War Of the Words

Maybe it’s because I’ve been a student of law for 20 years that I can’t help notice that life is all a game of words. Reversing the vibration, changing the legal meaning and holding patents and copyrights on their usage is common practice in the world of capitalism.

Considering words are a migration of sound, which is light and vibration, you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to know the value of changing their meanings in order to shape the maaterial world.

One influential man, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, was charged to have said: ‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws’. Although this is often debated, whether it is true or not, the word ‘money’ used is significantly subordinate to ‘words’.

Recognising this, you will see that the attack on words has come from enterprises in the corporate world of fictions that have pulled this deception on the sacrosanct ‘WORD’, which is ‘the vine’ of all fruit.

Words such as: black and white, coloured, ‘law itself’, peace, peace-keeping, free, united, organic, health, natural, man, woman, minor, up, down, new, on, off, of, parent, medicine, advise, aid, decentralised and even ‘God’ have been switched meanings creating even more mischief in this time of cosmic truth.

There seems no way to repair this disregard of organic order but to hold the men vested in these practices (governments/corporations) fully responsible. No more limits on liability or hiding behind statutes and codes–these were never the law but deviations to get around accountability. Strangely, as I write these words I cannot help notice the sneaky introduction of the name ‘bank account’ and ponder on the intention within ‘account’. It’s also interesting to note that searching online for any original word such as ‘bank’ or ‘apple’ will primarily return results that translate its commercial usage before it’s organic origin, in the hope of selling you something and not educating you–such is the internet’s algorithm and financial objective, never to be confused with ethics.

If you intentionally harm a thing knowing that you will be protected by law and status, you are not performing in the field of natural law. All lawful contracts require equal consideration where one party has the same to stake as another. Yet the soldier loses his life while the politician admits his wrong and continues to order more death without any consequence. This is evidenced by Tony Blaire’s decision to enter into a war on Iraq where multitudes were killed with the only justification being engine fuel.

Boris Johnson campaigned for the public to be mass-vaccinated with a clearly unsafe concoction of HIV, HEK 293 and other poisons in the name population reduction of safety–he walks free as the population is reduced, check the rise in statistics for morbidity from 2020 to 2022 with your local councillor.

I ask you to just imagine what the world would look like if we forced equal accountability on all men. I would have no problem with this because I trust that my intentions are pure, I would think them the same as yours. It doesn’t take much to change the world, it’s just the illusion of complication that the world has absorbed through the media. The answer is an agreement, that is personal to each individual, not to empower those who do not wish to take responsibility for their actions. The roll out of the deadly vaccine and the clear disclaimer that came with its campaign, posed an opportunity to execute this new/old thinking. Unfortunately, even though many died and have been seriously injured, the public’s trust in the corporation, overweighed their trust in God, awarding each of the vaccinated a D – in spirituality.

The failure to demand a better deal speaks more of the loss of self and a divorce from source. Those who concocted this conundrum posed a question of faith to all men in such a bizarre way that it in itself can only be viewed as satanic. Regardless of the fact that these populationists do not want to see a fair and equal planet and seek to reduce the amount of lives upon it, must still be respected as their own free-will. They must be allowed to continue this way if they choose but those of us who wish to thwart their deception should and must be left alone to create what we believe is right in our own separate location, as part of the same God-free-will deal

The confidence I feel in this area was exactly the sentiment of the Moors when they vacated ebbing Spain in 1492. They knew that a society without this order would eventually implode as we are witnessing today. Their only error in judgment was that they didn’t believe that they would be followed back to America to spread their demonocracy in the name of God. Man needs to carefully consider the civility that corporate veils have diverted from the planet and should seek to reverse the shield that businesses are still afforded.

If a murderer is jailed In Ethiopia a murderer must be jailed the same way in America, Britain and all other jurisdictions, without monetary exceptions. This is the law of equity and the only acceptable new world order, its actually an old one with old values. But these men know their position allows them to hide behind money and kill, destroy and modify nature without consequence. These childish cowards standing as men should be treated without any statute of limitations on the crimes that they’ve gotten away with, especially since they are now going to negatively affect the quality of life of our future generations. Maybe it’s a stretch beyond most minds but there certainly would be less wars if the president/’commander in chief’ was the first on the battlefield as the first global law to usher in the people’s new world order–could it really be that simple.

My word is my essence and will convey exactly what is proposed. Without prejudice, no exceptions.

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