Earth Prognosis

The earth is female and also male in nature but primarily female as she feeds us in more ways than any individual could without harming the self and is aggressive in doing so. It’s like a mother locking her starving child inside a food hall and throwing away the key–uninhibited love.

The earth has welcomed many organisms to live on its body over an unperceivable period. Every day about 353,000 humans are born on her body. Together there are around 8.7 million creatures taking turns at bearing seeds each day. The actual number of organisms born each day is way too vast to estimate– you cannot know.

If the organisms are living on it they are living off of it, therefore ‘humans are also parasites’; putting the ego aside-vampires. There’s only one thing worse than a vampire: a vampire business. 


Earth is a type of animal, meaning a living organism with consciousness and a will to survive. She doesn’t need a partner although her and the white orb are inseparable. She has two best friends that give and take in a most reciprocal manner. She also has distant friends and relatives, of which I am one.

She’s largely sleeping, dreaming beautiful thoughts of creation expressed gloriously in the growing of her beautiful arable coat. She doesn’t need to wake up because her dreaming bequeaths us and slowly forms our wondrous reality (If only you could see this beauty in time lapse from the cosmos).

She shits and her poop is used as your fuel. We reach the site where she did it, filling up tankers to sell to others in need of her waste so that they can move faster. She pee’s and we are hydrated for decades. We bottle it and distribute it to quench our thirst.

Her coat is warm and shields the blast of the sun and tames the freezing air so we snuggle up under it for comfort and refuge.

Her teeth are sharper than our knives so we voyage towards her mouth navigating her dangerous saliva. Not to turn my point into poetry, it seems clear that we sit utilizing her diamonds to carve what we could never have cut.

So now we have parasites that want more so that they can feed the ones with more. They use the sleeping earth’s own diamond teeth to puncture her skin drilling into her rectum for more fuel. She’s disturbed and she shifts in her sleep–an earthquake, an eruption, a tsunami. She settles and goes back to sleep.

Her parasites are not the smartest. The cold ones live in the south and the hot ones live in the north. The hot ones in the north need her warm fur to survive and do other naughty things too. They pull out her hair and bare her broken flesh.

The cold ones can’t take being in the south but won’t go north so they take more of her blood to power their toxic cooling systems, making her heart cold.

She is now turning over in her sleep


It’s the observation of the earth and my interaction with her that gave me a very late understanding of suicide. When the planet keeps spewing up and cannot convince its company to feed her so that she can feed them, she has to resist. Why should she give up her blood to rogue nurturers who only use it against her? She has no choice but to stop, implode and reassemble her atoms somewhere else where the parasites have common sense.


We gain titles of ‘lord’, ‘master’ and ‘king’ and we feel proud yet a Lord on earth, the host, can only ever be a ‘Lord Parasite’ as it does little else than blindly protect its own survival. 

Being a lord parasite they should be able to identify and distinguish between every single species of parasite on earth without leaving out one single cell. They should also know the source of sustenance that each individual species requires for survival, the inner workings of their biological system, including their reproductory organs, respiratory system, or lack thereof, and the ideal geocentric positioning for organising their exposure to thermal radiation for their benefit. This means no premature death or aborted fetus’ due to sudden migration and compromisation of indigenous nutrition.

Until there is a parasite on earth that can calculate all this information accurately there’s nobody qualified to decide on the distribution of energy and sustenance for anything/one but themselves, who they still don’t even remotely know

If you truly don’t understand the needs of your planet then you seriously need to examine your leaders’ and their immigration status on this earth. Only a foreigner could disrespect the land they walk on to this degree with knowledge and no regard for their responsibility and attachment to it.  




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