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It’s interesting to think that any part on a human body could be deemed offensive to humans even if every fully formed person has it. That’s as absurd as an illegal alien: a person that is deemed illegal for being in a controlled zone on their own planet. (I guess the grand architect made that one without a license).

Do you remember being a pre-pubescent school kid and seeing a similar aged peer’s pubes for the first time?  As I recall, it felt like an accolade for surviving school and beginning the journey into adolescence. Whatever it meant then felt real and could only have changed through years of what I call A.P.P. (Adult Peer Pressure). We live in a time where hair, as soon is it grows, is transformed, cut, coloured or styled to reflect a much more acceptable expression in the eyes of the global community and their media command.

I guess the message of punk was lost in the late 80’s when it transformed into a music skimming off the attitude. Anyway as wonderful and as beautifying the self is it can quite easily become only what society agrees to be acceptable and that’s truly fine but could today’s societal norms be created in an office? Makes you wonder.


If I could briefly explain that I’ve been a specialist hair dresser since as long as ….I don’t even remember, yet I feel no less magnetic when my clients look at my unkept hair. Whadever man! Personally, the fact that I have the liberty to groom when I please gives me room to question how long I can still feel confident about my appearance without over-relying on hair as props. Oh yeah, these questions lead to a deeper comprehension of the inner you. Yet I will admit it does feel refreshing to me knowing baldness will never be my issue.

Although bitter to taste, the truth can be sweet to swallow and these riveting thoughts eventually bring you closer to the true you and sometimes lead to extreme questions about abandoning social norms for natural norms like, what if I were in the jungle, who would I become and what would I evolve into? Would the outside world even recognise me? Yes, I have looked into the eyes of God and it wasn’t that bad at all, I came out okay.

I’m good with plain old me so the odd enhancement is a lovely treat and more of a ritual to… well not pat God on the back but show her that you can add a little sup’m, sup’m to her beautiful design. But somewhere between born and adorn is this space called confidence and tipping over to the illusive side of beauty can lose the confidence of the, oh so vulnerable, child within.


You (freaking) go girl!

In the Renaissance period the theatres of London would deny women roles on stage giving the role of woman as lover and wives to Boy Players who were generally prepubescent boys. This I can proudly say I know not why but my guess is pretty perturbing however, the idea of today’s pubeless woman seems to echo in an air of association with male dominant Shakespearean times and the unthinkable, especially when coupled with size zero as a destination we begin to notice a pattern.

Are women walking blindly down a road paved by strange men divorced of human essence who haven’t quite grasped the understanding of primary male-female sexual attraction and will we look back one day angry at what we allowed this warped representation of society to feed us?

10440793_306955169488516_4895103126316934874_n  11532893-e1450442260558


If…sorry, when… this finally happens I ask you to remember my words 🙂 and do not let MEN also media steer this into the category of a trend or fashion rather than nature, otherwise we become lost forever outside of ourselves not knowing who, what and why we are allowing our nature to be altered just for the insecurity and need to feel included. It seems strange that a man can gag at the site of pubic hair today. This states more about his psychosomatic disassociation with himself and her blindness of her cardinal beauty.

The bottom line is, you’re free to meet male standards if you wish to. Cut what you like, stuff what you will and shave off what you desire as short as you need it and if the things that grow out of you offend you then feel free to sever it, I have no part in that but pubes: SEXY AS HELL. They are just sexy. You can allow other people’s views to shape your desires but when the thing that is innate to your natural curiosity like pheromones, no longer does it for you, you have to seriously question whether you’re living inside of you for you or outside of you for us.

What was it that they say? ‘Give me your tired, give me your poor, give me your hursuit’ was it? Something like that, nevertheless I agree and even if I stand alone on this waking observation I’m happy to find that proud pubed broad (Is that disrespectful?) because her confidence is the security that holds my heart, but I see I’m not alone on this, here’s Tom…..



Tom Charles UDL

……Angel Lewis Blog asked whether a dislike of public hair suggests an individual is living outside of themselves and for the perceived benefit of society.

The question raised was whether people’s views of pubic hair are really their own, or have they been influenced by society to the point that their natural, true beliefs on the matter have become obscured?

Another question could be added: Is Angel Lewis being contrary? If his response to society is to rebel against what he sees as widely held but unhealthy assumptions and beliefs, then how free is his response? Is it not also conditioned by societal pressures in the same way?

‘Yes’ would be the argument of moral relativists, but they would be wrong. Moments arrive where clarity and certainty are necessary.

One such moment arrived in December on Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington, London, England. How the conversation came about I do not recall, but I can tell you it was not a conversation about sex or objectification. It was about authenticity.

“Thank you!” said Angel Lewis when I offered my wholehearted agreement that a woman without pubic hair is not an appealing prospect and never will be. We also agreed that any man who professes a love for hairless women is worthy of suspicion.

The details of the body area are less relevant here than the questions it raises about our society. It doesn’t take much research to learn that the anti-pubic hair trend was pushed mainly by corporations for the benefit of shareholders. Women’s magazines became a boom product but needed articles to fill the pages that didn’t already contain adverts – and so there was a proliferation of articles extolling the virtues of pubic hair removal and grooming products.

Young female self-hatred is a capitalist achievement. Girls as young as eight suffer from low self-esteem as a result of body image issues. Last week I met somebody who, when I told her my daughter is eight, responded by saying, “Ah, good, she’ll be wearing makeup soon”.

Last year, I saw a girl from my daughter’s class caked in makeup walking down the Grove one Sunday morning with some older cousins. When she saw us, instead of her usual greeting, she just gave us a look of intense embarrassment. She knew it, we knew it.

Such statistics and anecdotes provide a convincing case that UK society is driving unhealthy attitudes among and about females.


Studies of American girls’ diaries comparing the early 1960s with modern times show a seismic shift in the primary concern of teenage females, from how best to contribute to society, to their own body. It would be no surprise to find similar results here in the UK. Spend a few hours in a year six class and you know it’s the same.

The onslaught of sexualised, objectified females targeted at the vulnerable and naive is such that even the brightest, most capable girls and boys can at best adapt. Boys are victims too – unequipped to resist. Human evolution has not prepared us for this bombardment. Evolution presumes a supportive culture. But what we have is a culture designed to alienate.

Conservative, puritanical groups have always bemoaned youth culture, but are they always wrong?

Youth is the ultimate product, said Richey Edwards, and he was proved right. So little nourishment is provided to children and young people by our culture that they should reject it wholesale as a rotten and not befitting their status.

My aim is to teach my daughter to be in this society, but not to be of it. That would be to push her in to pathology.

But back to pubic hair. I’m with Angel Lewis when he says “feel free to sever it” and also with him on his statement that pubic hair is sexy…as hell. As hell!

Perhaps in the UK men are too content to just move out of the way and claim non-interference in the field of women’s issues. This is male feminism. And it doesn’t come close to helping in the context described above.

If we want to say that our society is the most equal and tolerant in history, then of course we won’t stand up for women. But if we are truly living inside ourselves at peace, it is only natural and wholesome to declare a respect for female pubic hair. If we are to be authentic, we have to declare a respect for the whole woman; that way we embrace their humanity and our own.


“…and men now imagining burying their heads right in there”. Tracey Emin

Article by Angel Lewis & Thomas Charles the Urban Dandies.



Parting thoughts.

At the end of it all, gemologists have given us the expression: ‘A diamond in the rough’ expressing the diamond’s beauty compared to it’s original yet necessary surroundings. People also feel deeply connected to those who have risen out of the rough to achieve their shining glory and stardom. Equally, the Buddhist reminds us of the beautiful Lotus flower protruding from its home in the muddy waters. It follows that nature provides an army of follicles as well as a trail to lead one to the treasure just as diamond rings are never just handed to you without a complimenting case in anticipation of presenting that Monumental Gift.



Nature seems to agree. We shall see.




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