After the Indigenous People’s March in Washington DC was rushed by young Trump supporters an uncanny irony descended as an interesting thought developed in my mind. I wondered what our readers would feel after following this experience.

Imagine a dispute between two men called: ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’. Would you support: tradition or tattoos, is there even a winner or will we all lose?


Please read and watch it in its entirety.



So pre-demonstration, who is this chanting protestor?


                                                                  And what about 

The Native Youth Alliance?



The Covington Catholic High School




screen shot 2019-01-20 at 14.02.57

Covington Catholic High School/Kentucky



The verdict

This following video is truly worth a thousand words. I’m not sure of the majority opinion but I would hope that the readers’ judgment would sway towards peace, integration, and preservation of all Mother earth’s natural elements (including human) as illustrated in Nathans more commercial version of the battle of wills. 



Maybe the earth is in need of fresh water over another phlebotomy. 


Skrillex, Damien? 



Petition: https://ifnotusthenwho.me/films/fight-standing-rock/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3OXD8M783wIVzZ3tCh2RrwDlEAAYASAAEgLdxfD_BwE



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