God Riddance

The Mandella Effect–The big Con CERN


It wasn’t too long ago that my brother and I agreed on this one thing–God! What God’? It appeared that this thing that had been turned into a father Christmas type character of pensioner status snooping from the heavens in shock and disgust was a myth. A mortal living in the sky that judges the actions of even a juvenile that he himself created for stealing a chocolate bar from his sister just wasn’t true. So the ultimate power, excited about punishing a child that was born guilty just to teach the devil and his ignorant disciples a lesson, no longer resonated.

It made no sense that the supreme judge’s court that the poor individual has little understanding of didn’t seem to display the justice that I know to be fair; especially being preoccupied with trying to understand more immediate things like why his alcoholic dad beats up his Mother every night. After countless and fruitless encounters with Jehova Witnesses, Christians, Muslims, Israelites, Catholics and Alcoholics, I developed an understanding that wasn’t exactly the same as my brother’s. His Catholic upbringing and the fact that he met an atheist partner made sure he was never going back–good on him.

My experience was different. At a young age, I was engrossed in psychology. I would eat psychology books. I was obsessed with the power of the mind right up until I re-found religion. I  embraced an opposing belief that gave me a rare impartial view of religion and after devoting about 10 guilty years,  I finally became free-minded enough to make my own decision to leave.

However, the divorce was not through pain or emotion but a logical conclusion in light of my path of growth. Therefore I left with all that I had learned. Because it was post-psychology I had something to return to.

I have condensed the experience here and made my path pretty vague, so not to babble on. It’s also to protect the innocent (me).  Nevertheless, I see these experiences as either sheer luck or pure divine guidance depending on which way your bread is buttered. I stand today exactly on the fence which has allowed me to reason out the misunderstanding of religious concepts by scientists and the confusion of scientific phenomena by the religious. Yes!

I am now of the belief that there is a God, as science now can admit and I still accept a level of commitment to that order. This doesn’t mean praying five times a day unless you really felt I needed to but embracing a concept regarding polarity in the direction of life to…let’s just say limit the pain.  For me, if there is an up it is absolute proof of a down and likewise, if there is an extreme negative it serves as a confirmation of extreme positive.

Unfortunately, acting as an extreme anything, causes the presence of the opposite to show up and have a stark effect.  But religion seeks not to comprehend this and leaves God to do all the thinking, content with calling this all just good or bad. And where they call the realm of macrocosmic order heaven, we/scientists call it outer-space. Thus God is the ultimate positive or good if you like. Therefore if this concept of good is genuinely considered with a commitment to scientific experimentation it is unlikely that one will unleash a four-headed dragon from the abyss.

The confusion lays in something I call Lews’s Law. ‘There are no absolutes’, even the statement: ‘there are no absolutes’ is not an absolute but only serves to recognise the point. People argue within the lines of contradiction and justify all manner of negative in their lack of understanding or in some cases pure deliberate ignorance.

To have this in order is to know that there will be a little bit of yin in your yang, we could just accept this and move on. Science mistakenly looks for absolute proof of God and throws out all findings because of inconsistency yet the issue is often poor translation and corruption. The proverbial baby and the bathwater are out on the sidewalk.

Antonymously, religion is on an endless quest looking for the perfect beat, meaning: The perfect saviour. In an ingenious way, it allows for so many to have appeared that looked very much like their orthodox expectation then, after farting in public, they dismissed them because of the public’s ideas of the perfect saviour.

‘Jesus doesn’t fart’, I hear them say. This ignorance of Lews’s Law is in a negative sense the devil’s advocate, an advanced manipulative negative psychology or, from a religious viewpoint, the mind of the devil. Yet as a positive it is the potential to continue life. It’s the spiral of potential, DNA and to use Joe Marshalla’s word “Repeatlessness”. One thing is for sure God is certainly not obvious.

Speaking of manipulative negative psychology, there is such a thing called ‘The Mandella Effect’. The Mandella Effect is probably the deepest thing you will ever hear in your life and if you thought that explaining the internet to somebody 100 years ago a difficult task, this will blow the mind of even the most open-minded person. It questions what you think you know about reality and your very existence and I will even go as far as saying, if you are one of these people that would rather not talk about some things because of the implications of what it might mean if it were actually true, then this is the end of the article for you.

Angel Lewis



Red pill people.

This effect, whether it’s true or not, has knocked me slightly from my balanced state falling towards God for comfort. Here’s why.
After the double slit experiment, science said ‘Oh shit’! Scientists fast came to realise that they didn’t know everything they thought they did about the atom (God certainly isn’t obvious).

 Some brave scientists decided to humbly dig deeper into exploring the depths of quantum mechanics and others, in their denial, just proudly continued to state the unknown as though they were facts with no conscience at all, protecting their balls by throwing the word theory behind everything. Ever wonder why ethose thing the are  so detrimental to your freedom and health are labeled practices? Probably not. This is quite relative to those who have opted out of reading the rest of this article.

Denial can do even more damage than actually facing those frightening facts and being now informed, boldly figuring out where to go next. The truth is, scientists thought they knew the nature of the atom then realised they hadn’t a clue.  The random actions of the atom that was thought to be predictable showed possibilities beyond the prescribed western idea of reality. Though in hindsight you have to ask, why did they not drop their pride and listen to the experts from Kemet (ancient Egypt) who actually knew? The very word Atom derives from Atum Rah confirming a pre-existing knowledge of this energy.

Fast forward today, what the spiritualist couldn’t quite explain, science could. But only after putting spirituality on a CIA watch list.  They found that an atom will show you only what your mind believes is within the realm of possibility. This basically cripples the establishments educational model of physics and what it is thought to be in the way of science. Yes, we are bound by numbers, gravity and time, yet the behaviour of atoms seems to not be. They are free unbound and so random that it is not possible to predict. This sounds strikingly like the nature of divinity that monks speak of when referring to omnipresence.

For many years spiritualists have been expressing miraculous works that science had no words to explain so childishly dismissed it. Now they have discovered a thing or two, it appears that they have been exploring the phenomena in a proud, cowardly way rather than humbly admitting to being wrong. Scientist covertly set up undercover projects in undercover labs exploring the paranormal, while at the same time demonising spirituality by attaching it to the place where it died: The church.

Technology has advanced so far through computing that an animal’s energy level, auric field, and spirit can be measured precisely as it leaves the body.  Please imagine for a second science providing the ability to create a supercomputer chip 12′ x 10′ in size.  This type of processing power could hold all the information of every computer in the world. If indeed we as humans are made up of these similar atomic bytes of information, it is just a matter of merging the two forms of electrical energy.  The atom has no limitation of time-space or size as every particle is connected and between those atoms are more atoms that have the potential to manifest anything you can conceive. I said ANYTHING, monstrous or wondrous, anything.


CERN, The European Organization For Nuclear Research built the largest particle accelerator in 1959. They believe they will soon be able to manipulate dark matter influencing space-time events and all living matter. Soon, hmmm. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing to those who’ve opted out of reading this far, because, in that single dimensional reality, they don’t know so it doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t matter. What did we say the atom’s nature was? To show and manifest only what you believe is possible, even if subconsciously. Never before has ‘Ignorance is bliss’ been a truer statement. But, if you are following closely and do comprehend what we have been discussing then this means, the gates of hell are now about to open and the gatekeeper doesn’t give a shit about what  appears or the result being right or wrong, it’s just business as usual. Thank goodness that out of my random life influenced education, I kept the concept of karma close to my heart.

Dark matter is the realm of that which doesn’t sensorially exist in our realm of reality but can potentially become manifest. We normally access this realm with faith, belief and emotion. The ‘you’ve got to believe’ realm. In this realm, it is not contained and our commitment to what we feel is a worthy cause wakes it up. However, if this can be called into existence without control the potential of everything that is possible, that is connected to everything, can be freed. A nightmare of you being a demon eating your family and your neighbours, yep that’s a possibility that can be brought into our realm of existence with no constraint.



Nelson Mandela died in 2013 and that’s a fact yet more than 10,000 people remember him dying in prison in the 80’s. The question now is, is this a memory lapse or a glitch in the matrix?  Some people remember a popular television show called Sex (And) The City as Sex (In) The City.  Today the record reflects that it was and has always been called Sex (And) The City.  There are many other phenomena plaguing people’s minds stretching them to places they’d never believe possible, trying desperately to put the pieces together to understand how it is that all the collected historical data along with memories have no record of some events that clearly happened.

One of which being the Kennedy assassination, seen one time or another by most adults. In my own research, a majority of people I have asked seem to remember four people inside the motorcade. Today, all video footage (digital) express six people in the car.  Freaky.

All those that have accepted this as The Mandella Effect point towards CERN and their furking with the limitless, unpredictable quanta, effectively changing our past. In their seven-mile underground cavity in Switzerland, scientists have been (I’m sure out of sheer boredom) seeking to smash these atoms together, for the last twenty years, to grasp that area of possibility and control it.

Could they possibly have achieved it by now? Now, if this were your project and you succeeded, how would you introduce this? Would you just wipe parts of our historical reality out completely and cause a worldwide freakout or would you shift, change or delete the odd insignificant little movie title, product brand name or song lyrics just to see if anybody notices? I have pondered long and hard on this and still stand on the fence.

I consider myself open-minded, probably more than most but not stupid, yet what I have learned about quantum mechanics over the years proves it possible on an atomic level but this should be in the hands of a spirited balanced mind.


My conclusion is that: because there is an extreme opposite that is absolute evil then it would be in the interest of evil to cause people to assume that its power is much greater than it really is. So, the manipulation of information would probably be digital and not cellular. A kind of digital version of the atomic cell structure. Rather than this ‘God Particle’, it would be the digital God particle.

In the confusion, one who has a belief in science alone and no faith in the positive desire of the atom to normalise, for god’s sake and preservation of life, will bend in fear of the ultimate control being in the hands of a maniac scientist. We believe that he is now capable of bringing things into reality that exist only in the realm of mind, the realm of possibility. We’re turning God into a helpless pussy, an observer just watching and hoping that man will not also write her out of history.

I think the question is really about the people and faith. If you have never had to believe in anything, today’s world now forces you to know your mind and confront your own demons and the odd thing to me is, how you could not have seen this question coming.  There was a time not too long ago when we didn’t care for religion God or even atheism. We could go around willy-nilly, blissfully unaware of God or no God but as science is now proving this God particle it may be a good idea to ask yourself if there is or isn’t one. It is truly the question that drives us.

Incidentally, Tim Berners-Lee, basically the creator of the Internet, also worked at CERN and in that is a very big clue to this whole puzzle.  The question that I ask myself is: What if Tim Berners-Lee never said to himself: “What If”?

Me, I’m with God all the way, but my feminised, loving version and as for the particle generator: It’s called a heart.

Angel Lewis




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