War Of The Words

If you were to ask a terrorist whether she considered herself a terrorist she would, more than likely, say no. It isn’t as though these children left school with ambitions of being scary and waging terror on people just because they had a different culture. No, the conditions that misaligned these unfortunate peoples’ spirit was pain. That one defining day their world was turned upside down, they were happy, living their traditional lifestyle (going back thousands of years), then suddenly there were missiles overhead, tanks on the streets and then debris mixed with the carcasses of friends, family members and local business people, littering the streets.

The problem was never really them but you/us. We have never been taught the word ’empathy’ and we have never been taught to research information. We just simply accept the story, starved of background. We prejudice the situation further by using words we don’t understand, willy-nilly, against people that we don’t understand. But before we go into the history of the actual word ‘terrorist’ try to imagine seeing your neighbour chopped in half on the street. You cannot do this by just reading what is written, you really have to take a short moment to personalise it. Think of a person that lives on your road, that you regularly converse with, now see their exposed, bloody body in the gutter chopped in two.

If you feel a hint of sadness, regret or anger, then you are experiencing empathy, you are taking a moment to reflect on the real victim. Although you may have consciously extended that moment to think, understand that you and most other people rarely do–our news delivery service (media) is designed to engage the brain, without engaging the heart, so you embrace the facts and move on. But this is unless, of course, the victim is a country, organisation or a person supported by the Press Association.

This condition of living in the twenty-first century is shocking, insulting to the word ‘civilisation’ and an embarrassment to all the members of earth’s family. This is not something that you or I can even fathom and, in the same way, what we don’t realise is, neither was it for them until that fatal day when British/American troops decided to action their thirst for fuel–that’s all. Everything else is politics slight of words, deception and emotional manipulation.

If something presented to you appears complex, by human standards, it’s probably strategically been made that way to deceive you. Earth has very simple and basic rules, whereas the devil hides in the detail. If you’re old enough to remember the Falklands war, when the Daily Mirror, The Sun and all the other newspapers told it, Saddam Hussein was about to either cause a nuclear war or enslave the world. None were were close to reality. To see this fear spread with authority is enough to know that ‘this’ is The Truman show. I was left, as a terrified kid, praying for the troops to restrain him before he plunged the world into WWIII.

It was only years later when I was talking with a friend I realised that the press had done a tremendous PR job on making him Hitler. I made a commented on my friends bravery being in the conflict. He was a US soldier in the Falkland war. He corrected me calling it a blood bath, he said that they didn’t even have a chance, they just surrendered, while the troops were shooting the others who were running away. He went on and told me that they were, if anything, a type of large platoon, executed by the united nations of the world. I obviously could never forget the feeling of receiving the real news after so many years, my gullible young self was shocked and felt disgrace. My empathic soul was sorry and felt betrayed by the media–nevertheless, a defining moment for me. And for an 18-year-old child-soldier, a bit of action man fun that age would eventually make him regret.

The word ‘Terra’ is an ancient name for earth, her name carries all derivatives of ‘ter’. Terrain, treasure, terrestrial, tertiary, trade, the name, Terry, Teressa and nature are all long time relatives of the word. To associate the word ‘terror’ with causing harm seems very out of character to describe anything related to such a beautiful arable territory and even suspicious. In the correct migration of such a word ‘Terrorist’ should actually mean: One who protects the traditions of Terra. So then what is an actual terrorist? If one can divorce themselves from the patriotism, and the script that calls aliens a belief of crazy people, this could send you off planet for answers. I mean, why would a person fighting to preserve earths old ‘traditions’ be attacked as a terrorist? It certainly seems that anything that doesn’t support a synthetic future is considered an enemy, but we should ask of who.

After Bill Gates’ campaign to be viewed by the world as a philanthropist, he set his sights on Africa, India and many other densely populated, economically suppressed terrains. Being a shareholder in the Monsanto empire, he supported GMO trade throughout these regions. The problem with his ‘aid’ is that the seeds that he sought to place into that organic, arable, natural red soil, where unnatural, modified raped laboratory seeds. Unlike natural seeds that deliver an abundance of issue, with the potential to grow more, these seeds conveniently propagate only once. This seems to disqualify them from actually being called seeds and gives the shareholders of these lab-made seeds the balance of life and death in their hands. Their corporation controls the sustenance of participating consumers as they have a monopoly on their food, if you can even call it that. Now this is clearly another attack on nature (we’ll get more into that word later) because the destruction of the seed’s organic perpetual parturition is deliberately degraded for a one off fix, until of course, you can afford to buy more from the supplier. I don’t think it’s a question in my mind alone of who Bill Gates and his party are but more a question of what?

But this attack on earth’s organic people, pure air, organic land and oceans is not new, it started when mankind migrated the use and meanings of ancient words into English. Words that held the vibration of one thing were twisted (or reversed) to mean it’s exact opposite, making the manifestation from frequency unfavourable and synthetic. How many times have you said that you felt ‘terrible’ when you were at your worse, or uttered and heard the word ‘terrorist’ (after 911), thinking it meant something so wicked? Obviously this wasn’t without warrant as the images of men beheading journalists, kidnapping, oppressing women and blowing up buildings, trapped you in emotions, bonded darkness to the word and so it was set as a downward direction for earth.

Even the word ‘nature’ has an opposite meaning to its usage. It is a combination of two syllables/morphemes. The first syllable ‘na’ has traditionally been used as to deny the existence of ‘no’. ‘Ture’ is the cousin of ‘terra’ as understood clearly in ‘adventure’ starting a journey on the terrain. ‘Nature’, like ‘terror’ does not follow the probable evolution of the name and suffix ‘ter’. Somewhere in history, it suffered a deliberate and emotional change in meaning. This may also be the reason why pharmaceutical practices can use the word ‘natural’ to mean an inorganic ingredient within the supply.

I can vouch for my own level of sanity and my ability to reflect on my ‘stake’ in believing a thing to support my views, but everything that I have researched, with pure impartiality has led me to know that this word obsession started somewhere other than on earth.

Did you know that in Hebrew ‘Brit’ means covenant? While it appears that Boris Johnson (who nobody awake could consider their leader) appears to be on his way out, other psychological factors struck me deeply. As I was alerted of this breaking news in a room on Clubhouse, with an attendance of over 300, I became curious as to what the mood was.

At first the host had explained to the mixed British, American (and other) that ‘OUR’ Prime Minister is almost certainly going to be impeached (is it?) or resigned from his position. This was due to the overwhelming criminal charges against him and (she was referring to the party that broke the Covid rule’s back). The joy in her voice could be felt as you would naturally feel elation dropping breaking news on the world community. The conversation went on to further translate the charges brought by the police and the inevitable outcome of this major exposé.

I’m still optimistic about the outcome although I feel differently on many points. The first one is that, any truly conscious individual would know by now that there’s no ‘we’ or ‘our’ in a quiet dictatorship. The only freedom seekers I have ever known to speak like a partner in a totally dystopian entity are (God save) American’s with their, almost demonic USA… USA chants and those who don’t know any better (maybe football fans too).

In law we, in reference to criminal activity, is guilt by association–an admission of guilt. It is not that different from common purpose and is also the reason why the public keep getting the same sentence of barbaric leadership. When I hear ‘we’ when referring to a machine, I have little faith in any change without feeling that the common people are trying to remix the same dirty record at somebody else’s party never thinking to change the record. In fact it’s wise to get a whole new turntable, in a new room in a house in a different area. Although this seems drastic, if you can just think of the absurdity of a rape victim, after the trial, making their home at the scene of the abuse with their compensation money.

The problem is that the general public know little about life outside of matter and see spirituality and unseen phenomena as a belief rather than a reality; if we could only imagine (over centuries) the number of dense, murderous energy domiciled in the houses of parliament we’d shut it down immediately and start again somewhere else. Politicians, at the stroke of a pen, make decisions to kill hundreds and thousands of families as though it were merely a change of clothing, just for resources. With such a disregard for the sanctity of life, it’s impossible for these instruments to make you or I their primary concern, especially if we are not considered a valuable performer within this engine dedicated to financial gain. So it’s very unlikely that an informed person would say ‘we’ to describe ‘this’ insensitive reign of terror unless speaking strictly of a homo sapiens connection of which at times I even doubt.

Another concern is that most people fail to notice that the news (all centralised media) is never going to expose agendas that are likely to contradict schemes that are more than 500 years in the making. Generations that married into families (not for love) have committed to furthering these bizarre missions that we are seeing exposed today. They have now accumulated enough money to secure most of the leaks that expose them by becoming the owners of all sources of influence. This you can clearly see by their success with the ‘world vaccine campaign’, the overwhelming deaths because of it and the public believing the level of morbidity to be all from a conspiracy theorist’s imagination (a few hundred thousand of them including doctors). The question is why we fail to see the obvious?

We miss the obvious because, in this particular case the defensive buzz word that the media pushed was ‘anti-vaxxer’. But surely one who chooses to act is the one worthy of a label and not a passive act of doing nothing–deep runs the psychology of media. But this misnomer was released (and typically absorbed by the general public) to extinguish all levels of concern by using the very victims to humiliate those who refrained from participating. This level of uptake of media-molded concepts serve as shields that silence and leave very little hope of protecting the public from peer to peer sharing of valid information.

Although Boris’ ‘party thing’ was exposed, the point should never have been that he was caught breaking his own rules (of which, for the record, none apply to me) but that he has no regard for them since he doesn’t believe the script that he delivers. This ‘disrupt their thinking’ attitude is comparable to an actor from a movie being called out for being seen offset in the real world; of course in his spare time offset he lives a life in what he knows to be reality and it isn’t about dodging a concept called COVID. His actions promote a script and are merely to keep the fans buying front row tickets. Again, the public should be questioning how the media quickly made ‘his conduct’ the focus point and not ‘his viewpoint’–very insidious. But this switching, from facts to emotions and then from emotions back to facts, has duped many television watchers for years, making them the material that shape the British economy.

This was no different than Julian Assanges’ wiki leak. As a true journalist committed to the public, he exposed the filthy holes in the governments (esoteric) dealings as he discovered them. These included off-shore, immoral and illegal trade agreements, child trafficking, war crimes and even murder. These were world-changing events that should have caused public outrage and a change in government. Instead, the media swiftly produced a rape victim, in the same way, shifting the public away from the point to the person by having them question, again, the subject’s morals rather than the accuracy of the information regarding the illicit activities–we shot the sheriff.

At that point it didn’t matter whether he did or didn’t rape, the press just needed to distract the public until they completely lost interest; meanwhile Assange has been made an example of, sending a conscious message to the minority whistleblowers and a subconscious fear to the overwhelming news consuming masses. This level of psychology is beyond the level of the average human mind and the very reason why the television set, daily news programming and Google top news stories are so offensive to common sense and determining in what the memory lost people accept as true.

The average attention span has been noted by statisticians to be just eight-seconds, this is from a twelve-second attention span less than 15-years-ago. On reflection, this should make it a little clearer to understand why Julianne Assange’s case is merely dust to you–they caused you to forget. The same method is used time and time again. When a determining piece of information threatens to expose the aristocracy, up comes something more emotionally gripping and off we go into a new reality created by this machine.


At this point I must remind you of two things. One is that when the planet Uranus becomes local, truth is the order of the time, therefore lies cannot prevail in the same manner in which they had in the past. That is indeed the peoples trump card because an elaborate plan to correct a machine is not going to happen any time soon; besides, you cannot fix or change the design of something originally intended to be crooked, fixing it would mean making it more efficient in another violators hands. What’s more likely is that because of the forces of the swirling orbs above it will sooner implode on itself. This moment in time asks every person, incorporated fiction, man woman and child, to fall in line with honesty, to be honest with (at least) ourselves. And what does one do, they immediately buy into the Covid danger and vaccine rollout even though they smell the stench from within? It makes much more sense to come clean with this new/old honesty thing and refrain from picking a personal fight with Uranus and it’s commitment to exposure.

Politicians have based their whole careers and the culture of governing the ignorant on lies. So at such a point, being well informed of the cosmic transitions, they are actually trying their best to whether the truth storm. The other thing to think about is that little old England, a small Island in Europe, somehow managed to get the whole world to speak this abstract language, with the use of very little force–let that sink in. If you wish to predict the future of such an authority in manipulation one should not take that statement lightly. You may also benefit from attaching the title, ‘the seat of psychology’, after uttering the name Britain. This will cause you to look sideways whenever the thing talks or reports on ‘anything’. In fact I would even question my own very nature, what I know to be true, my thought patterns and even whether I am human or not by the standards of their ability to push a lie while burying the truth.

Just as the story of Medusa goes, do not look into her eyes … one must also cover their ears when the tabloids (be it audio or visual) broadcast a transmission. In fact it’s safer to throw out the TV altogether. The mass ignorance of this manipulation factor resonates throughout the now dumbed nation/planet evidenced by the queues of vaccine-seeking sheople begging to be included in the government euthanasia program.


The word Patriotism is a very deceptive word, an old tool in the arsenal of think tanks. Never before have I felt so patriotic towards not being patriotic as it has afforded me great vision and scope. I do not look at the world from my post, I have access to any post I choose and in such a state of mind I hopefully see, as God intended, with little affiliation.

It was a few decades ago that my mother was perfidiously invited to Britain … or was it the UK or England … under the guise of helping the national health service. Today it seems that she/they may have been called over from paradise for some other undisclosed reason, since so many of the pioneers of the NHS were deported after several years of service it doesn’t quite fit with the sentiment of gratitude.

But without digressing further, one must take into account that having Caribbean parents and being hatched in Britain … or is it England or the UK … I’ve always been made to feel foreign here and there and in fact everywhere that the empire has influenced in some way, even back home. In that strange Island that I’ve been cursed to return to, I’m treated as a stranger attached to the UK, forcing the locals to give me the label ‘Englishman’. But this is by no means a complaint but acknowledgment of a blessing since there is no other condition that has aided this opportunity to be detached to see things for what they actually are and not from a collective view of where I have to believe my home to be, for my own sanity. How is it possible to be born British, yet never been made to feel British at home but thought of as British abroad? This is majorly advanced psychology.

In a similar way, African Americans hold a patriotism towards America yet they have no direct African customs to identify with and even if they did they would be so vague that Africa would wonder. European Brits are the same, generationally those who’s parents were schooled on the Island have a perceived stake in fish and chips since there’s little else to identify with. Me, I don’t have to represent the land that I sprung up on as a governmental structure but as an arable wonder concluding my patriotism towards only my oppressed peers (regardless of skin tone), creatures, trees, plants, the soil, the ocean and the air–that’s it. This is mainly because the rest is just dirty corporate business with a smiling face. How can so many people feel patriotic to a place that they know nothing about its actual culture? We are entering an area now that takes mind manipulation out of the world of science and into the frame of scriptures pertaining to the arch deceptive.

But Boris Schmorisses that will be introduced through working your emotional needs and they will come and go serving an established lie, a corporate purpose and loyalty towards hedge funds, trusts, offshore accounts and managing the death rate*, making little me much more of a candidate for truth and equity, although some may think not.

At the very best the American born Boris Johnson who conveniently acted stupid for a number of years, will (with his father) continue to speak passionately about caring for you, while concerned only with reducing your numbers for ease of shepherding the population. He remains more worried about his knowledge of the pernicious contents within his vaccine being exposed, especially before it is pulled from circulation. Meanwhile, the media’s new word, Partygate, will go on while the genocide lawsuits filed in the Hague against him and his co-conspirators, become a rumour or a theory of conspiracy in the eyes of the media-dependent masses. I would worry more about who you allow/vote in next to serve this brutal machine that you fear dismantling altogether and how many more have to die before COMPLETE CHANGE becomes a thing. One seems to want the cake and eat it but if you don’t know by now, it’s mostly poisonous.


To express the true position of ‘governments’ and their media magicians, I would ask you to notice that each leak in a wicked plan is always swiftly covered with the creation of a new word or sub-concept–of no relevance to deflect from the controversy. In the same way that 911, terrorist, insurgent, Brexit, COVID, BAME, Anti vaxxer and conspiracy theorist have entered the dictionary, shaped your view, and stopped you from acting out your natural resistance to control, the social pressure to appear current in affairs will cause you to furnish your community with concepts (like ‘Monkey Pox’) until it actually becomes a very real thing.

This urge to parrot the unknown is purely the ego, adult peer pressure and blind participation in things that one does not fully understand. The introduction of these deep psychological concepts is the only thing that feeds the issue and turns that dark idea into a reality. As long as we are trying to appear clued up, in our endeavour quest to ‘appear’ clever, we will always unconsciously play the role of the judas goat, pushing the bombastic language, that we know little about the origin of, into our community. This is evidenced by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ installation (2013) and its speedy removal as the media stopped feeding it once the intention was achieved.

These same think tank have successfully retranslated the words ‘law’, ‘natural’, and even ‘peace’, without awareness or any resistance, to mean something other than what they organically meant.

Understand that this whole existence is a war on words of truth. Even if we were to coin these distractions with the phrase ‘Assangelism’, the associated press, allied governments, and corporate-subsidised tech and social media platforms will dwarf all efforts of it ever surfacing by shear weight, reach and numbers.

It’s interesting to note that less than a significant percentage of people search beyond the first page of Google for information and those prime results at the top of the page are sponsored by the same associations that give you news then fact check the alternatives with shear bias and defamation. It would be great to see a reversal of this trend where the Googler would check the 5th page and move towards the 1st page last. Or how about searching the Youtube video with the least views to find the amateur, ears on the ground, information; very unlikely.

Meanwhile, we play this game of tell me what to think about, getting our daily mental dump each day until God recalls the human mind. But If you ever feel the need to identify as British, I suggest firstly to study psychology, learn Latin, Hebrew, Arabic and ancient Egyptian, then learn the peculiar handshakes of the private clubs and study the path of the ancient tribes who leapt out from the Bible and follow their geo-historical path throughout the earth. Only then will you realise that the very people who sold you patriotism aren’t patriotic about anything but their non-domiciled history … not at all … and ‘your’ life is only important as far as appearance goes, to keep control, at any cost–even death.


Assangelism: An individual who exposes a fraud and is made the victim by the media-shifting from the facts to the whistleblower’s personal life.


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