture knowing it had almost caused them to become extinct.

As I tell this story, as a narrator, there seems a negative tone when reflecting on the greenest of planets in the sun system but it has come a time where a significant amount of humans have woken up. They have woken up to wonder what life would be like without prejudice and if they can return to the quality of life that none of them were born into but could only imagine. They hold visions of picking fruit fresh from a tree anywhere on the planet and the body giving thanks for every nutrient. They see a day when the regulators of trade regulate food based on the human desire to see their fellow man healthy and thriving. And because her brain is nourished she thinks things into action that are beneficial for humans and all the creatures that surround them including the tree’s rivers, skies and of course the earth.

But this tiny group of people were the ones who didn’t just say they wanted change, they truly meant it. They were ready to use their limited authority to eradicate the old mind state. They knew that the formation of the heavens was changing into a new age and they knew it would be foolish not to join the new wave of democracy that was coming. The first group of them were scandalised, restrained, incarcerated and even slain just because they told the truth. But even as they were pulled down they felt a sense of relief that they had liberated themselves, which was more than worth it to watch the burden of lies lift away from them.

We have already explained our position on the outside the condition of the earth, the condition of a few inhabitants on the outer part of the inside but then there were those on the inside and those on the inner part of the inside. Those on the inside had no life on the outside they couldn’t connect with the Soul – our system. They preferred, rather than to depend on the energy coming from the higher source, to use their brains to create an artificial source of energy, In fact, everything they created was artificial and destroyed something else in some way. They had moved so far away from the source that they didn’t even believe that it could be of use to them, they were so untrusting of even each other that they created a culture that cared for themselves alone, all that they did, every single thing, had to have some personal benefit.

After they had learned to survive amongst each other without killing each other, they began to celebrate their greatness. They began calling each other by names such as Lord, Majesty, Honour, and Highness – this was premature they knew nothing of honour.

To explain this I have to return back to my planet where we live in harmony with animals similar to some of the species on earth. We do not use them as pets but they do come to stay with us temporarily and occasionally. At such times we will take the opportunity to feed them so that they understand that we are not enemies but friends that respect their way of living, never would we attempt to change their way of life by trying to breed them to become more passive to us. We do not need to appease an infatuation with ruling. On earth, you make light of this and call it domesticating, one way or another it is destructive to their nature. Unfortunately the people on earth, in their egotistic awareness of freedom and social expression, forgot that they had not abolished slavery but only placed it upon another animal to keep on experimenting with control.


Such was their insecurity that they couldn’t even grow a plant without being assured that it would reap a good yield. They continue to alter the natural as though it has a specific duty towards them. Only a self-centred creature lacking empathy could thing such a thing.

Outside of all of that, there’s us: the non-black, non-white.

We barely move on the board, we stay at the back observing as kings and Queens while the others keep taking each other out. We have protected our essence by not getting involved in the game. We don’t care what your colour is. We want to give you the position of leader if your heart is pure. We aren’t afraid that you’re going to come up with all the best ideas, and impress our women or even outsmart us. We don’t see our power in your actions but in our own. We are confident, we have abilities beyond you believing we need to be told how things should go. We’ve done it ourselves for centuries and trust it’s within our DNA.

Even though you call us white or black we know that this is only your fear manifesting and if you could look beyond it you would see that we aren’t even playing your game of colours, we’re over it and all we want to do is put the foolishness behind us. We are so far removed from the 3-dimensional place that you have to believe our minds are at that when you actually see where we are, beyond your illusion, you’ll understand that, while you were talking about the physical realm of reason we were out in space, in the cosmos getting the directive. The cosmic intelligence told us that the longer we dwell in the practice of prejudice and race the more irreversible it becomes because of the second stage: race paranoia. This means the less chance of purifying the soul for the coming voyage.

Racism should never have happened and whether you personally address it or not, it’s your funeral not ours because there is a realm of soul where it continues with all the character it developed on its journey and we are working, no matter how many atrocities we face, to elevate pure.

For the racist that doesn’t know that they are a racist, you have to recognise that this resolve isn’t for the white guy or the black guy it’s for you and your soul’s journey because if you truly knew that there is a here after you would question if your prejudice mind is now broken beyond repair – that’s not good.

The most shocking thing that I have deliberately left until last; whether you believe it or not, as an alien I assure you that this is the meaning and always has been of alien abduction. While you were using your senses to see the physical descent of extraterrestrial beings they had already landed in the only place they could, the cerebrum. We have appeared with the gift of words (vibrations) that can influence you to act. These were mostly used with suggestion through deception once the minds of the media directors were taken over. This makes it difficult to see the criminal, only his slave: you, the committed racist, the committed separatist, the journalist, the actor, the gender confuser, the loyal divider that is charged to spread the poor mental reasoning that fuels anti-life creations.


The proverbial chessboard contains, on either side of the board, two alien groups, neither of us join in the game as it’s for lower conscious humans to be played as merely banausic objects. The object is for us to save the Sol that you don’t know you have and for them to hide it and then steal it so that you keep returning back onto the chessboard as a slave to their 3d design. Without the aid of the digital world, you will awaken to your true power and they will have to leave. Of course, they are in the minds and traditions of those who hold commercial power, of course, they are looking for life on other planets as they’ve almost finished destroying yours. It’s time to wake up.