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If you look a little deeper into your (fortune five-hundred) app, you’ll notice two things: one is that the login button is always very visible, is conveniently placed–often intrusively–on the UI, and the sign out option is obscurely placed somewhere inconveniently if even at all. The other thing to notice is that the thing always keeps asking you to confirm where the hell you are by requesting your geo-location. If you haven’t asked why then you really may not survive this full article as it’s boring. For those who have questions, you’ll be wondering ‘well, why’?

Their (the company’s) data-analysis and feasibility studies leave them equipped with much knowledge of what works well, on the interface, and what doesn’t. So the fact that you have to search for the logout option can only be down to utter stupidity or deliberate deception.

If you happened to read the part that nobody reads in the initial agreement, you will probably find that while you are using the app they grant themselves the right to access all of your data to whatever means they decide. That means images, text, video and whatever else is communicated within the application. You may have mistakingly pasted something like your aunty’s birth date into the message box and deleted it but, contrary to common sense, the cached text is now legally their property. So it makes sense that staying logged in will achieve a greater possibility for significant and legal data theft for the company.

While you are logged in, the map that positions you, which you think temporary, indicates where you were at what time, on which day. A comparative sequence of these data entries, naturally creates a pattern. When matched with the day, date and time against the billions of other statistical data that a computer can remember, such as your Visa/Mastercard activity, it becomes obvious beyond doubt that you were working, shopping, in the pub, visiting somebody or at home pleasuring yourself in whatever way you choose. Even the habit of paying for food on your phone gives somebody all your buying habits, possible allergies, sporting interests and everything else needed to know where and how to identify you. This is of great advantage to technology in its zen form as it can locate missing children, thieves and villainous associations but the one thing it doesn’t seem able to expose is WHO YOU ARE SENDING THE DATA TO OR WHO IS WATCHING YOU.

When using today’s social media platforms it remains all trickery and attempts to get something from the user without the service provider giving up anything costly to themselves. An interesting feature is that it tends to inform others on the network when their contacts were last seen using it (the app). This makes it difficult to deny that the message you conveyed was received by the target party. Others actually report whether or not they had read it, making it awkward not to respond without a bunch of excuses. This social pressure is a type of emotional peer-prompt that shapes the actions of an ego-based society.

As techie as this all seems, it would aid one to discover the stark difference between a system and a machine as they are both wrongly used synonymously.

A system is symbiotic and created to serve the whole with multiple beneficiaries. A machine is of a narcissistic nature and serves only a few beneficiaries, taxing the majority. A system works well when certain organic rules are followed, the nature (lbw) of such rules (ruels) are immutable, non-flexible and resolute to serve the purpose of equity in its pure form.

These rules are what we call law, so with no influence by mankind these take effect and cause amity without need for intervention or adjustment. One such rule is Karma. Without civil knowledge of it, which can be called ignorance, one will abuse themselves by abusing others, this is the difference between a man and the correct use of the word animal. Although they cannot equate the result of such an action, as there is no time frame attached, the deranged individual creates chaos for themselves and the connected articles around it, just so that ‘it’ can benefit, albeit on a short term basis; in a technical sense, this is the definition of a machine.

A machine has no care for the mutualistic elements of a symbiotic relationship, it carries out a parasitic function gaining from the loss of its participants and, through its deluded ego, it sees itself as a commensalistic symbiosis which is in reality attributed only to God–unaffected and without the confines of karmic judgment. If we were to closely observe the very structure of a machine such as government, we would soon see that it is everything but commensalistic and very much tied to its own demise through karma as we penetrate its influence and witness its death.

A parasitical symbiosis is defined as ‘a close relationship between species, where one organism, the parasite, lives on or inside of another organism, the host, causing it some harm, and is adapted structurally to this way of life’ … This is a machine. The fact that the host causes the subject harm, yet depends on it for sustenance and is adapted to it’s way of life means that it has a grave destiny defined in its very beginning. This can be likened to a car running on petroleum, moving it’s habitat nearer to the resource it depends upon, not realising that the resource is finite–the civil man sees its end at the very beginning of this temporary and selfish endeavour.

At this point if you are wearing a hat I would remove it out of respect crediting the native Americans for seeing the insanity of the western culture as they attempted to drain the host, committing suicide while it eventually depletes itself. With no insult intended, it’s only an animal that would eat all of the available resources while it’s master is away on vacation, it knows no better. Much does this say about the roots of the modern (adolescent) culture.

The civil earth inhabitant, void of ego, doesn’t seek to compare herself with God as a commensalist but humbly accepts her position as an equal, mutual and symbiotic soul surviving as an important part of the total sum. This awareness serves the enlightened host to also recognise itself as the guest too, putting what they take out right back into the economy, guaranteeing eternal existence.

When you look at it, the idea of heaven is no more complicated than the awareness of this Karma and mutual symbiosis as ‘law’; in fact the only law. This also could be called a civil society, which the western world has never before seen … well at least not since Atlantis. As wise as this seems, It’s not even that clever but really selfish (in a sensible way) intelligence and just not gravalicious unawareness.

Becoming the subjects of such an ignorant statistical rape system, you may ask ‘how is it possible to return to normality from this take, take, take machine’? If you can’t see it then you either start to believe in the extra-normal energies between time and space and an undisclosed masterplan or just wait for it to destroy itself, with you inside. One thing is certain, this parasitical rape can only end with the host having nothing left to exploit and, as agent Smith said in the Matrix (ironically describing himself),

… every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not … you move to an area and multiply… until every resource is consumed… there is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern … a virus.

If you are able to search the etymology of the word ‘human’ you may find that it may not define an organic being but a migration from the awareness of symbiotic connection (soul) instigated by foreign thought, I dunno from the Draco constellation maybe.

On earth we like to complicate everything, maybe it aids the ego to think that we have to work out some complex puzzle in order to gain respect. Our existence isn’t complicated at all if we can just take the simple sayings and mantras of old as facts. One such profound saying is ‘the devil lays in the detail’, or was that ‘lies’ in the detail? Another is ‘what goes around, comes back around’. I wonder what the world would look like if each person was aware of this law? One thing I’m certain of, these simple principles are solid, just and a lot less complex than tax codes, penitentiaries, elections, health systems, statutes, bills and amendments; extreme empathy rules the ego and along with it’s male counterpart Karma, serves as my God–it translates to “nothing harmed in the process”.


fortune five-hundred apps are devices downloaded onto your phone backed by billion dollar companies that secure a presence on your phone to create dependency to influence and limit your financial, social, political, travel and health activity.

lbw: lack of a better word

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