Female or Extremale




In a day of male domination and gender-bender manipulation through the unbalanced dominant left brain (male), we hear a louder cry for subtle, nurturing female energy championed by the word feminism.

Even as one aware of their contribution to art and other forms of nurture I, along my creative path, became aware of this yin energy as the sole creative source of the divine expression. It is in many cases the beginning of all things manifest. This acknowledgment has left me committed to the cause of feminism without shame, dumping all that pointless testosterone in the Thames. Ironically the Thames is so named after Isis.

Yet although I agree to hold onto this title as feminist it comes with humanitarian conditions and an awareness that not all feminists are actually women and some are not feminists at all but a reaction to masculism, as Tammy Pepperman, the freedom advocate, has echoed throughout her spiritual awakening.  Much to the disappointment of many offended women for her harsh and direct manner of speech. Although this is possibly due to her right of passage and her natural birthright to speak freely on such issues, as a man I dare not quote her here.


I have trodden, in the past carefully with such a delicate topic only because, in the flesh, I am viewed and judged to be virile and, let’s face it he is also the culprit right? But in a strange twist of nature and an almost predictable way often the problem is also the solution. This will be most apparent to you if you are aware of homoeopathic medicine.

There is a lot to learn about the oxymoronic nature of cure and the divine expressions of love, nature’s love for the good, the bad and the ugly. She royally appears just when you find the cause and begin to think you have the answer. Nature, in perfect time, shows you the opposite as an equally valuable solution. Wouldn’t this keep a certain humility and also draw value and significance to all creatures involved?   Yes, we are all so beautiful but so, so confused.


My message for feminism, in this self-sacrificial moment of real talk, is to question your motives. Slavery came about, and remains, from extreme one-sided oppression towards a people, merely because of their physical appearance, fear and a lack of information. This will never be solved through an opposing power movement. As much as there is a necessary awareness that has been brought to the world from an essential recognition of the values of the oppressed groups, this is still not the answer.

The very existence of the group was spewed out from that same oppression, so even though the mother of the movement may be the figurehead of the movement, the father of it, by a technicality is ‘Oppression’.

In a perfect parallel, and hopefully with enough justification from the theme, is it in the broader interest of the feminist (male or female) to frequent partnerships that do not reflect their opposite?  No more than it is in the interest of a bee to buy pollen from the store to keep away from prickly flowers. Ya gotta work it out.

The raw appreciation of the opposing group is best recognised in close proximity so not to cause a total and damaging separation of ignorance of the same type which it was born in. It appears that we innately know this. Could this be the reason why the oppressed are drawn to the oppressor? It seems that there is an inner seeking and expectation of a sudden defining awareness to heal the damage that can only be understood by going inside (briefly) to understand the condition of the assaulter’s mind. Al Pacino’s extreme role in the movie ‘Cruising’ comes to mind. All else appears to be emotional and what better way is there to curb reason than with anger?

We see the rise of opposing groups showing hatred towards ones that just, unfortunately, happen to be of the same ilk as the accused and nothing else. I find this worthy of repeating: we see the rise of opposing groups showing hatred towards ones that just, unfortunately, happen to be of the same ilk as the accused and nothing else’.

In the midst of the male, a female can learn about the insecurity and the separation a man may feel in the light and presence of her majesty: woman. She exudes nurture, she exudes concern, she exudes continuance, prolonging and beautifying of things. Yet man, without the full experience of her, cannot look within himself to draw these loving qualities out from inside.

This is the same problem that all issues stem from, from the micro to the macro. It’s called extreme empathy if you like. If an oppressed group can no longer see reason out of the emotional presence of hate (through pain) then you can only expect more of the same and the neutral observer sees no difference in them, just different poles. This emotional way transforms the cause from freedom to revenge and anybody who would desire to dish out the very thing that they themselves have endured as a premeditated order has truly lost the plot.

So the nurturing energy of love is no more about flexing the vagina than it is about flexing the penis. It is about remembering and showing the value of woman (the primary human) and leading us all in her natural powerful nurturing, beauty. And to also see the true state of society in a homeless woman’s eyes and totally commit to eradicating such a moribund situation.


It helps seeing beyond this oppressor to see the beauty in man and teaching him how to conquer his own fear of female energy, the insecurity that has fearfully resorted to external control and to teach him how to successfully manage his woman within. To guide an equally damaged woman away from expressing the most basic part of her glorious complex self and aiding her transformation into her highest design to influence others in society is key. Ultimately saying ‘I am not a body but the soul of all life within’. Yes, that’s all that we need, a good dose of all-around Yin energy.

Now can we hug it out? I hope so it’s damn near 2020.

I often wonder if feminism will address the issue below by contacting and advising Baillie Mansell, this poor woman and assisting her with raising her self-esteem so there is no more need for such damage to our cause, but I guess there’ll always be one won’t there?

“I’ll do him”. I hear as I throw the drawing board out the window.

For Emily Davidson
Angel Lewis
‘Smile’ at the person next to you
http://amzn.to/1O9eVnf   http://amzn.to/1yx1qSa


Images: regaincommand.com

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