fIGHT Club House

After seeking a unifying assurance that today’s ‘earth community’ are worthy of my energy, I sought a large, diverse community online in search of my tribe.

It appears that Club House, a social discussion App/platform, embarrassingly brought me into a new reality of instant verbal communication with strangers and the fantastic possibility of building a new sane community–wrong I was.

I joined a room in the Club House peer interaction, that implied to have concerns about saving the human race. But in the shadows, knowing the morphemic roots of the word ‘human’, I thought it better to just allow ‘humans’ to self destruct for reasons I will disclose at another point (please quote the entire sentence).

In truth, the whole platform appeared to be overwhelmed by American rhetoric of which I have had a gross share of, living in New York for several years. I realised the difficulty of joining a group, as moral as it appears, that’s committed to packaging and selling these little egos and their so wonderful self-gratifying achievements ‘helping people’. As I listened and scouted the room for sincerity, I found only Dalai Trumps and Hillary Rodham Jong-uns expressing their spiritual wisdom with the most aggressive egos I’ve witnessed since the onset of the great medical fraud. Taking God’s ears and magnetism for granted, I made no expressed desire but confidently expected to find the Lady Diana Shabazz or the Nelson Ghandella type–you know, those once in a lifetime figures who’s auric fields extend beyond space and time and most importantly ‘ego’; the ones that you would implicitly trust to build a fair society without speaking a word on standards.

I was stopped in my tracks–good intentions and all–with accusations of speaking out of turn and not supplying ‘evidence’ to accompany the golden droplets of God’s mind that I imparted. Its pretty impossible to describe in words how hostile heaven has become but the installation of a thought may help. Picture Kanye West teaching about silence and transcendentalist meditation; in the manner that he speaks, lacking the humility that the subject warrants. At least you would expect a little less profanity and refrain from conflict while on the subject. But the theme and vibration was nothing less than a hook to a ballet performance, only in Tims (although that isn’t all together a bad idea. But most of this oscar winning ego and verbal death of the English language hidden behind such a compelling topic was justified by one thing: the academic degree. It appears that the purchasing power of the letters behind the name has attracted those greedy for title’s, like Doctor, DBA, PhD and Scientist, to live out their feelings of entitlement rather than servants of harmony, patiently willing to share.

Meanwhile, I humbly stand here redundantly, with all of this, though none of that, and observe the pointless destruction of the planet while holding in my hand, the user manual for a mind out of control, tuned to respond to only the loudest voice. Conundrum isn’t strong enough a word to describe the deep pain I have felt not knowing how to remedy the outcome that seems obvious to me.

So, you’re here to save the world … what a mind job …

One character in particular, played the camel that broke the straws back, at least for me as I never waste too much time around ear pollution, I soon discovered the unspoken law that the person who starts the room is ‘God’. He is not really looking for a free-flowing conversation but a place to reaffirm his immense personal power, obviously extracted from his childhood. The more followers, the larger the room the more headspace for that hot air balloon of a dome. I can’t tell you how many times, in the name of spiritual astrology, I heard fu** … fu**ing … don’t give a fu** … my effing room, and the like. Even so, the thing I took away from the experience is that here lies an opportunity for me to learn a deeper patience (Lord, so, so deep) and be able to listen without correcting or just take the simple path and run the other way so that I don’t have to witness the death of potential, over and over again–I’m still undecided.

Today though, I am inspired by the experience as I learn a lesson in human chemistry and the incredibly ability to remain supple under immense pressure, sweaty armpits aside.

I compare this to my jewellery making craft. As I decide on whether or not to beat the copper, I am fully aware that the beating will heat, then soften the copper for its shape to shift. Only then will it cool and become considerably harder as the ions contract, increasing their bond. No different is the human experience. The plight of Americans in particular has been one of constant attack, deliberate decreased living conditions, premature death and poor health. I felt this harshness accompanied by clannish support, many times in the mental cases made speakers in these rooms, within the world community App. As many dominated with clannish affiliation and force, speaking of matters concerning rising from their low condition, I noticed it was done with a patriotism that doesn’t exist in my world. They did so supporting aggressive energies that only related in physical geography, donned in steel toe-capped boots which to me is not quite angel attire. But even with this acceptance of an indefatigable pride, there is a personal pride that I will award myself since I would benefit from remembering.

Even though the described conditions are not foreign to me, having witnessed far too much violence as a childult, with the path towards becoming God’s salesman being deliberately closed on so many occasions, the ability to shift forms of expression with little return, has granted me many rich experiences. Yet none of this has caused me to do harm, disrespect, disregard, abuse of twist another’s words; nor has it caused me to sacrifice the truth to save face or to lose my ability to listen.

We have to wake up, park our egos and close the door on this open asylum that godless-politics and business has created, immediately; not by force but by reason, inclusion and empathy. But sadly it may be late for the mind that has well and truly solidified with facts–we are but ions hardened by life and only self-alchemy/reflection will cause one to cease seeing an enemy in friends and only at that point will civil existence resume but it may be too late for some, especially those who need a stage more than resolve–thank Hollywood for that.

Angel Lewis, a traveller, a stranger.

The reversity of Iun


What’s In a Mask

Sellouts…rat you in…armchair revolutionaries…judas goat.

If Philosophy is a science then the pathetic statement that just floated into the realm of ‘sheep repeat’, “‘Trust the science’ ends here.

And if it’s not (too detached from the Matrix to even check) then test how open your mind is by listening to the common sense of it all.

Rather than the feeling of great joy I should feel when the nation’s current clown announced that mask wearing wasn’t necessary, I felt anger. Riding on the train a week later I realised why. Over 70% of the commuting population were in masks. It’s even more worrying to think that there was a time when kids were rebellious but the way this shit has been packaged and sold to the world, it has killed the fight in even the young. Never before has the world needed ‘The Sex Pistols’ like it does today, and only because of this manned-demic have I come to realise what the album “God save the Queen” done to the exclusive artistic and political expression of the world–prophets albeit on a bad hair year.

It would be interesting to know what the surviving members of the group are thinking right now and if there’s still a punk inside of them. I would assume these icons would be the first that the machine would look for to state their case for compliance. They already took the Dallai Lama in a strategic chess move that probably took out most of the front line spiritualists and the ‘eat sleep pray’ type city meditators, you know, the armchair revolutionaries. I’d say my upset spiked mainly because, these types have so much to say about God in all their flowery names for her and when the clear antithesis that kills men women and children overseas for oil, speaks of a pandemic and the way to manage it through the body, they bow down.

Please pardon me for my prejudices (not you God) but a few years ago wasn’t the body the temple of God? I’m sure I heard something like that at one Crystal Palace health seminar. All of a sudden a man that clearly does meditate, albeit in reverse, gains their trust and not Gaea. But still, I look around and I see something that I had never seen before. At this point I need to speak to the Caribbean community, not in the Carribean or America but in the UK. You guys (well some) can proudly proclaim that you don’t want reparations for slavery because you were never slaves. No, you were prisoners of war. Had you been left to it, without the watchful eye of the Queen back home, youd have probably built quite a different planet to what we see.

A prisoner of war can be a prisoner while on an enemy ship but when freed they go back to building their dream. The fact that the ship was extended across your place of capture means that as you built for you, you built for the queen.


However there were the house negros who even while facing the open field to pastures green a fecund, they remained to help build their masters dream. If you had the option you would do what you know out of tradition. Now, understand the deep psychology in this–trust the science.

It is not of human ability to think so deeply into the fracturing of minds to the point that they don’t know if they are a British, English or United Kingdom citizen. And I’m sure you thought this confusion was by accident. I therefore, proclaim that sciences understanding of extra terrestrial phenomena, ask NASA has been slow to expose the routes of the colonial mind. Imagine a system that requires, without announcing it, that in order to come to their land, you must neglect your own. How many British-born Russian kids, Spanish kids and others have cringed at their parents speaking their language in the presence of their peers. This attitude extended int what I call “fit in”. Fortunately or unfortunately the Caribbean families Moorish appearance made them a diplomat for anywhere else. This attitude, if you have the empathy to imagine, created an incomprehendable attitude towards them, everywhere in the world forever, a holocaust that wasn’t allowed to be called one.

But to the detriment of Europeans unfortunate enough to be born in Britain, you’ve shot yourself in the foot and become known to the world as one group. Forget your country of origin, organic traditions, medicinal herb knowledge and knowledge of the stars, you wanted to be British and attracted the one size fits all label, ‘white people’. This disregards the thing that will save your soul in today’s confucktion is your granny. That old attachment that you had to spirit where you could know within what would become without. Instead of training to be British return to what you were because there you will find me.

Trust the signs

In the state of wanting to be (wannbee in wallabees) the poor victim of extraterrestrial psychology calls the prisoners of war the slave when in fact, so deep is the condundrum that, the person who doesn’t don social pressures on their skin, is the ctual slave because when master Boris Johnson gets caught with his pants down, they can’t even work out that he hasn’t had Covid, he’s not concerned about Covid and he is an actor. To understand that would be a broken spell cascaded into the truthsphere and all the obligations that come with it.

So the slave remains in the only sense of reason that they have left ‘everyone else is doing it’. This is like people at sea jumping off a sinking ship at night while a small group are comfortable enough to tell you not to jump yet. The conclusion of this parable is simply and unnecessarily perishing for the lack of that thing, that centred soul. This is that urban spiritual teacher that had the ‘yo’ without the ‘ga’, she talked the talk but now it’s time to walk it they’ve shown how much of a shell it really was. The very thing that they left at Heathrow airport, all that soul and expectation that the source would furnish them with at confusing times, is left with his messengers that have become retorical conspiracy theorists, missing the all important guidance of God because of a peer group that understand nothing about science yet parrot it at every moment just to dive in the sea.

In conclusion there does appear to be a lack of knowing within that the new world lacks and in it’s pathetic to think that we’ve reached a juncture where ignorance is no longer bliss but possibly death. If data has been scrambled to the point where the people on the plantation can no longer know for certain what is what, it seems, as Yaz affirmed in the 90’s, the only way appears to be up. And with that, the scientific aspect of the Christ situation appears to be the same conundrum that the figure may have faced making those who have no belief in what can not be seen choose him as a representation of the unseen because science in its totally misunderstood form has dealt a death blow to the idea of anything supernatural saving their asses, leaving Britain and America to dictate the way–God help em. Without over-stretching my ego, these events and the cyclical patterns of humans gives me a strange sympathy for Christ and a great suspicion of the ongoing propagandists.

And a big by the way and question for the world is does ‘science’ finds its root in ‘signs’. I will leave that with you although I know it is an alien mind that will understand the irony of this confusion.

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