Texting While…


Have you come to realize yet that when you’re at a concert and you start filming it, through your phone, you’re not exactly experiencing it? No, your working on creating something while somebody is creating something for you to enjoy, live. Even when you look back at it it’s a digital copy of a live performance that you missed. So you weren’t actually there. Just something to think about. Just like why the hell we all have these devices.

It’s weird, so weird because we actually believe that we’ve gained something from the smart-phone culture that we live in but actually we’ve lost a lot more.

Remember when you’d notice who came on the train bus or whatever other mode of public transport? Those days are gone. Today we are drawn into a compelling world of texts, jpegs, gifs and mp4’s, why would you want to ever look up.

Thing is, we miss so much of the real world, at the same time we sacrifice major parts of our ‘real’ brain when we use them continuously. For one, we no longer have to remember a phone number just the person’s name to bring it to the front screen of the de(vil)vice. This in time, makes the ability to recall any sequence of numbers larger than three digits a major assignment. You’re no longer used to thinking this way.

Then there’s the texting while eating, texting while entertaining, being on the phone while driving, on the phone while walking, at a cashpoint, opening your front door, picking up your kids, cooking and performing surgery.


Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 23.07.58
Texting while performing surgery


The interesting thing about the effect of phones, besides the obvious health issues, is they seem to mimic the symptoms of some classic psychological conditions that are related to loss of brain function. Really, it’s just that the, otherwise monofunctional, mind is inundated with multitudes of other tasks, such as those listed above, to fit in while being on the phone. But it cannot do it without compromising the other.

The lack of concentration afforded to these tasks sends it to the brain as a motor function when it’s often a thing that needs our full concentration. This is why we find the keys left in the front door, the glove in the fridge, and our head embedded in a moving car’s windscreen all neatly decorated with plasma (and I don’t mean a screen). We also notice that we’ve done things that we have no memory of doing, like drinking a drink that we don’t even remember making or writing something down on a precious certificate or even that you put your toast in your laptop bag instead of on the plate.

Eventually and unfortunately, some of us will go to the doctor to get diagnosed with a similar but unrelated ailment like Alzheimer’s disease. They will gladly get you doped up to become a valued customer for life with all its side effects and the host of fixes.

Overloading the brain with multiple commands that it was not designed to endure will bring out symptoms similar to Adhd and Alziemers. If you are not confident about your healthy mind state that is under constant digital pressure, instead of just unplugging, you will believe that you are in need of medication for one of these various mental issues. Doubt becomes fear and fear becomes vulnerability.

Do not, text or talk while engaging in other activities or the brain will spaz out. The brain will not log it as a worthy activity that needs attention or completing. Not only that, after the brain gets used to ignoring these activities it will accept that these things that happen while on the phone are pointless and don’t need storing, every time. This is its attempt to free up brain space for what matters. To it, because of the regularity of the phone use, the primary thing to protect is the phone activity. Yep, the brain is smarter than you and it’s built to do stuff so that it can deliver a certain level of function while you sleep. But you’re sleep is an extended one and the poor brain needs new places to find functionality and that means deleting events–sacrificing events.

You’ve seen when the pilot on a plane leaves the control cabin. It’s left on autopilot. While he’s away he knows the plane is getting to where he wants to go but he doesn’t know exactly what maneuvers it’s doing to get there because he isn’t there and neither are you.

Get back to flying and here may be how.



Angel Lewis




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