Jesus Was Stoned


It’s funny how when you google Tesla you get a designer electric car. I ain’t mad at that but just a little disappointed that such a genius and such a contributor to our world of convenient technology, Nikola Tesla doesn’t even come up on the first page. Google algorithms huh!

A few weeks back while I tended to my long-time client’s damaged hair we got talking about her health. It started when I complimented her for offering me coconut water over the regular poisonous sugary beverage, which I normally refuse. Not that she was aware but my memory of this unwelcome courtesy was of me cringing while politely drinking a few sips before putting it down forever.

My taste buds serve as additive detectives and before the crimes get any worse they use their experience to identify the distinct aftertaste of aspartame or some other laboratory sugar substitute, much deadlier than sugar.

She proudly informed me that she listened to my advice and ditched the cheaper saccharine comprised beverages, that you would be correct in calling ‘The road to cancer,’  which possibly gifted her a few more years on the planet.

She then mentioned the new health App she downloaded. ‘Yeah, you just scan the barcode on the back of any product and you get all the nutritional information’, she said. Now, noticing my deflated not so bubbly mood she got her counseling groove on as I played the patient. Rather than being happy, I started reflecting on the energy that myself and a business partner, at the time, went to to implement our food ingredients system called Qry. 

QRY was the use of Qr code technology to bring the consumer to the identical place that my client’s new App would go, to reveal all the dietary, nutritional and allergen information anyone would ever need to know about their purchase, at the point of sale.

The idea wasn’t about money but service, a genuine need to inform the consumer for the good of their health. So why the disappointment? Well, it’s not that I am not grateful that the universe found another way to get the information to the people (albeit with probably a thousand in-app ads, I’m sure) but this actually is about the people you meet along the way. She failed to even acknowledge the conversations we had previous to her App, about my own. What was it to her, an ideal or an idea?  

It appears that most people only believe in a product/thing when they see it in use and rarely before. The long hard road to that point is often missed by the very people who state the need for such a thing. Yet to visualise the potential ahead is like asking them to walk on water. In essence, the support needed to conceptualise, organise and deliver a thing will normally die in the process of creation for one reason: lack of mental support from peers.

I observe that diamonds are created under intense conditions–basically in the hood. Some don’t make it to becoming a diamond as the weathering distorts the creation, a little like the sperm that doesn’t make it through to the egg. But it would take a lifetime for the television generation to understand their unique magnificence. As such, not all that glitters is gold, matter of fact you must have seen beyond the vapour of a fresh feces, my glittering shine.

The lotus flower contains a peaceful vibration and within it, you can tell that unique character without reading a resume. It’s that time again people! You got to see people as they are and not what their profile reads. That Youtube video with 12 views may give you more than the recommended videos. The person with hardly any Facebook fans is truly the one to watch because they’re not trying desperately to be liked.




But it’s not just peers. So my article ‘7 practices that will prepare your child for the world’ will not be published by this parenting magazine because:

‘Hi there, (no name)
Thank you for your story pitch. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go ahead with it. (because……?????)
Best of luck!’
The Editors of TP (No name, you don’t deserve that)
Ummm, why wouldn’t a parent want to develop their child into an asset for the world? This is just a byte of today’s world.
These are establishments that apply an algorithmic input as information to service the sentient souls. Yet once the transient monetary system, which I’m sure started with good intentions, loses its purpose it looks back at the needs of the sentient only to turn it back into a program.
Weird aren’t we? Do we really see or are we that afraid to exist in a place of confidence?

The redeeming point here is that the practitioner that religion today holds as their chief symbol does not live within the hearts of the society that champions him. Just as the story goes, dood was spat on, deceived, lied to and left to die for what?

The character had honour, he did what he said he would do with incredible efficiency. He was honesty, he expressed what he felt even when people wanted him to shut up, he was compassionate. His point of giving was (like Nanny MacPhee) when there was need and not want he was there, incredible. And finally, he had the ability to see beauty where there appeared to be none, making him an artist in every sense of the word. He saw the sick as healthy and pointed towards their minds as the illness. I think they called it then-vexed with a demon.


So, as I graduate from my third betrayal, stoning, whatever you want to use. I see the kingdom ahead as, in this one (hopefully or is that faithfully?) lesson I have come out with a new understanding= People have very little faith, why entertain it? If you are a budding anything you are few but not alone. Be sure to be strictly around people who truly believe in themselves because when the shit hits the fan they won’t doubt their ability and they will maybe become the wheel on your left to ride into the sunset with, over that final hurdle. Anyone else will buckle and run the opposite way leaving you to later on watch, observe them marveling at and even utilising your very creation only branded by their trusty megacorp.


For Nikola Tesla, Shinichi Mochizuki and Arius Alexandrius.





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